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How To Find Low Competition Keywords For Free

how to find low competition keywords

One of the first thing you are going to want to really master when it comes to content marketing/affiliate marking is how to find low competition keywords you can rank for (for free). Now I say “for free” because there are many PAID tools that can help you find keywords but believe it or not, […]

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How To Make Money Giving Advice Online

So this just hit me… everybody making money online, especially with a blog, is essentially making money by giving advice to others on how to do certain things. For instance, here I am having this blog showing you how to start a blog business, writing about how to make money giving advice online and actually […]

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LastPass Review: My #1 Password Management Tool


As an online business owner, you are going to find yourself joining (possibly) 100s of different accounts across the web. Whether it’s web-services, social media tools, your website, etc… nearly everything you use online will require you to have login details so as you can imagine, the more stuff you join and use, the more […]

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How To Make Money Online With Reviews

Doing product reviews is my new favorite hobby. Although, yes (as anybody that is doing product reviews can tell you), it takes a lot of time, energy, and money to find and review products on a consistent basis, they have been proven again and again (I was skeptical at first) that they are one of the […]

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How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress (VIDEO GUIDE)


My greatest pleasure that comes from running multiple blogs that show people how to create an online business is, of course, seeing them succeed in their own right. But how do we measure success? Are we talking about dollars earned? Life fulfillment? Today I want to take it a step back and directly discuss how […]

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My Write! Review: Experience Distraction-Free Writing

write! review

As you can probably imagine, having 6 online websites + 2 e-commerce stores that consistently require content, is not an easy task. In fact; writing is how I spend most of my days (even though I’ve recently enlisted the help of 2 amazing content writers). So, yes; if you want to become an online business owner, […]

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