My Oberlo Review: How I Started My Drop Shipping Business With This Tool

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In late 2016, after putting it off for years, I finally decided to get into the drop shipping business.

After a few head-scratches wondering how to get started, I managed to start understanding how the whole process works thanks to a free ebook that is offered by Oberlo which sort of gave me the energy and determination (along with the skills) to finally; start my own drop shipping business.

Now, before I get into my Oberlo review and show you what it is, what does it do and how I use it for drop shipping, I want to talk about drop shipping in case this is the first time you’re hearing about it.

What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is the business model you can use to make money online by acting as the middleman between the manufacturer and the customer. Now, this is not to be confused with affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing works with a percentage based earnings, but with drop shipping; you set your own prices.

Let’s say you want to start a drop shipping (and I will be showing you how in more detail below) selling dog collars online.

Weird I know but hey; it’s the internet.

As a drop shipper, you can sell the dog collar to a customer for (let’s say) $10 and then buy it from a dog collar manufacturer for $4 and pocket the extra $6.

The beauty about this is that you set your own prices, which helps you determine your profit margin.

So do you have to stock inventory?

You don’t, and that is where the beauty of drop shipping and Oberlo comes in handy.

As a drop shipper, you first get paid for the item you sold, you order it and then ship it to your customer’s address.

So, the process goes like this:

  • You make a sale,
  • You buy the product,
  • The merchant sends it to the customer and;
  • You just pocket the profit.

Can Drop Shipping Be Profitable?

can oberlo be profitable review

Absolutely! But like any other “make money online” opportunity, it does require some planning ahead and some effort.

Recently I’ve published my first ever income report (after five years of blogging), and it’s where I reveal how I made over $2,000 in one 2-day weekend.

While not all of the $2K came from drop shipping, it was the second biggest contributor to that number, and since then, it has continued climbing in sales.

My first ever week of drop shipping, I made $215.15, which I know it’s not life-changing income, but it’s a good start.

I have written other posts about drop shipping which you can see using the links below (if you’re interested):

Now that you have a basic understanding of how drop shipping works, let me get back to my Oberlo review and tell you why I am using this tool for my drop shipping business.

My Oberlo Review: How I Use This Tool For My DropShipping Business

My Oberlo Review

What Is Oberlo?

Oberlo is a little know plugin that makes drop shipping fun, easy and profitable.

It’s just a simple software that will automate the majority of your drop shipping business leaving you to do only a few clicks of the button and reaping the benefits and the profits of having a “drop shipping business”.

Let me explain…

How To Use Oberlo With DropShipping?

I have set up my drop shipping store with Shopify, which is the best online store builder out there so look no further than that.

I have created a store selling niche jewellery, and I use the many traffic generation techniques to drive a constant flow of interested people to my store.

Now, of course, I do not carry any inventory myself (so start-ups costs are low) but once I make a sale, I need to purchase the item and ship it (as explained previously).

This is where Oberlo comes in.

With Oberlo, I do not have to complete the order myself. Once a sale comes in on my Shopify store, it will sync up with Oberlo immediately.

All I have to do to complete the transaction is simply go into my Oberlo dashboard, see what order needs fulfilling and I go ahead and click the “order button”.

What this does is now simply magic, and it literally is something you have to see to believe. Once I click that order button, Oberlo:

  • Opens up AliExpress (which is where I buy the jewellery from at a fraction of the price I sold it for).
  • Find the item my customer bought on my store on Shopify.
  • Adds it to my cart
  • Fills out all the shipping details (like address, name and so on) and
  • Finally, rests on the page where all I have to do is just click the buy button.

And my work here is done, but Oberlo is still at it.

Once the order gets shipped, it also updates the order on my Shopify store, alerting the user that their item has been shipped and also supplies the shipping tracking number to the customer to be able to follow his or her order.

Incredible right?

As you may have guessed, this saves me hours of my precious time from filling out forms and looking for items manually.

To be honest, I don’t think I would’ve been able to start (and continue) running my drop shipping business if it wasn’t for Oberlo!

What Else Does Oberlo Do?

I have missed out an important point to this review because I haven’t yet told you what else Oberlo can do before I even make my first sale:

Once Oberlo is linked to your Shopify store, it can also search for products for you on Ali Express that would fit your niche. All you have to do is scan the product, see if it’s something you want to sell, set your price for the product and then “push it to shop”.

Once this is done, you will find the item that Oberlo found on your Shopify store readily available for customers to find and buy.

This Oberlo review is really not making it any justice as this whole process that I have just explained to you is so elaborate yet simple in how it works that I can’t even explain properly what Oberlo does.

