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LastPass Review: My #1 Password Management Tool

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As an online business owner, you are going to find yourself joining (possibly) 100s of different accounts across the web.

Whether it’s web-services, social media tools, your website, etc… nearly everything you use online will require you to have login details so as you can imagine, the more stuff you join and use, the more accounts you are going to need.

It gets even more confusing if you use the same email address for the same social media sites for different accounts (like I do).

Bonus tip: If you add a period “.”, in any of your Gmail, it will count as a new email, and you will get the emails as normal in your Gmail inbox. For example, if your email is, you can use n.ame@gmail and it would work just as well.

Now, apart from the email address issue, you are going to have an even bigger issue with passwords.

Passwords are the key to certain tools and in my case, passwords unlock my everything including where I keep and store my online earnings.

This is obviously extremely important to keep safe and track off, hence why today I want to do my LastPass review, a simple tool designed to erase a fundamental problem in today’s “registration required” services.

LastPass Review

This will be a short quick review as there is not much to say but it’s a simple process that will save you:

  • A lot of time,
  • A lot of confusion,
  • A lot of “incorrect password please try again” notices and
  • A lot of heartache (incase your accounts get compromised.

Let me tell you how you can avoid all this using LastPass, the password management tool!

What Is Last Pass?

LastPass is a free password management tool that you need to have installed.

It works on all operating systems and on all browsers (at least Safari and Chrome I am sure of) + you can also have it on your mobile device too!

There are also paid options for LastPass, but it’s meant for business-sharing (within a corporation) and you can also get the Lite version which is for families who will be able to share passwords with each other safely.

I am only using the free version and it’s more than enough for me so I am sure it will be for you too (unless you need / want the premium features).

How To Use LastPass?

All you would need to do to use LastPass is to first create your account, and then set 1 master password which unlocks all the other passwords.

When you join, you are requested to choose one password (LastPass can even recommend a difficult one) and all you need to do is make sure you have this password securely saved.

(I suggest you write it down and keep it hidden somewhere safe).

All is left to do then is whenever you visit a site and you want to register, allow LastPass to generate a secure password for you and it will save all the information you put into for the next time you want to login.

It also works for services which you are already a member off.

When you visit these sites (such as Facebook), the browser extension will show you an alert to allow you to save your already existing password to LastPass and you can do so with a click of a button).

Whenever you want to access your passwords, you simply need to login into your LastPass account (using the master password) and you will find everything stored safely on there.

Simple yet superbly powerful, safe and time saving!

What Else Can LastPass Do?

Add Notes

You can also take notes using the browser extension app and your note will be safely  stored in your LastPass account.

Think of it as Evernote (with extremely strong security measures).

Fill Out Forms

It can also fill out forms for you using your name, surname, address etc saving you a lot of time when joining a new service (this is a feature you can choose not to use)

Generate New Passwords (Great Feature)

Please stop setting your passwords as your birthday + 1234.

While I wouldn’t be able to guess it, there are many amateur hackers that can see right through that (let alone the experts).

The issues with complicated passwords is that they are complicated to remember but LastPass can generate secure passwords for you and it automatically stores them on your account.

Alert You On Possible Issues

One issue I am guilty of is I have a lot of services using the same passwords. This is not a recommend thing to do and LastPass know this.

If the tool sees you are using the same passwords many times over, it will alert you and also offers to solve the situation by generating for you a new secure passwords for the said service.

Is It Safe?

Yes, LastPass is extremely safe as it uses the latest in web security procedures.

No one, and I do mean even no one at LastPass would be able to see your passwords (that is why it’s important you store your main password)

Nobody has access to your account but yourself and by making sure you are using a secure password and a secure password management too, you have nothing to worry about.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading this short LastPass review. It was a quickie today but I hope this has given you a clear solution to a complicated problem I know we are all facing.

Give LastPass a go here using their free membership and you can thank me later.

If you have any questions about this or any other service we review on the site, be sure to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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