Royaltie Gem Review: A Fancy New App For Marketing Online

Welcome to My Royaltie Gem review; a relatively new app that gives businesses a unique way to advertise to people who are in close proximity to their business.

In this review, I will try to answer all of your questions and find out whether Royaltie Gem is a good opportunity or just another unnecessarily-fancy marketing app.

Let’s start with the main questions;

What is Royaltie Gem?

royaltie gem review

Royaltie Gem has brought an interesting business opportunity to the table giving people a way to promote their businesses to other people via Bluetooth devices called ‘gems’.

Now as you can imagine there is quite a lot of hype with this program at the moment despite being launched over 4 years ago by someone called Justin Belobaba.

This guy and the operation is reportedly based in Ontario, Canada, but one thing I don’t like straight off the bat is that there is no background information on him or the company.

It is normal to find an about page or something similar on a businesses website however this absent.

I know it may sound weird the concept at first and there are definitely some big question marks over this program that I will talk about.

How Does Royaltie Gem Work?

Royaltie Works by sending out ads for your business via gems to nearby phones and laptops within a 100-meter radius.

Once you have brought a gem and set it up you will be able to start promoting your business.

Let’s say you buy a gem and you’re in a coffee shop (a common place where people use devices) and then set up an ad, essentially anyone in that shop will see your ad.

Let’s go further and say someone was using Facebook there’s a good chance that while there scrolling down they will see your ad appear.

Now that sounds cool it also sounds really weird at the same time, I appreciate the idea but it seems a step too far in my opinion as your almost controlling what people close to you see on their phones.

I am not sure how effective this device is but this is something Royaltie claim to be the next kind of technology

How Much Does Royaltie Gem Cost?

how much does royaltie gem cost

In order to get started, you are going to need to purchase a gem, and these little devices are where Royaltie Gem bring in the money.

There are various prices and deals that come with buying certain amounts of these.

  • The VF-5 costs $47 a month and comes with 5000 guaranteed impressions
  • The VF-10 costs $77 a month and comes with 10000 guaranteed impressions
  • The VF-25 costs $167 a month and comes with 25000 guaranteed impressions
  • The VF-10 costs $297 a month and comes with 50000 guaranteed impressions

That’s how much each one of there products cost and as you can see you are paying more for more impressions. Impressions if you don’t know are how many times a person views your ad.

So if someone is scrolling down there Facebook and skips straight pass your ad that would count as 1 impression

What I Don’t Like About Royaltie Gem

A Little Spammy In My Opinion:

I get that its a new idea but in my opinion, it comes across as quite spammy, that is my opinion of course and I have heard varied feedback from others on the Royaltie Gem.

For me, the idea of having a gem where people near you see your ads seems a bit intruding for me. I also don’t know the power of this device so if I am next to someone with it am I going to find some random person’s ads on every internet page I browse? I hope not

Requires You To Invest In A Unfamiliar Product:

This product may work but despite being launched a few years ago I haven’t heard much about it if not nothing until only a few months ago.

Which makes me question why it never hit the ground running from the get-go.

As I mentioned earlier it is something that is currently trending right now and many people are starting to get involved with it

Going up to nearly $300 every month seems a bit costly and especially for someone who has just made a business paying that amount could be quite an investment.

With that said it could also be a good investment for those who have the funds to try and take their business to the next level.

This is an interesting one as its marketing so you are in control of what you make as you are the one who needs to make an ad that will get a high CTR.

So depending on what business you run you could make more than $297 a month or you might not from 50000 impressions.

Can You Make Money With Royaltie Gem?

It looks like you can and it does seem for the moment that Royaltie Gem is running on legitimate terms.

It’s like most types of marketing you buy ads (exposure to new leads) and then try and attract new customers for your business. It’s just like running billboards, Facebook ads, Google ads and so on.

At the moment and despite saying they’re legit I’m not 100% what to think of them however maybe at some point I’ll try it out for myself or on a new project to see whether a tool like this one can get you results.

If you are looking to market your businesses and get lots of potential customers this is probably not for you, as 50000 impressions at there most expensive price range won’t get you thousands of clicks through.

Did you know that there are ways to make money with very little investment?

I’m not one to delve into PPC advertising however I have had good success through just SEO which is search online optimization where you can optimize your website around Google and rank for keywords to drive free traffic to your site.

In fact; a few months ago I started a site that now gets roughly 6,0000 impressions every month, and that is through targeting certain keywords on google, this is all free exposure to my site.

To get to this point it required only two things, proper in-depth training (which I’ll talk about very shortly so keep on reading) and a website that costs me $10 for the year

The reason why I’m mentioning this is that I’m saying you don’t have to invest lots of money in different products to drive traffic to your business (make sales), sure it can help sometimes but it’s not always required.

Thank you for reading my Royaltie Gem review. If you have any questions, be sure to drop them down below.

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