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How To Make Money With An Online Business: Tips On How To Convert Readers

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If you really want to start making money from your blog and from your online business, you need to understand something most people never seem to comprehend fully, and that is; turning a reader (or a blog visitor) into an actual paying customer.

At the end of the day; views, likes, comments, shares and tweets will never amount to money.

And that is what you need and want right? Money is the life-line of any business.

If you’re not making money, then it’s not a business and if you are using your funds to run your business without making any money, you will probably pack it up soon too.

But you don’t want that right?

You want to be able to live a comfortable life away from the normal jobs, you want to travel and have some fun while your income keeps coming in (and even increases).

That is great. I’m glad to have you here.

I was also once in the same position as you, desperately trying to figure out how to make such a dream come true.

It was hard grasping exactly how to make money with an online business but thanks to these tips that I am about to share with you (which I’ve learned from other money-making e-preneurs), I am now able to make money online.

How To Make Money With An Online Business

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this; you need customers. Customers that love your product, love your services and would not mind typing in their credit card number.

Now this may seem a bit tough to do, but remember; it is happening.

Ok, so how do we go about making this thing happen for us? Well, the first step is always starting your own website.

You might see some products online like I’ve been seeing while doing product reviews that say you do not need a website. Let me walk you quickly through why exactly having a website is super important.

You need to have “your own” space where you an build your business. If you want a stable business that will last, you don’t want to do it through Facebook or any other social media channels. You can use them as tools to grow your business but your business has to have a website where you are in command.

Remember; what if you build a business and suddenly Facebook disappears, or it changes the way it works (which has been known to happen).

If you are using Facebook (or any other SM) as a tool, then you can simply adjust, but if your business is on Facebook, then your business has a problem.

Let’s start building on a safe foundation; get your own website.

How To Start A Website For Your Online Business

It may sound scary, but it isn’t. In fact, you can start your website right now for free and you will have a live WordPress blog up and ready in just over 1min. Here’s video proof of how easy it is to start a website if you know what you are doing:


Once you set up your website and you are publishing blog posts that are related to your business, it is time to start turning those readers into customers.

I won’t go into much detail on how to bring in traffic and how to publish content as that is a whole other subject in itself but I do suggest you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s free to join and they break down the exact method of publishing content and getting traffic in a simple step-by-step system.

How To Turn Blog Readers Into Buying Customers: Tips On How To Convert Readers

First of all, we need to establish what you want your reader to do that will eventually lead to them buying.

This could be:

  • They buy your product
  • They buy a product you’re an affiliate for
  • They sign up for your email newsletter
  • They call you (popular with offline businesses)
  • They sign up for a free course
  • They buy tickets for your events
  • Etc (there are many ways you can make money with a website)

Once you have a clear goal of what you want your customer to do while on your site, we can start working towards that goal.

Let me use my “aim” as an example on how to do things properly:

My main aim (with this website) is to get readers (yes you) to sign up for a free membership with either or Wealthy Affiliate.

Both of them are free but that is how I make my money. How?

I reviewed a lot of products and so far, the best I have found are WA and Fizzle. I am sure that anybody that is looking to learn this online business, they can do so using one of those platforms.

So, my aim is to “get you” to sign up. Great, we have our goal. Now what?

At some point, if you have a steady flow of readers coming in, it is safe to assume that some will convert automatically without you even trying to convert them.

If you’re getting 1000 readers a week, it’s safe to assume that a percentage of them will take some action on your site. A very modest 1% of those 1,000 readers is 10 customers.

While that is good, if you’re running a business, you’re going to want to learn how to increase those conversions so you can make money with your online business.

Here is how you do that:

How To Increase Conversion Rates For Your Online Business

Be Relevant To Your Topic

The first step you have to do is to provide relevant information about a specific topic.

If you are here to read about how to start your online business and I’m talking about how to start a home garden, it would be off. Most probably you will click away and probably never visit my site again because I did not deliver.

So the first step is to deliver relevant content on your site (via your blog targeting keywords).

Have A Centralized Offer

I have a lot of products on my site (most of them are garbage though and I even say that in my review).

However, as I’ve already said, 2 of them are great products and I consider them a great resource for any online entrepreneur.

So, back to my aim, I need to “funnel” you to those centralized offers, i.e my reviews.

Whenever I talk about WA or Fizzle in my blog posts, I don’t go into much detail about them but instead, I link to my reviews (or directly to the product in some cases).

This means that all my posts are pointing to these 2 products. Whoever comes and read my posts know that I am trying to ‘sell” them on something.

Now there is a good way and a bad way to doing things.

I feel so confident in telling you that I want to ‘sell” you on something because these products are free to use. There is absolutely no cost for you if you decide to try these products out.

If there was a price point, I would probably be more conservative and try to “sell you harder” but I don’t have to. The products are so good they sell themselves.

Which brings me to my next point:

Increase Conversion Through Social Proof.

On your product’s page, it’s best to include social proof of people that have tried your product and have gotten the results they desired.

