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Financial Niches: The Best Affiliate Websites And Affiliate Programs 

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We have made this article for you to understand how affiliate marketing works and what are the basic things that you need to know before you plan to invest in this kind of industry.

Financial Niches: The Best Affiliate Websites And Affiliate programs 

The Best Affiliate Websites And Affiliate Programs In Financial Niches

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing where a business rewards a number of associates for each customer that they brought in the business purchased the affiliate’s efforts.

This marketing has since grown and became complex, with the resurgence of secondary tier of participants, including super affiliates, specialised third party vendors and affiliate management agencies.

This is also considered as one of the oldest type of marketing where you can recruit a person to any kind of online product or service and when they purchase the product based on your endorsement, you will get an incentive or commission which may vary depending on the product that you have sold.

This is very different from binary options, which you can also consider for investing your funds. You can check more about binary options at Binary-Options.Trade.

We have made this article for you to understand how affiliate marketing works and what are the basic things that you need to know before you plan to invest in this kind of industry.

What Are Affiliate Networks And Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate networks and affiliate programs are used in affiliate marketing. An affiliate network is a hub where Publishers and Advertisers connect. You may find hundreds or even thousands of affiliate programs on the web.

All the affiliate networks that you will find on the Internet have their own reporting, tracking and payment system. They may differ when it comes to expertise as some of them may focus on location, promotions, among other things.

Once you join one affiliate network, you would immediately have access to hundreds and hundreds of affiliate programs on the Internet.

Popular terms used in affiliate marketing:

  • Affiliate marketplace
  • Affiliate link
  • Payment method
  • Affiliate manager
  • Landing pages
  • Link clocking
  • Custom coupons
  • Commission amount/percentage
  • 2-tier affiliate marketing

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

To start, you need to sign up for an “advertisers program” for you to obtain an affiliate link. This is a special URL that is unique to the user and would also contain the username or the user ID of the affiliate.

You will mention the advertiser on your website by using the affiliate link. When a customer visits your site and clicks on the affiliate link connected to the advertiser’s website, they will drop a cookie to the customer’s computer.

When the customer places and completes an order via the checkout process, the advertisers will double check the cookie on their computer, and once they have verified that the sale is yours, they will then credit you the sale.

The advertiser will then update the reports to show all the sales and clicks generated on your affiliate link. The commissions are usually paid on a monthly basis and would depend on the advertiser’s payment policy.

Which Are The Best Affiliate Networks?

Before entering the world of affiliate marketing, you must need to know the affiliate networks you can go to. You must consider the user experience; you own experience, the brand equity and the Alexa traffic rank.

Some Know-How on Affiliate Programs

  • Cost per Action (CPA) model – will pay you for actions that are specific and can be as simple as downloads, submissions, surveys, etc.
  • Cost per Sale model (CPS) – they pay for actual sales and will share the percentage of the value of the sale with you.
  • Cost per Lead model (CPL) – this model pays for the leads generated that involves credit card verification and emails. Due to this verification process, because this makes the leads more valuable.
  • Cost per Click model (CPC) – this may be known as the model that pays for the clicks. It does not matter whether the click made will help the referral traffic to generate the sale or not.

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry and is good to place some investments in. You are not limited to just one option because there are a lot of networks to choose from.

It also works very simply; it is a deal between an advertiser and a publisher. So if you are looking for an easy-paying part time or full-time job, affiliate marketing may be the right place for you.

Once you have chosen the program that you are into, make sure to check the website’s traffic and learn the audience’s interest. Study, research and make sure to strategize your moves to be sure that you labour and investment is not in vain.

If you think we have missed anything in this article, do not hesitate to drop your comments below.

1. ShareASale

This is considered as the most esteemed affiliated network, with so many affiliate programs that are limited to ShareASale. There are more than 4,000 affiliate programs connected to ShareASale so you can immediately find an advertiser inside their network.

ShareASale is very particular with their tracking system with a reliable and real-time payment system. If there are inactive ShareASale accounts, it will be deactivated if the balance is less than $25.

2. Zanox

This affiliate network is very popular in Europe. Some of their affiliate networks are important dues to having an exclusive relationship with exclusive brands like

3. CJ Affiliate

This affiliate network is formerly known as Commission Junction or CJ. CJ Affiliate is considered as the most popular affiliate network because of its experience as well as their connection to Fortune 500 companies and other major online retailers.

It also has an unmatched number of advertisers that you cannot simply find anywhere in this network.

Another good thing about CJ Affiliate is that they often give premium incentives compared to other affiliate networks available on the web.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and you are planning to enter this industry, you might want to consider entering in CJ Affiliate. They have good customer support either via phone or via email.

4. Rakuten Affiliate Network

This was formerly known as LinkShare and was considered as the number one affiliate network in several affiliate surveys. There are also a hundred brands that prefer to use LinkShare rather than having a connection to other affiliate networks.

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