DS Domination Review: Is This A Dropshipping Scam? YES!

Welcome to my DS Domination review.

We talk a lot about dropshipping on my blog since this is one of the main ways I make an income online – I even created a “drop shipping for 2020” guide which I think you will want to check out.

Today, we’re talking about DS Domination to see if this tool is as great as they claim it is and whether or not this can help you make money drop shipping.

Can it?

Let’s find out…

What is DS Domination?

DS Domination review

DS Domination is a program that was launched by entrepreneurs Roger Langille, Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja over 6 years ago back in 2013.

The aim of the program is to show you how to make money Dropshipping but through MLM, which if you are not aware stands for Multi-Level Marketing.

You may even like the sound of it and may even think that it’s a good opportunity but there are far too many things that are wrong about DS Domination which you will find out in this review.

How Does DS Domination Work?

As I mentioned earlier the way DS Domination works in on the idea of Dropshipping and buying various items to then sell them on.

But this is where DS Domination automatically fails as the training they have is almost false and just seeing what it entails is enough to show you that this is rubbish.

Check this out I’m going to take you through there training very concisely.

They teach you how to find get products of Amazon and then show you how to sell them off for more on eBay.

Lets put this example at work to show you why it doesn’t work. So for e.g, you buy a brand new video game at retail price for let’s say $50, you purchase it off Amazon and then list it on eBay for $60.

Now, whats the chances that someone is going to buy that item for $10 more than it’s retail price, very small I would say.

That is because people are most likely going to be doing their research and are looking for the cheapest prices when making purchases online.

Now DS Domination says that they know what they’re talking about and the training is proven to work, but that doesn’t sound good already or even legit (another thing I will get onto in a bit).

Now once you have purchased the item of Amazon you will then send it to the eBay buyer by putting in there mailing details.

This means that the buyer will receive Amazon packaging, which when you think about it crazy and if that happened to me I would be creeped out a little.

This all makes me question the quality of the training which I will get onto now as the concept of the program is false and illegal.

How you can you teach and charge for a false business model, it’s like they know what they teaching is wrong but they do it anyway to get money in their banks.

So How Much Is The Training?

So now that I have covered roughly what DS Domination teaches and is about let’s go into the courses and training they offer.

There are five pieces of training available with 2 on a monthly recurring basis and 3 on a one-time basis where you pay one fee for it.

These consist of Pro Training at $19,95 a month, Elite Training at $99.95 a month, Unleashed Training at $249, Monopoly Training at $499 and finally Genesis Training at $1,499.

Each of these training contains different modules and as you expect the more you pay the more you access to. So the training at the top will offer the most in-depth of them all.

As this is an MLM business, you will make your money by selling their products and each time you sell the one you will make a commission.

There are various upsells so someone try one of the lower products they will be upsold to the more expensive pieces of training that DS Domination has.

Now I have to admit that promoting there products could be quite profitable and that is due to the tiers they have.

They have tiers up to 5 where you can make money from the referrals your referrals refer, a bit of a tongue twister but that is how it works. Each tier you go up the less percentage on commission you make.

You start making 50% per sale you make, if a referral then invites someone to try out the product you will make a further 10% on sales and so on till the 10th level where you make 1% of commissions.

As you can see there is a lot of potential if you know how to promote products but that is beside the point as MLM’s are illegal and can get you in trouble so I don’t advise you do this.

Not only that we’re forgetting one thing and that is that you have to purchase all their products which will cost you thousands of dollars, some products even require you to pay on a monthly basis so it will renew each month.

Promoting products online is one of the best ways to make an income but through MLM it isn’t great as through using a program like DS Domination you essentially have to pay them to promote their products in order for you to finally make money.

Now that is a business model I want no part of…

Why Did DS Domination Fail?

As you can imagine and from what you have read you won’t be surprised to hear that DS Domination has many bad reviews and feedback online, which is due to many reasons. Let’s talk now about why DS Domination is a badly talked about the program.

Owners Don’t Put Your Best Interests First:

Let’s start with the main issue and that is the owners, having trust in the owners of a product you are investing is very important.

You want to know that the money you are investing is going in the hands of people who are going to put your best interests first and help you make money online.

That is not the case, as I have seen in many cases where the owners have treated their customers with disrespect.

Bear in mind that these are people who have just received payments, it hasn’t stopped them from replying to there customers with sarcastic comments or even just full out ignoring them.

That is wrong in my opinion and something that hurts too see, I am just thinking to myself while reviewing this program that thank goodness I am not apart of this program.

Illegal Opportunity:

One of the main reasons why people don’t trust DS Domination is because the business model that they teach is actually illegal.

If you look on the Amazon terms of service you will see that this is something they don’t allow, however that doesn’t stop DS Domination from hyping up how good their training is.

If you do the training there is a chance that Amazon will shut your account down, as they monitor dodgy orders, and I’m sure if you are changing the mailing address for each order you send out that it’s at some point going to come up on Amazon’s systems as a dodgy activity.

You can make money dropshipping, just not this way as its not right!


A Lot Of Money But No Refunds:

I mean it is brave to set so big a amounts to get started with a program but this is what DS Domination do. In order to promote all the training or to even make money with it, you will need to spend at least $2000.

The crazy part is not only is that a hell of a lot of money but there are no refunds. So if you do try it pay all that money there is no way you will get your money.

A lot of internet programs out there designed to help you make money put in that the opportunity is risk-free as a sales tactic to get more sales, so if you do take the plunge at least there is some assurance that you will at least get money back if you don’t make it with the program.

If this doesn’t put you off DS Domination I’m not sure won’t, as I can think of many other things I would rather spend my money on that would help me.

Heck, there are so many internet programs out there that claim to teach you how to make money online for much less than that.

Admittedly a large share of these are scams but you will find training taught by professionals that legitimately teach you correct ways to approach making money online.

Can You Make Money With DS Domination?

According to the actual definition, a scam is a dishonest scheme and while the owners are dishonest a lot with that product they can’t be labeled a scam as such as they do offer training that is of some worth albeit very very little.

As you can see through from what you have read this is just not a program worth your time and effort.

The owners of the product are not people you will want to pass over your money too as they don’t help you make money.

They may talk about how much money they have made and how you can replicate that but that is because these people are at the and are only interested in gaining more money.

In reality, though the program is very poor and won’t earn you much, the fact they say the average earnings of there customers is up to $2000 annually also tells you everything you need to know.

Now I don’t know about you but I’m fed up of talking about DS Domination and I think I will stop now that I have told you everything I know about them.

You can make money online and is something I do but you won’t be with this program. A great example of how to make money is this website right here, it didn’t cost me $2000 to set up or to even learn how to earn money with it.

As I not only want to warn you off scam products out there I also want to show you legit ways to make money online.

So stick with me now as I will take you through my favorite way to make money that makes me a living online.

How To Really Make Money With DropShipping

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If you want to make money dropshipping, then congratulations;

After reading this DS Domination review, you know what NOT to do.

What you should do, is look into my various dropshipping guides which I have available here, here’s a quick short list of my most popular blog posts:

You may also want to get some training on this as drop shipping is not as easy as they make it out to be.

For this, I recommend you check out Franklin Hatchet’s eCom Elites training program (the link leads to my review).

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DS Domination Review: Final Words

Thank you for checking out my DS Domination review.

I hope this short read has helped you understand better the dropshipping business and helped you avoid what would’ve been a messy situation to get into.

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I’ll leave you to it.

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