Be The Boss Network Review (Can You Make Money With MLM)?

Can you make money with MLM or is it just another elaborate pyramid scheme disguised as ethical?

I have my own views on MLM, and I have to tell you; it’s not something I would do however that is not the topic I’m discussing today.

Instead, I am doing my Be The Boss Network review, this is one of the most famous and widely-used MLM directory (search engines) that helps you find MLM offer to promote.

I will be giving you my own thoughts and opinions on both MLM and “Be The Boss Network” while also showing you the method I know and use to make money online, but first;

Let’s dig deep into MLM and find out if it’s something you are going to want/need to use. 

What is MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing)?

MLM is a business model in which people earn commissions on the goods sold by them and additionally also get a fixed percentage on the sales generated by their referrals or people who they have recruited to sell these products.

It works like a pyramid chain where you get a decreasing amount of sales commission for any sale generated by your lower level referrals.

MLM Business Structure

Several companies have used MLM business model in the past as it gives them the advantage of having a large commission-only sales force which doesn’t require any outflow of cash in the form of salary or other benefits.

Amway can be considered as the pioneer of this model as it’s a truly global company which has built its businesses solely on the back of the MLM business model.

Several MLM businesses have worked as a pyramid or Ponzi schemes in the past and due to this fact MLM has lost public trust and nowadays a large majority sees MLM model as a scam and many genuine marketers stay away from MLM schemes due to the past notoriety of these schemes.

Pyramid Schemes are illegal

Oftentimes companies running MLM schemes are selling low-quality and overpriced products to maintain a façade of a genuine business.

These schemes attract gullible and unsuspecting people who in their rush to become rich don’t read the fine print and discover too late that what they thought was a genuine business opportunity is, in fact, a scam.

It’s estimated that less than 1% of people make any money with MLM schemes and oftentimes these are the people running these network marketing schemes who live a luxurious life by robbing the 99% of people who lose money in such schemes.

What is Be the Boss Network?

be the boss network review

  • Product: Be the Boss Network
  • Overall Ranking: 20 out of 100 or 1/5 stars
  • Owners: Responsive Data LLC
  • Website:

Be the Boss Network is an MLM directory which lists several programs which you can join if you are interested in earning a decent income online.

They make a wide selection of MLM programs available to their users who can then join MLM programs recommended by them and earn commissions on every genuine sale generated via their referral link.

Who Is It For?

On their website, BTB Network hasn’t specified any target audience. They instead claim to be a good choice for anyone who wants to earn a side income from the internet.

So, pretty much anyone from at home moms, to students and others can join it.

They haven’t tried to provide information on their site which could have attracted serious affiliate or internet marketers and it seems that the site is meant to attract internet newbies who have no prior experience of how business works on the internet.

what is be the boss network

How Does Be The Boss Network Work?

BTB serves as an MLM directory which lists several MLM or other network marketing programs allowing you to earn money by joining them and then selling their products.

You are supposed to get a commission for each sale plus commissions for sales generated by your referrals.

BTB offers a mixed bag of opportunities as some of the MLM schemes listed on their site are not legit and there have been several complaints against these companies in the past.

Some users have also classified companies on their list as being outright scams run by an experienced conman.

How Does BTB Network Make Their Money?

BTB network, in my opinion, is being used as an MLM tool itself by its promoters who are directing users to other MLM schemes using their own referral links.

So, practically they are dependent on sales generated by new users for earning money and it doesn’t seem that they have any sustainable business model of their own.

Pros & Cons of Be The Boss Network


  • Free to use MLM directory
  • Solid collection of MLM programs


  • Doesn’t has much of their own products to sell
  • Relies too much on other MLM programs
  • Falls short of other leading affiliate marketing sites which use MLM model

Tools & Training at Be The Boss Network

BTB network doesn’t offer many tools or training of any type, unlike other MLM networks.

Indeed, you will get the training from other well-established MLM programs offered by BTB network.

Do You Get Any Help & Support?

They only have an FAQ section on their website and there is no way to reach the admin via email, phone or social media channels.

MLM Questions from Be The Boss Network

How Much Be The Boss Network Cost?

Be the Boss Network is free to join and nowhere on their site they have mentioned any type of fees which new members must pay.

Should You Join The BTB Network?

thumbs down

No, in my opinion, people must stay away from the BTB network as it doesn’t seem to be a legit or genuine opportunity to earn money on the internet.

It’s basically an MLM directory which just lists other MLM programs on their site and tries to earn money by referring their users to other more established MLM schemes.

MLM is a problematic concept which has got a good amount of bad PR in the past and people have become wary of anything which even remotely sounds to be like a multi-level marketing scheme.

Be The Boss Network User Reviews
Another comment by a BTB user and marketer.

There are much better opportunities available on the internet which will allow you to earn a good amount of money.

Nowadays, even large corporations use the concept of sales commission to affiliates, but this is known as affiliate marketing and the products/services which you sell are from some of the most well-known brands in the world.

MLM, on the other hand, relies on fancy and superficial promises often backed by false promises of generating passive income if you recruit a specific number of referrals.

Even within the MLM industry, there are much better options than BTB network as this network is without any sort of history behind it and other reviewers have outright classified as a classical earn from home scam.

Reputed companies which use affiliate schemes like MLM oftentimes offer complete support and several tools in addition to good training in the form of videos, guides etc. to initiate new affiliates.

This ensures that people are not starting from scratch and have a fair idea of what they need to do to earn money.

BTB network even falls short if we use this criterion as they don’t offer any sort of training or sales tool to monitor the progress of your marketing and sales efforts.

So, our advice to our readers is to stay away from BTB network as it’s nothing more than another scam on the internet which has been designed to attract inexperienced marketers who may not have any prior experience or idea of what MLM entails.

Want A Legit Way To Make Money Online?



Now I have never been interested in MLM as a business model for me for the reason that I simply cannot trust it — may be because I have only heard negative things about the industry.

I’d much rather build an online business that lasts instead of building a business on a borderline-illegal method.

The method I chose was affiliate marketing and while I have now added more revenue models to my business, affiliate marketing was the catalyst that got the ball rolling for me.

I learned all that I needed to know from a training course called “Wealthy Affiliate”, more specifically their free, starter-membership 10-day course.

If you’re interested in building a real, sustainable and profitable business online, I’d like to offer you a personal invite that will grant you free access to the Wealthy Affiliate training course.

Thanl you for reading my Be The Boss Network review. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know down below and more so if you have any experiences within MLM (good or bad), I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Talk soon.

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