How To Successfully Make Money Online While Traveling

The dream of “making money online” and traveling the world whenever you please has hit the mainstream.

Today, a quick browse on YouTube will reveal many successful “travel bloggers” who have become successful at making money doing what they love (traveling) leaving us all jealous and wondering how to do the same.

Which is what I want to share with you in this guide below.

  • Here’s what we’ll be covering:
  • How to successfully make money online while traveling
  • How you can get started with a travel blog
  • How to sell your travel images and videos for top dollar
  • How to start a travel blog
  • and so much more.

how to make money while traveling

Which each section, you’re also going to get a few travel-sites you can join to make money + few travel bloggers you can follow for inspiration and ideas.

If you’re looking for ways to make money online to travel the world, it’s time you start packing your bags as this post is going to give you the deets on how to do just that.

1. Sell Travel Videos

how to make money selling travel videos

If you’re traveling to take in some sights, discover new cultures and traditions and you’re adept at capturing a slice of life, you can make money and possibly even a name for yourself as a videographer or photographer.

Here are a few ideas on how you can about this:

Make a video documentary and sell it on your own website.

Upload fresh content to  You can set your own price and sell your video content for a one-time payment, rental or subscriptions.

Or upload to Vimeo, an on-demand platform charging $14 a month to subscribers.  They offer 90% of their revenue to their Pro subscribers who offer up their content for sale or rent.

Amazon’s answer is Createspace DVD on-demand, where you can create retail-ready DVD’s with printed full-color covers and discs for only $4.95 per unit. 

Alternatively, you can go sell your videos on Amazon Video Direct.

Sell your video to travel sites.  TripFilms is a good example.  Once you’ve submitted a few free videos to TripFilms, they might commission you to create a video or two. They will pay you $25 per video and pay for your hotel stay.

Or you could upload your videos to Pond5 and make $5 per sale.

You can also get exposure on MatadorTV.  And while you’re at it, why not create a YouTube Channel and monetize it by creating excellent reviews on Hotels, Spas or interesting shops, products or leisure activities you discover on your travels.  What fun!

2. Sell Travel Photos

how to make money selling travel pictures

If you can take really good quality photos, the kind that takes your breath away or evokes a mood, if you can take ordinary, everyday moments and make them look extraordinary through your lens, you’re all set to sell your photos online.  

Here are some websites that pay you for stock images.

Become a contributor and license your photos on 500px

Sell your photos, videos or illustrations on iStock Photos by Getty Images.

Submit 3 to 6 samples for review first, if you’re accepted you can start selling. They also have the option to become an affiliate.

Sell stock photos to Alamy and you’ll earn 50% on sales of exclusive images and 40% on non-exclusive images.  They have paid over $200 million to their contributors. Keith Morris, one of their photographers has earned over $250,000. 

Online Portfolio Sites:

Create your own page on TourPhotos.  This site is designed for tour operators and is also a great platform for tourists to sell photos of their excursions and activities abroad.  On their free plan, they take 19% commission on your sales. Their paid plans are inexpensive and displayed in Norwegian Krone.

Create an online photo portfolio website on SmugMug where you can sell your photos.

Plans start at $48 a year for the Basic Plan to $360 a year for Pro.  Their Portfolio plan at $180 a year looks like the best one for photographers who want to start selling pics but are not necessarily professionals yet.  They also have a Refer-a-friend program and partner program.

3. Freelance

how to make money freelancing while traveling

Just about any skill you can learn is one you can sell as a freelancer on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, ODesk or Elance. Freelancing is a great way to generate instant cash, anywhere in the world.  

The only downside is there’s no passive income because you get paid to provide a service, so wrack your brains and come up with tasks you’ve mastered that take very little of your time yet earn you top dollar.

Not sure what skills to market? Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

According to CNBC, these are the highest paying side hustles on Fiverr.

Do you know how to create a live-action or animated video tutorial or video Ad?  You can make $300 to $18,000 per project freelancing as a Video Marketer.

If you’re a Web Designer you can sell your gigs on Fiverr for $100 to $3000.

Mobile App Developers charge $300 to $3000 per project.

Search Engine Marketers who are skilled in Google Analytics and creating Google Ad Campaigns sell their services at $100 to $2000.

Chatbots are one of the growing trends and savvy freelancers are taking advantage of this. Chatbot Developer gigs can go for as much as $2000.

Graphic Designers are charging $100 to $3000 for their designs.

Architects and Interior Designers offer 2D or 3D designs for $100 to $2000.

Copywriters and Content Writers are charging $100 to $2000 per gig with the highest-paid being SEO content writers.

And while we’re on the subject of web designers, graphic designers and SEO content writers here’s one more way to make money online traveling.

4. Travel Blogging or Vlogging

how to make money as a travel vlogger

If you are visiting amazing destinations and you love taking pictures, shooting videos or writing about your adventures or musings as a tourist, then travel blogging will be just your bag. 

✔️ Travel Bloggers to Follow

Take your inspiration from the amazing talent found on travel blogs like:

Dan Flying Solo: Dan is a travel writer, photographer, creative director and now owns a media company based in Portugal. He works for the likes of Lonely Planet and Sky Scanner.

Lili’s Travel Plans: Liesbeth is a Belgian Travello Ambassador promoting brands, hotels, destinations or products. 

A Broken Backpack: Melissa Giroux is a Canadian traveler who creates guest posts, reviews or campaigns to advertise and promote brands on her travels.

✔️ Travel Vloggers to Follow

Fun for Louis – Louis Cole is a full-time globe trekker and creates daily vlogs on YouTube.

Lindsey Mc – Lindsay Mccormick publishes travel guides and tips on YouTube.

Wolter’s World –  Do’s and Don’ts of traveling the world by Mark and Jocelyn Wolter.  They travel as often as possible with their two children. They have an online store.

How Do Travel Bloggers & Vloggers Make Money?

Travel Bloggers and Vloggers earn money when working on sponsored campaigns, becoming affiliate marketers, paid advertising, freelancing, selling their photos or videos, public speaking or developing their own digital products.

The way I do I make money online – even though I am not a travel blogger – is by building small (yet profitable) websites, and I will explain how to do this next.

The Best Way I Found To Make Money Online Is…

Affiliate marketing.

As I said, all I do is build small websites, get traffic and use that traffic to make money.

I won’t go into much detail about this here as I already have over 300+ articles and guides here, and;

I also have a free 10-day getting started course which is perfect for aspiring digital nomads as it gives you the chance to learn at your own pace and it’s also 100% free to join & get started.

➡️ You can check out that course here. 

Thank you for reading.

I wish you all the very best in your travels.

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