Can You Do SEO Without Backlinks?

can you rank in google without backlinks

Right, let’s go a bit technical in today’s post and see if you can actually do SEO without backlinks. The short answer to that is yes; you can do SEO without any help from backlinks, and yes; you can get results as well. Backlinks are just one of the 200+ metrics that determine your rank … Read more

How To Make Money With Review Websites (Step by Step)

how to make money with review websites

I have been around the “make money online” circle for quite some time (since 2011). Back then; one of the strategies that were being taught back was building review sites that make money simply by reviewing products, tools, and services people would likely be searching for.a To be honest, back then I totally dismissed the … Read more

Aweber Affiliate Program Review (How To Earn With Aweber)

aweber affiliate program review

One of the best affiliate marketing tips I can give you is to look for affiliate programs that offer a recurring commission structure. This simply means that you make a sale once, and then continue making monthly (and sometimes even yearly) commissions for as long as your customer stats a customer. I’m still reaping the … Read more

Nike Affiliate Program Review (Just Do It)

how to sell nike products as an affiliates

Growing up, there were 2 brands I can say that I’ve “known” my entire life, and those are CocaCola and Nike. Surely Nike needs no introduction here. It’s one of the biggest brands ever, completely dominating the sporting industry with their line of clothing and fitness apparel. However just recently I discovered something else about Nike, and … Read more