How To Make Money Talking To Men Online (Cam Girl Guide)

I have a weird one for you today.

Seeing as how I like to cover online money-making opportunities on this blog, I just have to tell you about one of the greatest online income opportunities I have seen in recent years.

Yep, you guessed; today I’m covering;

How to make money talking to men online via camming.

Where are you going with this Chris?

You know damn right where I’m going with this and if you want to learn how to make a 6-figure income quite-literally from your bed;

Keep reading as this guide will give you everything you need to know (and do) to get started as a cam girl/cam model.

While this guide is mostly about camming, I’ll also give you a few platforms where you can make money talking to men online just with texting.

Of course, getting on camera and showing your face would always mean more money, but there are legit ways you can earn some money without ever showing your face.

how to make money talking to men online
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Disclaimer: Needless to say; I’m not writing this from personal experience as I do with all my other make-money guides.

I have never done this myself so what I will share with you in this guide comes from extensive research I did on camming seeing what current and ex cam girls are saying about the topic.

I’m a 30-year-old dude with a beard, I somehow doubt I’ll be able to make much money with this.

Ok, so let’s get started.

In this guide, I will show tell you:

  • How to get started as a cam girl
  • What you need to make money as a cam girl
  • Platforms you can use to make money talking to men online
  • Some pros & cons of the industry
  • How much money you can earn as a cam girl +
  • Random bits which I think would be useful for beginners.

Let’s make some money!

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How To Get Started As A Cam Girl (Things You Need)

How To Get Started As A Cam Girl

The startup costs for this business model are very very low.

In fact, I doubt you are going to need to spend any money since chances are you already have all you need to get started.

While there are some add-ons you can invest in in the future (toys, new lingerie, etc) the necessary basics are:

  • A laptop/computer
  • A good HD camera (if you have a modern laptop you’re set)
  • A good internet connection (that allows you to stream uninterrupted).

Just in case you’re missing any of these things, you can check out these guides here to show you which ones to buy/get:

That’s pretty much all you need to get you started as a cam girl.

Getting Started Making Money Chatting & Camming Online

Getting Started Making Money Chatting & Camming Online

Now that you’ve got what you need to get started, it’s time to start making some money.

Of course, you are going to need to plug into a platform which already has your target audience (thirsty males).

This is where camming and flirting sites and apps come in handy.

While there are hundreds of websites that allow you to create a profile and earn money, I’ll give you a short-list of the ones which seem to be the most popular.

Sidenote; you can look into other platforms yourself too to find the best one for you. Many of these platforms are free to join.

You can see an entire list of cam websites to make money with on this page here.

3 Websites That Will Pay You To Chat With Men Online

flirtbucks review

This is one of the “PG options” I was referring to where you do not have to talk sexually or even take off your clothes.

All you need to do with this website to make money is simply talk to lonely men online via text.,

They also offer options for becoming a cam girl and making money that way, but this is not a must, and it’s most probably the “safest” option for those who want to make money with this without showing their face.

How to join Flirtbucks:

flirtbucks requirements

All you have to do is visit the registration page here, fill out your profile and you’re good to go.

More instruction on what to do to get started will be revealed once you are a member so I won’t go through that here as that will take forever.

How much money can you make FlirtBucks?

According to this Flitbucks review, you can earn around $0.10c a minute chatting or you can $0.40c+ with live camming (although even the camming would not include any sexual material either).

That’s around $24 an hour just texting which is not bad, but it’s way below what you can earn as a cam girl using the following two platforms:

chatrecruit review

While ChatRecruit does offer you the option to just sext without ever showing your face, their service is mostly catered for those who are ready to take a dive in the deep end and go on a full-time camming spree.

How to join ChatRecruit

join chatrecruit

Just like FlirtBucks, all you need to do to join ChatRecruit is to simply visit their sign up page and register as a model/cam girl.

Once you have been approved and added to the platform, they will show you how to start chatting and making money with their platform.

How much money can you make with ChatRecruit:

chatrecruit for camgirls

This pays a little bit better, and you can make well over $2 per minute chatting/sexting with men online.

Now we’re at the ~$120 an hour which is a fantastic income source for anyone.

Do this 3-4 hour a day, and you are looking at $500 paydays or $15,000 a month.