Maybe this Oberlo video guide will help you understand how it works much better.

4 HUGE Benefits Of Using Oberlo

Now that you’ve (hopefully) understood what Oberlo does, let’s look at some of the advantages you will get from using this fantastic tool!

A Huge Time Saver

As I said, the automation that powers Oberlo is a huge time saver for me. Once its set up and running, it requires just a few click to complete your orders instead of wasting hours fulfilling the orders yourself.

It Allows You To Scale Super Fast

Since it also helps you find products to sell on your store, apart from this too being a huge time saver, it allows me to expand my store quickly.

With Oberlo, I can easily add hundreds of new items to the store each and every day (I don’t, but I can if I want to).

As a “store owner,” I like being “stocked up” with as much selection as possible for my buyers. The way I would have to do this if it wasn’t for Oberlo is to add products manually which takes up quite a bit of time.

With Oberlo, as explained already, all it takes is just a few click, and the item is online on your store ready to make you money!

The Shopify Integration Is Perfect

Shopify is the parent company of Oberlo, so the integration is just beautiful and a work of art to watch it while it operates.

There is just nothing that works so seamlessly and so stress-free than these two products coming together.

It’s Not As Expensive As You May Think

With all these powerful features, you may expect Oberlo to cost a leg, but you’d be surprised to know that it’s extremely affordable (more on pricing later).

Things I Wish They Would Fix

There’s not much I would change about Oberlo, to be honest. I love it just the way it is, and I thank my lucky stars I came across it when I did.

One thing that I would like to see though, is the ability to have all these automation prowess not just for AliExpress, but for other retailers such as Amazon or eBay for example.

*Not complaining though*

How Much Does Oberlo Cost?

When I first found out about Oberlo and what it is exactly that it does, I thought to myself that this must be some kind of premium tool that only the “big dogs” in drop shipping can afford.

To my surprise, Oberlo is extremely affordable to anyone because at it’s most basic version, which still does all I described above, it is free!

Yes free! Can you believe this!?

There’s also a “basic” and a “pro” membership plan which costs $29.90 a month and $79.90 a month respectively.

You can see in this chart below the difference between the three packages, and if you’d like to know more about this, please visit the Oberlo Pricing page.

oberlo pricing plan

Who Is Oberlo Perfect For?

Oberlo is the perfect tool for people that want to get started with drop shipping without having to worry about the whole process.

This free Oberlo eBook is what got me into drop shipping in the first place, so I suggest you take a look at this book first before deciding if you want to get into drop shipping.

Apart from that, if you are not interested in drop shipping, then this product has nothing for you. It was solely built and designed with drop shippers in mind.

Do I Recommend Oberlo?

Of course, 100% and I will forever be a fan and a customer of this product. While it has saved me time and money, it has also made me money (and continues to do so) so I am not complaining here.

My Final Thoughts

Thank you very much for reading my Oberlo review. I hope you take the time to look into drop shipping as a business because I believe it’s a pretty profitable way of making some extra income online.

As for Oberlo, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and found it useful and handy to build your own drop shipping empire.

Thanks again for reading. I wish you well. Please let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions about Oberlo or drop shipping in general.

I look forward to hearing from you.


33 thoughts on “My Oberlo Review: How I Started My Drop Shipping Business With This Tool

  1. Hi,Chris
    Just go through your blog.I like your site name,quite catchy.But I am not get how it works? Like the tool help you buying a product and sell it back,Do you want to say this?
    After your watching the video I think things get a bit clear.
    Thanks for sharing knowledge about this tool.Quite new for me.good luck!

    1. Hey there Elina. No, you make the SALE first, then the tool will go ahead and buy it from your supplier and ships it to your customer. All you have to do is pocket the profit 🙂 Does this help?

      Thank you for your comment.

      1. Hi,

        How long does it take for Aliexpress to ship it to the customer? Because I know it usually takes over a month to ship something in the US

        1. Actually, some products, which will be marked as “epacket” are stored in the US so some products would just take about 7 days to reach my customers. Some yes, have a higher waiting time (30 days maximum) but it’s clearly stated on the store as free shipping. If they want to pay fro the premium shipping, the most it can take is 14 days.

  2. I have been interested in checking out drop shipping for a few years now and your review has rekindled my interest!
    I am going to bookmark your site for another day and go through all your articles on this.
    My question is can you really run this business starting out with the free version of the plugin until you have enough sales to upgrade?


    1. Yep you can get started for free with the plugin but it will only handle a short amount of orders coming in (there’s also some limitation on how many products you can import to your Shopify store).

      I think its about 10 a month for both, which can “get you going” but in order to scale, you would need to go premium eventually.