We see this everywhere.

From the weight loss industry, to diet books to exercises courses, make money online courses etc….

Having a social proof will convert much better for you and it would be wise to spend some time trying to get the point across that this product does, in fact, work (and lives can be changed by it).

But is your product really good enough?

Have A Product That Really Does Work

People will tend to trust a product more if there is proof that it actually works, not just that; it will also be ideal to show how it works.

Most of the products I review that I label as “garbage” are products that take the approach of showing you the results but now showing you how to get the results.

If you’re been using the internet for a while, you might have come across such a product yourself.

“Make $1,000 by tomorrow night”

Ok, cool; but how?

They leave that out and once you purchase the product, they either try to guilt you into buying more products or just show you some simple tips you could’ve found for free online.

Does such a product sell?

Unfortunately yes, it does sell and obviously quite well since there is no shortage of products like this coming out.

However, most gurus that promote something like this release products damn near every week.

They are using the “quantity over quality” approach and sure it may work for them, but I promise you; you do not want to have that business approach.

I am dedicated to building a real legitimate business that will impact lives across the world. It sure as hell is a huge goal but I feel better about my business and it gives me the confidence to sell without hesitation.

Both of the products I promote (WA and Fizzle), I’ve put my reputation on the line for. They are products that I have used myself and used them to start and improve my online business.

Test Everything

One way to increase your conversion rates for your business is to constantly be testing.

Before I decided to make this my full-time income, whenever I heard about the importance of testing I used to say “Surely this can’t be that important

But believe me, it is.

You need to test out everything that is associated with your business.

Believe it or not, even font size, type and color can have an effect on how well you can convert.

Make sure you test everything, and by that I mean:

  • Your “call to action”.
  • Your sign up form.
  • Your WordPress theme.
  • Your (social media) images.
  • Your banner ads (see more about that here).
  • Your product (yes, even that has to be tested).

I have sign up forms that have the same message (just different colors) and they convert very differently from each other. it really is surprising when you sit and look at how much difference one little tweak can make.

Do I know the secret of testing? No; I’m far from it but I guess nobody does because chances are you will never convert 100%, but there is always a way to increase your conversion percentage rate.

Bonus tip:

Keep in mind that you need a lot of data to be able to test. If your website is only getting 10 visitors a day, there is not much data for you to test.

If you’re at this point, then forget about testing for now and focus on getting more readers on your website.

When you start going into the 100-a-day numbers, then you start getting a clear picture of what is happening, that is when you should start testing out stuff.

On to my final tip:

Offer Your Services For Free

One last thing that I would like to share with you that is probably the number 1 factor in increasing conversion rates is to offer a free trial.

The best way to get a reader interested in buying something is if they can actually try it first

Now if this is product that somebody else created that you are an affiliate for, this may not always be possible. Luckily for me, the 2 products I promote offer a free trail (and that is always why I believe in them so much)..

What if I told you that my products cost $1000 each but you have no possible way to know if the product is worth $1000?

That would be crazy although it also does happen (there are 2 sides to every coin).

So how to offer free products and make money?

Obviously, no product is really free. Nobody will ever invest their own time, energy and experience into something they won’t make money from.

I am obviously writing this post because I know somewhere along the line, it is going to lead to me making more money for my business.

If you can’t offer your product for free, then you should try providing as much information and content about the product that you can, for free.

For example: if you have a business that sells a physical product, like a food blender, then it’s obvious you can not send a free food blender to every reader, however, you can offer a lot of information (through a detailed product review) that will entice the reader to buy a blender.

I would never buy a product (especially online) if I didn’t have a basic idea of what it is and what it can do.

So that is your entry (or hook point) if you will:

Provide great content and provide information about the product.

If the 2 products I promote do not come with a free trial, I would probably have to change my whole approach to selling them.

I also have a website that sells niche-jewellery and obviously, I’m not sending out free jewellery to everyone. I just provide information about the jewellery (for free) that would make a person want to buy that ring, necklace or whatever.

Final Thoughts

As I’ve said in the beginning of this post, learning how to make money with an online business is a tricky adventure which involves you learning how to properly turn a reader into a buying customer.

People are not just going to give you money for nothing. There is an exchange being made and the person has to know that what they are paying for is worth their money.

If you use the simple tips I have outlined for you in this post, I am sure you can look at your online business (if you haven’t got one you can see how to get started here) and make some adjustments to allow you to make more money.

I would like to thank you for reading this lengthy blog post and I would also like you to try out either Fizzle or Wealthy Affiliate.

Fizzle is for people that have their own products to sell and WA is for people that want to build a business using affiliate marketing (like me).

Either way and whatever you want to do, I am 100% sure these products will help show you the way and I look forward to hearing your success stories.

Also, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter (see below) for more online business advice like this. I will also be sending you a free invitation to try out my #1 rated online marketing training course.

If you have any question please leave them down below. I’d be happy to answer them.


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