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ManageFlitter Review: Thoughts On This Twitter Tool

manageflitter review

Since June of this year (2018), I have been on the grind trying to grow my personal Twitter account. Now while Twitter does have its own Analytics feature, I also wanted to get some insights into who’s following me, what type of content is working best and an overall deeper analytical understanding of what is […]

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How Old Do You Have To Be To Make Money Online?

hold old do you have to be to make money online

I got asked this by a teenager via my Twitter DMs and I have to say, what a great question. I love this question for many reasons: Who’s asking realizes the power of the internet to make $$? They are asking the right question (not; how to get started for free). They are focused on […]

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BoardBooster Is Shutting Down: The 2 Best Alternatives

boardbooster review

Yesterday I got an email from one of my favourite Pinterest marketing tools (BoardBooster) saying that they will be shutting down its service tomorrow, June 27th, 2018 – yes this shutdown is coming at a very short notice. Sadly, a lot of people are going to miss BoardBooster as for some it was the ultimate […]

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Pinterest & Affiliate Marketing: What’s The Real Story?

pinterest and affiliate marketing

What is the real story with Pinterest & Affiliate Marketing? Are Pinterest allowing affiliate links or not? I myself am very big on Pinterest, it sends around 20,000 visitors each and every month to my other blog and a majority of my sales are credited to Pinterest on my drop-shipping store as well. Pinterest & […]

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5 Beauty Affiliate Programs For Fashion Bloggers & YouTubers

beauty affiliate programs

The beauty industry is booming online and it’s slowly becoming one of the biggest industries thanks to some of the best beauty affiliate programs just now being made available to worldwide affiliates. The “beauty/makeup industry” is pulling in a lot of dough right now, just look at what Kylie Jenner makes promoting her own brand […]

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Can InstaCrusher 2 Make You An Instagram Millionaire?

instacrusher buy

I’m very, very bullish on Instagram this year. I have been using it a lot mainly for my drop shipping/e-commerce business and I couldn’t be more excited about the results + the future updates Instagram have ready to be rolled out in 2018 for marketeers. This is why when a new tool launched on JVZoo […]

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How To Use Affiliate Links On Instagram


I am spending a lot of my time on Instagram lately, not playing about, but working. With the many recent updates, including Instagram Analytics, the IG has become a force of nature when it comes to online marketing and many, MANY marketers are using Instagram to promote their products. But one issue that still trifles […]

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FuelGram Review: How To Get REAL Likes For Your Instagram

Fuelgram Review

After completely squashing their competition (Snapchat) in mid-2017, Instagram has established itself as one of those social networks you don’t want to mess with – or ignore. I believe there are close to 1 billion monthly users (or getting there soon) on Instagram and I am sure that you are one of them, so I’m going […]

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How To Monetize Instagram With E-Commerce in 2018

Here we at the dawn of a new year and looking back at my best winners of 2017; I have to tip my hat towards e-commerce and dropshipping. Thanks to this new business model that I discovered, I was able to make record income in 2017 even though my affiliate earnings have started to plateau […]

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