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How To Use Evernote For Blogging (The Right Way)

how to use evernote for blogging

Here I am typing away words for my upcoming blog posts and thinking to myself: “Wow, Evernote has really made this process simple”. Today we are talking about how to use Evernote for blogging/content writing (whatever you want to call it). It’s a free, easy and simple tool to use that works amazingly well for […]

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How To Start A Food Blog (& Make Money)

how to start a food blog online

Food blogs are blowing up everywhere online. If you just spend some time on Pinterest, you will see how many posts are being shared that discuss one thing: food! Having seen the huge success food blogs are having on the internet and social media right now, I’ve decided to check out some of the top players […]

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8 Essential Content Writing Tips for Affiliate Marketers

content writing tips for affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful ways to make money from a website. You start by creating great content that’s must be relevant and entertaining enough to make your readers want to keep reading. After you’ve built up a captive audience, you can start adding affiliate links to products, giving you an opportunity […]

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Amy Harrop’s Content Profit Hacks [Course Review]

amy content profit hacks review

At the time of writing, I run 3 affiliate marketing niche websites, 1 main authoritative website (this one), my dropshipping store and also I just released a new SEO course. Needless to say; content is my entire business model. Obviously, this “workload” requires me to pump out quality content fast, and although I do get […]

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How To Find Low Competition Keywords For Free

how to find low competition keywords

One of the first thing you are going to want to really master when it comes to content marketing/affiliate marking is how to find low competition keywords you can rank for (for free). Now I say “for free” because there are many PAID tools that can help you find keywords but believe it or not, […]

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How To Make Money Giving Advice Online

So this just hit me… everybody making money online, especially with a blog, is essentially making money by giving advice to others on how to do certain things. For instance, here I am having this blog showing you how to start a blog business, writing about how to make money giving advice online and actually […]

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LastPass Review: My #1 Password Management Tool


As an online business owner, you are going to find yourself joining (possibly) 100s of different accounts across the web. Whether it’s web-services, social media tools, your website, etc… nearly everything you use online will require you to have login details so as you can imagine, the more stuff you join and use, the more […]

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