      Thanks for your comment Shawn 🙂

  3. I used Oberlo for a few months and then shifted to shopified.

    Shopified is cheaper and has a few extra functions such as allowing eBay and amazon imports and allows for infinite ‘saving’ of aliexpress orders before making payment. Oberlo allows you to only save 10.

    I thoroughly recommend it – you should review it!

    1. oh wow Wonderful! Thank you very much – yes I will be trying it out and reviewing it soon on the blog. Much appreciated.

  4. Hi Chris, your post about drop shipping is super interesting. I’ve heard of drop shipping before but never knew what it meant. It sounds like an easy way to make money online. I have bookmarked your site and also signed up for the free course with Oberlo. What has been your biggest learning curve from doing the drop shipping business?
    Anyway, I am glad I found your post. Thanks so much and all the best from Anke

    1. You’re welcome Anke. 🙂 My biggest learning “ah-ha” moment was negotationg with AliExpress sellers. Soem are good, bit most are bad so be careful on how you deal with them. Luckily, the Oberlo app can also filter ourt the oens with negative reviews so always trust that to pick out products!

      Good luck with your dropshipping journey 🙂

  5. Hey Chris,

    I find this tool very useful but there’s one fear I have.

    I love dropshipping, would want to get started with it, and would definitely go for this tool. But what if the products I buy don’t get bought?

    Have you ever had such a case?

    And does the oberlo help you choose the products that will sell fast?

    Please explain more. I am really interested in this business, and would like to get personal coaching from you.

    Would it be possible to help me?

    Waiting for your response,


    1. Hello Dave.

      No, I never had the issue where an item got bought didn’t get bought. It’s all done by Oberlo but the final confirmation “the buy” is one click that you would have to do.

      I did have instances where the wring product was shipped but that’s to be expected. Mistakes happen. 🙁

      Let me know how I can help Dave. Feel free to message me inside WA for more info.

  6. Hey Chris,
    Wow I’ve always wanted to try out Drop Shipping but never had the guts to until I came across your review. Amazing this Oberlo thing and I’ve actually never heard of it before.

    Was Oberlo built by Shopify? It syncs so well that I’m so tempted to try and build my own ecommerce page too. Maybe you could share your ecommerce site with us too so we can have a peek? I’m actually pretty curious 😀

    1. Hi there Riaz. Yes Oberlo was created by Shopify (or at least they assisted in the production), not exactly sure but the synchronisation between the two is just gold and it saves me a lot of time.

      Just sign up with it and start learning, it’s free to get started with both Shopify and Oberlo so give it a test try.

      As for sharing my store, I can not do that for now because then the traffic from this post will dilute the actual traffic I get through my campaigns and than it will be hard to measure what is working and what isn’t.

      Thanks for the comment and good luck with yoru Oberlo and Shopfy venture ! 🙂

  7. Hello,
    thank you for sharing in-depth article about how you started drop shipping bussiness. I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything we need to know about drop shipping and how to start. You really provide quality content where people can definitely learn a lot. Thank you for that. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hey Chris
    This is the first time I hear about drop shipping and after reading your article – I am really interested in trying it out. So for the beggining – is it enough with reading your recommended e-book, finding a niche, setting up store in Shopify and having Oberlo? What would be the initial cost of starting this business?
    And one more question – what if customer wants to return the product – have you experienced that? Do you then deal with original seller at Ali-Express?

    1. If a custoemr is not satisifed, then I usually issue a full refund. I can ask for a refund from the Ali Express suppliet but it usually is a bit of a hassle to find the person and get in touch with him. If it’s not a big ammount, I usually refund it. If it’s over $100+, I would try to get a disocunt or a free one from the supplier yes.

  9. Thanks for this article , one quick question , how can you figure out all the shipping costs from Aliexpress to all the different countries or does this plugin do that too ?

    1. I usually look for items that have free shipping, which is often the case on AliExpress. Now free shipping from AliExpress takes a long time, around 40 to 60 days so on my store I made it like so:

      Free shipping; 40 to 60 days
      Standard shipping: 15 to 30 days (but the cost here is $30).

      Hope this helps James.


  10. I’ve never given drop-shipping much thought before I read your review of Oberlo. You make it sound so easy. I’m going to look into this some more. Thanks for suggesting and also for recommending Shopify.

    I love the simplicity as you explained it and one of your commenters mentioned a similar product which I’ll also be looking into.

  11. Hi Chris,

    This is interesting with Shopify and Oberlo! Thanks for all your info.. I have a couple of questions:

    1) Don’t your customers get turned off by the long shipping times?
    2) How are you trying traffic to your store? Is it all paid traffic?

