Anik Singal’s 5 Point Sales System Explained

Yesterday was a Sunday, which typically means that I focused most of my day not on “doing” but rather on learning things (with a little bit of “doing” as well).

One of my favourite online mentors is Grant Cardone, a giant in real estate investing and sales (online and offline) and as part of his “Ask The Pro Web Series“, he had on Anik Singal, a seasoned-pro affiliate marketer that grosses close to $25,000,000 a year from his online business.

Now those are big numbers, numbers that have hopefully spiked your attention.

The interview I am talking about is this here below:

While I do suggest you listen to this interview with a pen and a notepad to take down notes (as I did) and learn about Anik Singal’s 5 point sales system as it’s something that quite literally is going to change how I do business online.

If you are in the space of e-commerce and affiliate marketing, this information is top notch info for you and I am sure that it will be able to help you in many different areas from your business.

In a short, bullet form style, here are the lessons I learned from Anik Singal in this interview and from his 5-point system.

I will continue to go into more detail about these individual lessons below for further context, but again I urge you to save yourself time reading this and simply watch the video.

Anyways, these are:

  • How to sell online with content
  • How to build an “evergreen funnel” that converts without you selling
  • How to craft beautiful and inspiring stories to help
  • What words to use and not to use when selling online
  • What moves people to buy
  • What part of their brain is triggered by which words and
  • When is the best time to use those specific words?

It will also teach you:

How to create the sales funnel from top to bottom in a way that you do not need to do any selling (product simply sells itself)

I can go on and on but there is simply too much to cover so I will jump into it straight away and tell you what Anik’s 5 point sales systems is and how it can be used in our “affiliate marketing” businesses.

Explaining Anik Singal’s 5 Point System For Selling Online

anik singal and grant cardone

One of the biggest revelations is the sales “sequence” Anik explained to Grant Cardone.

Now Grant is also one of the leading “sales guys” in the world so to impress him, you’ve really got to know your shit.

The Anik Singl’s 5 point system goes something like this:

Step #1 – The “Introduction”

This is where the customer first finds outs about you. Most probably, in online terms, this means whenever the customer first lands on your site.

We’re working on the assumption here that most of the traffic you get is traffic that has no idea who you are, what you do and how you can help them, thus that is where your introduction comes into play – and it needs to be executed to the T.

As we all know, first impressions last a long time so this is a part you are going to want to nail down first.

Your introduction should do one thing at this point, that is:

Explain to them what you can give them and what they can get. Make sure they want to keep listening and/or read what you have to stay,

This system can be applied anywhere in your digital ventures, be it a webinar, email follows up sequence, blog post, etc…

You also do not want to open with something “negative” that upsets the customer, even if you want to address a negative point, make sure you pitch it as a solution to that negative, thus the feeling is more “positive”.

I’ve done this mistake many times myself opening with a negative to peek the interest.

While that does work, you are literally making your customer unhappy and a customer whos unhappy is less likely to open up his wallet.

Lessons in there.

Step #2 – The “Story”

This is where you start to make your customers feel and relate to your story.

You do not want to be the all mighty authority that they can not relate to, they need to see you are actually one of them who has finally found a solution to problem X.

Doing this allows the conversion to be had more as a “friend” rather than an uncomfortable “sales pitch”.

This is a point where you need to make your customers feel like they’ve just found exactly what they were looking for.

Step #3 – Your “Content”

Content is KING and content is where you will start giving the customers the value they have come to expect from you from steps #1 and #2.

People want value from you and for free as well. This is the way the internet works and if you want to be part of this eco-system, you have to learn how to give value to your audiences for free.

However, and this is where the magic starts happening and here you start giving your readers the “what” but not the “how”.

Step #4 – The ‘Transition”

This is where you start to sell.

One major thing that Anik Singal pointed out is the fact that people do not like to sell and actually blow it all at the very last moment.

Let me explain…

Remember I said you need to make your customers “feel”, that is because you are working on their subconscious.

When it’s time to make the sale, you are going to want the subconscious to work in your favour, thus making it kind of 2 against one.

You and your customers’ subconscious (emotion) vs the customer’s consciousness (call it logic).

Now, people are not stupid, they do expect a pitch at some point or the other, they know how the internet works. But if you have their own subconscious telling them they need it already, then your job is already half done.

Mind blowing stuff right?

Once you execute the first steps properly, this step all comes together to give you the perfect time for…..

Step #5 – The “Pitch”

At this point in time, you only need to convince the reader’s logical mind that they need to buy your specific product.

How do you do this? One of the best ways to do this online is by offering deals (people love deals).

Have you ever seen a sales pitch that goes something like this from a guru:

“Buy my $27 ebook and I will give you direct access to me via email, a feature which is worth $297”.

Whoever said that his time answering your email is valued at $297? It isn’t.

It’s just a way to convince the mind that they are getting a bargain and even if it sounds ridiculous, you most likely take that offer because you have the subconscious mind (emotion) telling you-you want this, hence you make logical sense of it with a deal.

Anik Singal’s Training Course

Anik Singal 5 point sales system review

That was a very brief explanation of Anik’s 5 Point Selling System but obviously, there is more to it that I can not cover in one blog post.

Anik has a course that covers all of this and it’s available on this site here.

All you need to do is sign up with your email and you will get access to that course. It’s free, so I suggest you give it a go and see what else you can learn.

I for one will be digging more into Anik and see what other paid training he has as I know already I am going to like it.

Maybe I will even do a review of his Lurn training course as I am sure it’s something a lot of people can benefit from.

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In Closing

Thanks for reading this post. I hope this explanation of Anik Singal’s 5 point sales system was helpful to you and you use it for good.

As Anik said, this is information that can literally manipulate human emotions so be careful with it and use it to build up a great business that helps people and that you can be proud of.

Talk soon.

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