101 Amazon Associates Alternatives (Safeguard Your Earnings)

Late last night, I received an email from Amazon notifying me of some updates to their affiliate program. I didn’t feel like reading so I deleted the email without opening it, and shortly after hopped on Twitter to find just about every blogger and affiliate on my timeline furious at Amazon!

As it turns out, the email from Amazon was to kindly let me know they care about me during these “hard times” and they will be slashing their affiliate commission and referral fees! No wonder people are furious!

While Amazon is doing record numbers with this coronavirus situation, they’ve decided to deliver a death blow to thousands of people who rely on their online income while being in limbo on their offline jobs and careers.

Now luckily, I have been moving my business away from Amazon, so this doesn’t really affect my income much, but I have to say, this is just pure dickery from Amazon.

As many may be asking… why did they do this? Well… I don’t know. Acc