As I said; there’s an insane amount of money to be made here.

chaturbate for camming

Last but not least, we also have to mention here the biggest player in the cam-game, and that is Chatutbate.

Surprisingly, Chaturbate is a free platform where people can come in and see – for free – live streams happening in real time.

Anyone can tune in and watch you without paying anything.

However; since they have by far the biggest audience, you will be earning your money through tokens.

When a man (or whoever) joins Chaturbate as a customer, they have to buy tokens to speak to you and ask you to do certain things.

Every time they pay to interact with you, you will earn 60% of those tokens value.

How to join Charurbate

Simply visit the Chaturbate website and register as a cam girl.

You need to make sure you have a basic webcam, a laptop to stream and also a good internet connection and in a few minutes you can be up and ready streaming for the world and earning tokens.

You also need to upload proof you are 18+, this is a must for all camming sites on this list.

How much money can you make with Chaturbate?

chaturbate income report
Check out this Chaturbate Income Report

Since there’s a lot of competition on the platform, it may be hard to break through, but once you do – and you find yourself on the homepage – you are literally a click away from 100s of thousands of people sending you tokens just to chat with you.

Chaturbate is one of the most X-rated platforms on this list but of course; that is what will pay you the most.

I have heard of many cam girls using Charurbate to make upwards of $1000+ a day.

Not bad if you ask me.

How Much Money Can You Make Camming Overall?

The amount you can make by talking to men online as a cam girl is truly unlimited, but it depends on a lot of variables too.

  • The amount of time you put into it.
  • The percentage rate you get from the cam/flirting sites you join.
  • Whether you can branch out for yourself and keep 100% profits.

As you will see below, in the camming world, looks don’t matter much but obviously;

The hotter you are, the more you would likely make.

Overall, it’s a great business opportunity and can make anyone who’s up for it a pretty good income – dare I say rich even – but of course; it is not for everyone.

In my research, I have read income reports that stretch into the $30,000+ per month range and even though this may be rare examples, it’s very possible to walk away with at least $5,000+ a month if you are “good enough” at it.

If you want to find out what the top cam girls are earning with this business method, there’s a great list of the most popular cam girls and their earnings listed here (although keep in mind these numbers may not be factual).

Pros & Cons of Being A “Cam Girl” Online

PRO: You don’t even have to be attractive.

You may think you need to be incredibly hot, but actually; in the weird world of online camming, there’s nothing men would not pay for the watch.

Sounds a bit sad, but it’s true.

Without going through much detail here for the sake of your sanity, there are even grandmas making a killing with camming.

There’s a niche market for everything – so whatever you are or however you look; you can make money talking to men online with camming.

PRO: Work at your own time.

One of the best things about making money online – whether that is through camming or not – is the fact that you can work as many hours as you wish.

– Want to work from 8 pm to midnight? Great
– Want to work from 6 am to 10 am? Go for it.

The internet is up and running 24/7 and in any timezone, there are men wish to talk, chat or cam with women online.

If you’ve ever wanted to be boss-free, have time and location freedom, camming may be the gig for you.

PRO: Make GREAT money doing it.

I told you at the start of this article that talking to men online is one of the best online business opportunities I have come across.

While there are exceptions to the norm, established cam girls are earning $30,000+ a month and even more.

There’s definitely money in this business, and if you can do it, then you will be paid handsomely for it.

Have the ability to reach millions of people without any extra work:

One other thing about this is that you have a worldwide audience running 24/7.

When you do a live show or a chat session, you can have 1 person following you or 10,000 people showing you.

The income from the two endeavours will be wildly different, but your “work effort” will be just the same.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that you are not limited to by how much you work, you are limited only by the amounts of people that you get to follow you.

PRO: Your beauty expenses are now tax-deductible.

This is a side-benefit but one that many people in the camming business have noted.

Because you are now in the ‘beauty” business so to speak, your beauty expenses are now tax deductible.

Meaning; your hair/make up accessories, your workouts, your clothes heck even a trip to the dentist are all tax deductible now.

Of course; it’s best to find an accountant to talk to about this, but from what I’ve seen this is a legit thing.

PRO: You can (eventually) venture out for yourself and reap the rewards:

The girls and the top of their game eventually decide to venture out from third-party platforms and launch their own “business” doing this camming/flirting thing.

