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What Is Bad Web Traffic (And Where Does It Come From)?

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We all know that “getting traffic” is the main ingredient to online success right?

I am sure that if you’ve been interested in blogging and in online business for a while, you have come to the realization that traffic is what you will be needing to fuel your business.

In a sense, yes; traffic is your oxygen. Without it, you will die out with the rest of the bloggers and e-preneurs that try to make it in this business.

Ok, so traffic is a good thing but there is also something that is often misunderstood by newbie bloggers and that is;

Now all traffic is good traffic!  Some traffic can even be detrimental to your blog and business! Hmm how come?

Yes, some traffic can actually hurt more than it can help your chances of success.

Hard to believe but true. As you will see from this blog post today; not all traffic is the same and you would do yourself a favor to know which traffic to go after, and which traffic to avoid.

Interested in learned how to drive quality traffic that gets you the results you’re after online?

I’m here to help you out on this and finish this topic once and for all. I want my students to succeed with this “thing” we’re doing here so making sure you know how to get legit, high-quality traffic is something I should’ve talked about sooner.

What Is Bad Web Traffic (And Where Does It Come From)?

Bad traffic is abundant online unfortunately and it’s really a disease as you may think you’re doing well but in fact, you’re just wasting time and (possibly) money going after this bad traffic.

Bad traffic comes from 3 likely sources and while it’s deceptive, once you know where it is coming from, you can easily “cure this” in no time.

The 3 traffic sources I’m talking about are:

“Spam Traffic”

If your blog is new and you have Google Analytics installed (you should do if you’re following my blogging course), then if you go see the “referrals” of where you traffic is coming from, you’ll know see that there is “a lot” of traffic coming in from shady looking Russian sites.

A case in point would be this example from (you can see more how they combat bad traffic using the link provided):

This kind of traffic is very, very low-quality traffic and it will product absolutely 0 positives for you. In fact, it may even hurt you as this “bad data” perverts the real, legit data that is coming in from legit traffic sources.

Take a look at your analytics and if you can spot any of this type of traffic, if so; start blocking it. You can use this tool which I also use to block out this type of traffic sources.

UPDATE: Google Analytics has since become smarter about this and can actually block most of this from your view but this type of traffic is always changing and keeps coming from various sources so you can never say you’re 100% protected.

“Fake Traffic”

Fake traffic is also a problem, but this may be caused by something you did (surprisingly enough).

On freelancer sites such as, you will find a lot of sellers selling traffic.

I have tried one of these services in the past and I got around 5,000 hits in the first hour. I thought I had cracked the magical code of traffic I heard so much about but in reality, these were just bots visiting the site for a second and leaving only to trigger the analytics count.

Sure enough, the tremendous flow of traffic produced absolutely nothing:

  • No sign ups
  • No shares
  • No comments
  • No time spent on page and this goes without saying:
  • But no earnings either.

Stay away from sources that tell you they can buy you traffic cause that is just a lie.

Sure you can trust popular PPC networks like Adwords, Facebook, and Bing, but if some dude from Bangalore offers you 100,000 hits in one day for $5, please recognize that getting traffic is never as easy as that.

If it were, I’d probably be on the FORBES rich list by now.

“Uninterested Traffic”

Ok, the other form of “bad traffic” I want to address in this post is the type of traffic that yes; consists of real people visiting your site but still nothing much ever comes out of it.

Of course, I am talking about sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, and all these other sites where you can post a link and people can find it and follow through.

Please note I am not talking about social media here. Social is different because people actually decided to follow you but on sites such as Stumble Upon, this is very different.

Now I know there are bloggers who use stumble upon and it works great for them. If you would like to give it a try then feel free to do so (it’s not going to cause any harm this one) and this blogger here has a fantastic guide on how to get traffic from SU.

My problem with sites such as this and why I consider them “bad traffic” is that:

people on sites like StumbleUpon have no desire in the first place to visit your site, they really did “stumble” on your content thanks to some algorithm that matches their interests so “they visit” just because it was placed in front of them.

The first rule of high-quality traffic is relevancy. We want people that are genuinely interested in reading our content, thus our efforts are best suited to focus on the following few resources of great traffic that you can get.

Great Traffic Resources For Bloggers & How To Get It

The following sources are some of the highly recommend ways where you can get traffic for your blog. Not just by me, but by many experts in the digital space.

I’m sure you’ve heard about them already and you’re probably already using them so I won’t go into much detail about them.

However, for the newbie bloggers reading this that are just getting started and want to know more about this topic, I will also link to a guided that that talk in depth on how to get traffic from said sources.


SEO is probably the best kind of traffic you can get since the people looking for information are genuinely interested in what they are looking for. Makes sense right?

Although SEO is not as easy as they make it out to be, it sure is possible to build for yourself a legitimate flow of high-quality traffic from the search engines.

I suggest you start reading the Backlinko blog which is a blog dedicated solely to getting search traffic.

Social Media

As I am sure you know by now, social media is arguably either the best (or second best) source of traffic for bloggers and online businesses alike.

If you know how to use social, and you put in the effort to build out an engaged audience (cause nothing ever happens without some effort), then you’re good to go.

Anybody that has used social as it should be, then they have a great opportunity to get some amazing traffic especially if a post happens to go viral!

As a recommendation, I suggest you check out any of the books published by Gary Vaynerchuk, most importantly Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, to find out the best practices for different social media platforms.


PPC is short for “pay per click” and it’s a service offered by most online giants such as Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter, Pinterest etc..

Basically, you’ll be paying to reach targeted audiences (and trust me they can be very targeted) to drive traffic from your site.

If done right, it can give your traffic and sales a huge boost. Right now I am experimenting with Facebook Ads and I am paying $0.20c a click to drive traffic to a product I make $50 off.

So far so good so if the results keep up, you can expect a detailed guide on how to use PPC on Facebook and others soon on this blog.

In the meantime, here is a video tutorial on how to use the Bing PPC network since it’s probably the easiest and cheapest way to get started.

Email Marketing

Although some critics will have you believe that email is dead, it still very much alive although I do realize it doesn’t hold the power it once had since social blew up.

However, taking the time to build a list and cultivating that list to drive traffic and sales for your business is still something worth doing and you will be doing your business a disservice if you do not try out email marketing.

It’s cheap and easy and you can start collecting subscribers from day one of your business if you wish.

Once you have an email list you can then alert them with timely emails promoting your blog posts and products (although it is recommended to keep promotional material to the minimum).

Here is a great guide on how to use email marketing effectively and if you’re interested, you can join Aweber to get started. I have a review on Aweber on this page which will show you what it’s all about.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you very much for reading this post. I know traffic can be an issue for some people and by right it should be since it is the key to unlocking everything you want to do online.

Hopefully, this blog post has shown you how to avoid “bad traffic” and show you where to go to get the “good stuff”.

The information you just learned today can make a difference between making your first income in a month or making your first income in 2 years!

I know because, for a long time, I was on the latter end of the spectrum!

Yes, I did chase bad traffic and I did fall for the hype of over-inflated, over-exaggerated claims by people that have probably never even understood how to get traffic themselves.

Thankfully, though, I did find a great training platform which I’d also like to invite you to give it a try for free.

It’s the best place to learn this business and I am sure you will find a lot of value in there amongst the many tools and the thousands of community members.

Til next time.


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