Can You Do SEO Without Backlinks?

can you rank in google without backlinks

Right, let’s go a bit technical in today’s post and see if you can actually do SEO without backlinks. The short answer to that is yes; you can do SEO without any help from backlinks, and yes; you can get results as well. Backlinks are just one of the 200+ metrics that determine your rank … Read more

How To Find Low Competition Keywords For Free

how to find low competition keywords

One of the first things you are going to want to understand if you want to start getting SEO traffic is how to find low competition keywords (with high traffic) that you can rank for. Since you’re also probably a beginner, I’d also advise you to stay away from premium keyword tools for now so with that … Read more

How To SEO Your Drop Shipping Store

how to seo your dropshipping store

We are in an era of drop shipping. Ever since mid-2017, dropshipping has become the new shiny object for those looking for ways to make money online. I too jumped on the drop shipping bandwagon around late 2016 and it has been quite a fun and profitable journey. However, every YouTube video and blog post … Read more

How To Get Ranked For Multiple Keywords In Google

answer the public tool

The very first basic for anybody looking to understand SEO and how it functions is by understanding how keywords work. If you have been lurking around SEO blogs before looking for information to get you started, or maybe even have some knowledge already, I am sure you’ve come across the concept of keyword research, which … Read more