Of course, you can do this by having a dedicated and engaged clientele that will follow you to any platform regardless of where you go.

At first, this may not be an option (although it is if you have an audience already say on Instagram / Snapchat), but once you have that, you can venture out on your own and really be your own boss keeping 100% of the revenue you generate.

how to make money talking to men online with camming

CON: Risk of being found out.

Some may not have an issue with this, but I am assuming many do.

From the comments I read of successful cam girls and people who make a living online talking to men, there are a lot of worries that people may find out.

Even if you do not care what others may think, when it hits close to home for example friends and family, many do have reservations about this.

Just something to keep in mind,

CON: It’s typically frowned upon.

You also have to understand that this is not a profession that is wildly accepted as of yet (although I do think this will change in time given the direction the world is going).

You may already know this I am sure, but keep in mind that you may not be doing this forever.

You have to juggle the risk of how what you to do can affect you 5/10 and even 20 years down the line.

CON: You need to last to be able to make it worthwhile.

I know I said many people can make a great income with this and it’s true; they can.

But understand that just like with another other business / side-hustle, the beginning is always hard.

It’s only when you have established a great audience of followers that you start making some income worth noting.

Remember; in the beginning, you may not be making much, but you are still exposing yourself to the world for the sake of a few extra dollars.

If you quit in the early stages, just know that your content is still out there online, but most probably you didn’t make much for it to be a worthwhile risk.

This is why you have to stick with it for a while to make sure you at least make a lot of money.

CON: It becomes a job.

I’ve also researched about couples who do cam work.

At first, all was good and everything and fun but after a while – when you have to do what you have to do – it gets pretty dull and just like with everything else;

When it’s forced, it’s not really much fun.

Maybe you want to do it with a partner, maybe not, but whatever you do, you have to keep in mind that this is still a job and you have to do it (at least on a consistent basis) to be able to make it work.

See a list of pros and cons to camming as shared from past and current cam girls on Reddit.

How To Promote Your Cam Girl Services For Maximum Income

As I mentioned above, one of the best things you can do as a cam girl is to build up an audience of followers that love you (and that love to pay you).

Many girls do this by opening up private premium Snapchats for example.

Some even divert all their traffic to Instagram and start accumulating a following there.

Some even go for on “old-school” marketing route and launch their own cam girl website, create an email list, a line of products on their online store and so much more.

Remember; even though it pays well, the cam-business is just the first step.

If you’re smart about this and you know what you are doing, you can quickly turn this venture into your very own mini-adult empire with you at the head of it all.

Can Guys Make Money With This Too?

It’s a big weird world out there so yes; I’m guessing men can also make money as “cam girls boys” online.

Of course; I suspect you won’t be making as much money as a girl, but hey; it’s been done before, and a select few men have managed to make a full-time income with this too.

Whatever floats your boat brother.

How To Make Money Talking To Men Online (Camming)

make money talking to men online

To round this off, let me just give you a quick recap of what we talked about.

First, understand the pros and cost of becoming a cam girl.

Once you have made up your mind, consider joining one of the above-listed platforms to get you started.

I will list them one more time for you here;

  • FlirtBucks.
  • ChatRecruit.
  • Chaturbate.

Once you get going and start accumulating fans, move on to securing your own platform where you can earn 100% of the profit earned.

Last but not least; try to last for at least a few months, you really want to make sure you squeeze as much money out of this as possible.

Should YOU Become A Cam Girl?

This is up to you; but if you understand the work, the risks and rewards involved and you are still up for it, then go for it.

Go make your money.

As I said, a lot of money can be made fairly quickly and easily with this so I can guarantee you that it’s a worthwhile venture at the very least (when done right).

NB: Ready to start making money!? Before you go, don’t forget to check out the course:

100 Ways To Make Money Sexually Online!

Closing Words

I hope you enjoyed my guide on how to make money talking to men online.

Even though I have no experience with this, I have done thorough research on this topic because I just find it fascinating how just about anyone can make an insane amount of money online with camming.

The internet is really a wonderful thing when you know how to squeeze money out of it.

If you have any questions, be sure to leave them down below too.

I will now divert your attention to another website where you will find more in-depth how-to guides for cam girls getting into the industry.

If you’re serious about this, you’d do well in checking out their guides.

Talk soon and good luck.

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