Receipt Hog Review: Make Money Back From Your Shopping?

Welcome to my Receipt Hog review.

What Is Receipt Hog?

Receipt Hog is an app operated by a market research company called InfoScout that pays you to shop at your favorite stores. How it works is when you buy items you will then be rewarded when you upload your receipts on the app.

The app was first launched back in 2015 and has hit the ground running ever since becoming a big trend within the app store.

Receipt Hog review

The app boasts over 1 million downloads and also an average of 4.5/5 which is considered great.

Now you’re probably wondering why would an app like Receipt Hog pay you for receipts which is a good question and the answer is because companies are willing to pay top dollar to understand their consumers more.

A lot like the purpose of survey sites, companies are trying to get information and understand their consumers more.

The information they can find from receipts is very valuable. 

Believe it or not as they can look at consumers behavior, preference on brands, how much people pay and more, there’s a lot to learn.

How Does The Receipt Hog App Work?

You may be interested in finding out how it works and with this app it is not so easy to get started with.

That is because as its currently trending big at the moment there are a lot of people using it.

Receipt Hog has also put account registrations on the holt also because they have had so many people try and sign up.

So when you do you will be put on a waiting list and then notified if you are accepted…

  1. There is only an app version, so you will only be able to do this using your phone. You will need to download it from the app store, it is available on both Apple and Android.
  2. As I mentioned before you won’t be able to sign up and start making money right away as they are limiting memberships at the moment. However, you can apply using your Facebook account or by using your email.
  3. Once you have been accepted you can start making money taking photos of your receipts and uploading them. Once they have been approved you will be paid out in coins. These coins can later be used to redeem rewards
  4. There is a small process in place where once your photo is uploaded you will need to write a small description to explain what the photo is about. You will also need to add tags and a license. Adding tags makes it easier for your target audience to find your photos.

How Much Can You Make Back With Receipt Hog?

There are a few confusing systems in place which makes it less easy to understand, this includes the payouts and the minimum thresholds which I’ll get to in a minute.

As for how much you can make it depends on how much you spend which may seem quite obvious.

When you purchase $10 of goods you will get 5 coins, if you spend between $10 and $50 you will get 10 coins.

From now on it gets easier as for every $50 you spend you will get an extra 5 coins.

One thing I have noticed and it does seem to be a flaw that you could expose is how you can spend less and get paid more.

If you think about it, let’s say you spend $40 you will only get 10 points, however, if you spend $10 in 4 separate transactions you will get 20 points.

As you can see there is a way to approach it where you can benefit more, however, if you do try this be cautious as you don’t want to be banned or seeing to be abusing the system.

how to earn cash with receipt hog

How Does The Payment System Work?

Receipt Hog payout through both PayPal or Amazon gift cards and these can be redeemed using the coins you have earnt from the receipts.

The payment system isn’t the easiest to grasp so do bear with me as I try and explain how it works.

Each amount that you want to cash out for as different thresholds. Firstly the minimum threshold is $5 and this means you will need to have 1000 coins in order to request.

  • For $10 it requires 1800 points
  • For $20 it requires 3200 points
  • For $30 it requires 4500 points

As you can see the trick here is to save up your points until you have the highest possible payout as that’s how you will save money. If you cash out at $5 on 5 occasions for e.g you will miss out on $5.

So it all depends on how long you are willing to wait, with that said though I do normally advise to cash out sooner rather than later as you never know if a company goes bust or changes hands.

Pros And Cons With The Receipt Hog App?

Pro: Accepts Most Receipts

You would initially think that only selected receipts from partnered stores would be accepted but from what I see they accept most things.

This means wherever you shop at you will be able to upload the receipts you get from them.

Pro: Pays Through PayPal And Gift Cards

It’s always great when an app or site offers multiple payouts as you get to choose how you would like to receive funds.

As I spoke about earlier the two payouts on offer are PayPal and Amazon so you have the option between cash and gift card which is cool.

Not forgetting also with the option of PayPal you will be able to get safer and quick payouts which is one of the reasons I resort to that payment source when using survey sites and apps.

Con: Won’t Exactly Make You Money

If there’s one flaw with this app then its that you can’t make money of such.

Since you are spending money in the first place you are only getting cash back, so I would not recommend you go out buying items for the sake of uploading them to this app for payouts.

This app is perfect if you’re doing a weekly grocery order for example as you would do that anyway. Only with this app, you are getting cash back where you wouldn’t of before.

Can You Make Money WIth The Receipt Hog App?

Although Receipt Hog is legit and does have great reviews plus a positive reputation to go along with that it is not an app that will make you money.

This is because in order to make money you have to spend more as what you are getting is just a percentage of your purchases.

An app like Receipt Hog is one you should look at to help save money in the long run not use to make money or bring in an income.

For e.g, if you shop and then use your coins to redeem PayPal you can send that money back into your back, which brings down the cost of your initial purchase.

Is There A Better Way To Make Money Online?

While there are some other alternatives to Receipt Hog that you may want to know about (ShopSmarter), one thing I would like to point out here is that you can actually make money online by creating your very own online business.

For the past 6 years now I have been making money online and while I do understand that making money back on your shopping can be attractive, this will never lead you to anything worth-while when it comes to “more money in the bank”.

before I close off this Receipt Hog review, I’d like to point out that there are ways you – yes YOU – can make money online and I list my 8 favorite ways here.

If you’d like to know more about what I do and how I do it; I also recommend you join my email list so you get to see what making an income online actually means.

In Closing

Thank you very much for stopping by and reading my Receipt Hog review.

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know down in the comment section below as I would love to help you understand this platform better.

I’ll leave you to it.

Talk soon.

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