    I’ve had a couple online shops before with products I make myself, and used only social media to drive traffic. But I found that social media didn’t drive enough traffic even when my following is at over 60K.

    I don’t want to give up on the online shop idea and without inventory or me making anything, even better but traffic seems to be the problem since it’s not like a blog where you can just rely on regular update with keyword infused content.

    Would love your thoughts, thanks!

    1. Hi there Grace. Great questions, here are my answers:

      Don’t your customers get turned off by the long shipping times?

      My shipping is listed as 30 days, for free or 15 days with paid shipping. I am sure the 30 ay shipping might put some people off but unfortunately, since I’m shipping from China to the US (and it’s free) there is not much I can do.

      Alternatively, they can pay for the 15-day shipping and once they do, I take their payment and pay from extra fast shipping. I do get some complaints here and there but not often.

      How are you trying traffic to your store? Is it all paid traffic?

      I have the blog, which gets around 300 visitors a day and with a lot of the links pointing to the store. I also use paid ads yes, (via Facebook) and in total I drive around 100 to 200 visitors to the store, which is what for me started and what makes me close to a full time income (looking forward to building more traffic).

      If you have a following of 60,000 and you’re not driving any traffic, something is wrong. If you’d like to contact me privately so we look into it, feel free to do so.

      And no, do not give up; traffic is an issue for everybody not just you; you just have to keep hacking at it then you start getting that flow in, once you start making sales; you can then start putting more and more into it which will result in more traffic, and yet again; more sales.

      Hoep this helps and thank you for your kind comment.

      1. Oh I see, so you also use a blog to drive traffic to your shop? I haven’t done that so I don’t get organic traffic to my shop. But 300 visitors a day, wow! Is this an old blog on a separate domain or a new blog on the shop site?

        I’ve been frustrated with my shop so that’s why I’ve turned to affiliate marketing instead. I started my affiliate marketing blog last Sept so I was doing both but the last two months I’ve been building my affiliate marketing site full time and kinda letting my shop go for now.

        I can’t see myself doing both because I feel something will suffer because I have to write so much for my blog which already had a slow start because I was still making products for my shop.

        Another reason I don’t mind letting go of my shop is because I don’t want to make the products anymore, it’s handmade, sewing (I never sewed before having the shop), and very time consuming.

        The blog suits me more, but now I’m playing catch up and trying to write as many posts for it as possible.

        What interests me about your shop is that I wouldn’t need to make product for it, so drop shipping is cool, so I was curious how you were driving traffic to it.

        In a way, I know what I’m doing wrong on my social media for my shop but I don’t have the energy to fix it for now as I’m concentrating on my blog.

        In a year or so, I’d to start a drop shipping shop like yours. 🙂

        Thanks for your info Chris, I so appreciate that I can learn from you.

        1. Keep up the work Grace – you’re an ambitious person and I like people like you. Let me know if you have any Qs and if I can help in any way. 🙂

        2. For your blog, you miight want to look at a site called . I have used people for story writing, art work etc.. can’t hurt to look!

  12. Hi Chris
    I’ve been reading your blog with interest!
    What do you do if someone cancels their order?
    Do you contact the Aliexpress manufacturer and request a refund?
    How would that work?
    Just want to know before I do my research.
    Also, I’m based in the UK would it be advantageous (especially with the imminent EU divorce) to have my Shopify shop in USD not GBP?
    What would you advise?
    Apologies for the excessive questions I just want to make sure I’ve understood all that Oberlo & dropshipping have to offer.

    1. That is a bit of an issue yes. If somebody decided to cancel their order, I usually try to cancel it from AliExpress, sometimes though; it would have been already shipped so I either refund the money (and they get the package anyways for free) or else tell the customer that it has been shipped and I can’re refund the money now.

      It all depends on the amount, if it’s a $5 piece, then I’ll refund it – If it’s a $100 sale that has already been shipped – I will explain to the customer.

      As for currency, my target audience is the US so I use dollars but when they are checking out (through PayPal), it will convert to their own currency.

      Hope this answer was enough. Let me know if you have any other Qs 🙂

    1. Samir, have you read the post? Oberlo is free to get started with when you also join Shopify. You get up to 500 products for free and trust me when I say; that is more than enough to get you started.

  13. Hi, I’ve been interested in starting a dropshipping business for a while, this will help me get started but, i’m wondering about a Tax ID. do i ned to get one for Dropshipping? everywhere i look, it’s a different answer.

    1. I guess it depends on your country. Some countries do not even charge tax on money made online (although they are sparse).

      In my case, I do have a registered company that I pay pax through, you just need to find the laws of your country and work accordingly.

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