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Is Selling Advertising On Your Website A Good Way To Make Money Online?

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One of the most popular ways people can earn money online is by banner advertisements (such as AdSense). But is selling advertising on your website a good idea?

Ideas can be popular, but it does not mean they are right. Today I would like to share my views on this subject. This may be controversial.

I Am Against Displaying Ad Banner On Your Website

In 99% of cases, yes I am against it and I would advise all my students not to consider selling advertising on their blog.

I know that is a big claim, so please let me explain my reasons as to why I’m against selling advertising:

You’ll Be Make Pennies

Unless you have millions of readers every month, displaying advertisements on your website will never make you much money.

So; you’ve been publishing content on your site, working hard to get visitors to read your content and once you get there; you give them an opportunity to leave right away just so you can make $0.05?

That doesn’t make much sense to me.

Now if you have a million readers a day, such as Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, EliteDaily or any other website like this, it makes sense to sell advertisement.

The Huffington post’s get about a 100 million views a month. If only 2% of that traffic click on the ads (i.e 2,000,000 click) and they make the average an average of $0.10 per click, you are looking at $200,000 clean profit per month.

If you are Arianna Huffington, yes definitely keep selling advertising, but if you’re not; keep reading. Trust me there are other ways you can make money online with your website.

My Experience With Using Banners Ads

To say I never tried this method would be a lie and also it wouldn’t make sense for me to knock it if I haven’t tried it.

In my 4 years online, I have made $52.32 with AdSense (I know because it’s still sitting there, I can’t withdraw under $100).

Sure I only used AdSense for about 6 months out of that 4 years but I am willing to bet that the customers that made me those commission by leaving my site for good, would’ve made me much more money in the long run.

You’ll Lose Money In The Long Run

Think about it; Somebody is buying your ad space for cents and they are selling a product that costs “real money”.

Which means, the advertiser that is paying you will be making much more than what he is paying you.

So doesn’t it make sense for you to become an affiliate and sell products you actually make a sizeable amount of money from?

I’m not against displaying ads on your site, I am against displaying ads for other people on your site. If you put up an advertisement that will make you a nice commission for you then, of course, do that.

Find products to sell, become an affiliate and you’ll earn much more than the few cents you get on AdSense and other banner advertising “agencies” out there.

Do People Look At Them Anymore?

One other reason that I do not like banner ads is that nobody seems to care anymore right? I’m online reading blogs about 15 hours a day and I can not remember the last time I’ve clicked on an ad.

Most often I find them super annoying and intrusive, which makes me hate the website I’m viewing and probably click away.

I guess you can call it the evolution of the internet user.

Those were my reasons as to why I don’t think selling advertisements on your site is a good idea. Now that I’ve given you my reasons, allow to me give you some tips on how to REALLY make money with your blog.

My Alternative Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

So; what else can you place in your sidebar and what other ways can you make money?

Your Own Banner Ads

As I’ve said: you can easily display a banner that will make you much more than a few cents.

Just find a product to promote, join their affiliate program and use a banner they provide (most of them do anyways.)

If your products sells for $50, and the affiliate pay is a 50% (sometimes more, sometimes less), you get $25 each sale.

Let’s do some math again here:

Let’s say you get 1000 visitors a month and you “convince” 2% to click on those ads. i.e 20.

With Adsense, you will make $2

If you convert at least 5% of the traffic you send to the product (i.e 1 person), you’ll make $25.

Now doesn’t that sound better?

Place An Amazon Banner Instead

Amazon has their own affiliate program and they provide a lot of banners for different seasons, categories, niches and offers that they run.

While I am against banner ads, I am a big advocate of using banner ads from the Amazon associates program.

Why? Because you’ll be making 7% of whatever the customer buys on there.

I have a site that sells niche-jewelry and a typical item will cost more than $100, that’s a $6 earnings for me.

Again… way, way better than making $0.10c

Learn how to make money as an Amazon Associate here.

Start Collecting Emails, They Are Worth More Money

A very smart thing to do is to put up a sign-up form where you can collect the email addresses of your readers.

There are many strategies on how you can convert readers into subscribers but the most popular way is to offer a freebie, such as an eBook.

Remember, if you sell advertising on your site, when somebody clicks, they are gone. Probably forever.

If they sign up to your email newsletter, you won’t make money straight away but you can then build a relationship with that reader by sending him all your content that you will publish in the future.

If you have a great email sales funnel (and no it doesn’t mean sending an offer with every email) then that customer is going to be worth to you much, much more then whatever AdSense will pay you.

I have one strategy that I share in my free ebook that will guarantee you’ll make more money, but since you’ve read this far, I like you so I will share it with you here:

Try to promote and sell products that have a recurring income. Something like a monthly membership site or some monthly re­newal service.

This mean that when you make a sale once (let’s say $25), you will continue making that same amount from 1 customer until they decide to leave.

If your “customer” stay uses the service or product for 6 months, you’re looking at $150 from just one sale, one customer.

The same customer you would’ve “sold” for $0.10c to some other guy that want to make that $150.

In Closing

So; is selling advertisement on your website a good idea? I think I’ve shared my opinion about this and I would like to hear yours.

Leave a comment down below. I will be jumping to hear your views and answer your questions.

I hope this quick post has helped you open up your eyes a bit and see the possibilities of what you can earn outside the world of selling advertisements.

Thank you very much for reading. I look forward to seeing you again.


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