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SKU Feeds: How To Easily Integrate Your eCommerce

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SKU Feeds is a fantastic platform that provides powerful marketing to ecommerce businesses.

The platform is designed to allow companies to increase their customer base and promote their products. This is done by submitting their product feeds to SKU Feeds, the products are then uploaded to a variety of free shopping channels.

The channels attract a lot of attention globally and is a powerful tool in generating awareness to your brand. SKU Feeds are committed to work alongside companies, guiding them along their journey of growth.

SKU Feeds designed this platform to become an easy solution to increase traffic and sales to your business, this being the ultimate purpose.

SKU Feeds believes in the services they offer, there are lack of options for businesses, where they can promote their products globally. SKU Feeds understands this and decided to do something about it.

There isn’t an alternative to SKU Feeds, meaning they are unique. Why would you not want to increase sales and generate new customers?

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What Is SKU Feeds?

SKU Feeds offer a variety of services, designed to guide you through the process and support you and your business.

SKU Feeds offer speed and security to all their clients, this is a basic need. Being reliable is a service that they provide, SKU Feeds understand that businesses may need support through the process.

A growing experienced team are always there to help with any technical aspects. This is what they specialise in eCommerce is the focus and SKU Feeds pride themselves in effective eCommerce marketing.

You can rest assured that they understand the ins and outs of it all. Their clients are well supported and they offer a dedicated priority support service.

SKU Feeds has had a lot of thought and time put into it, to make it the platform it is today. They offer a variety of features which can help show you the full potential of SKU Feeds and what it can do for your business.

SKU Feeds offers the user a variety of many free shopping channels. You can upload your product feeds onto your dashboard. Your products are then submitted across these shopping channels.

This is achieved with a ‘single sign-up’ process. Meaning you won’t need to create individual accounts for each shopping channel. The ‘One submission’ feature, is effective and saves time wasting.

The easy-to-use categories feature, has auto category assignment on each channel. Meaning products are matched to the categories you want them to be.

SKU Feeds is integrated with a direct link feature, this means when shoppers click on one of your products they will be directed to your eCommerce site to checkout. This is effective as it will increase traffic to your website.

Whilst also creating a customer relationship, where they will visit your website time and time again.

A personal dashboard will also be assigned to your business once signed up allowing you to control your products and see an active list and keeping track of progress.

A key feature is that it allows your business to reach more customers, by using an easy platform. It increases visibility, traffic and sales by reaching out to a global audience.

Expansion and growth is what SKU Feeds is built on and they want to give every business the tools to be able to achieve this. SKU Feeds is a no-contact service so you are able to cancel anytime.

Yet the benefits and results from using SKU Feeds will encourage you to stay. Why would you not want an increase of sales along with an easy to use platform?

SKU Feeds clearly understand that businesses want to attract customers from all over the world. To increase profit and advertise further. SKU Feeds have added a multi-currency support as one of it’s features.

This allows the business to submit products in the chosen currency. This saves time as it is uploaded together. Preventing any barriers between the business and its potential customers.

sKU Feeds

SKU Feeds Integration

SKU Feeds is integrated with all the top ecommerce platforms. Such as Magento, Prestashop, Shopify and WooCommerce. They are currently in the process process of working on extensions for WooCommerce.

Where users will have the ability to integrate SKU Feeds to their WooCommerce stores. Making it even easier for clients to submit their products and gain the exposure they ultimately deserve.

SKU Feeds currently have an official extension for Magento. Meaning that submitting your product feed to SKU Feeds, is easy! Magento is one of the leading platforms in eCommerce.

It is rated for its excellent built in features such as the export functions. It is designed exclusively for eCommerce and can cope with high volume online selling.

The Magento extension works by allowing you to generate and send your product feeds to SKU Feeds directly from the Magento admin panel. It allows you to create and change your feeds and select which products can be put into the upload.

These products (exports) are sent directly to your product dashboard within SKU Feeds meaning that locating your exported products is easy and effective.

The products are then submitted across the free shopping channels.

Closing Words

In conclusion, the benefits of SKU Feeds like no other and is a great platform to use to increase sales and expand your customer base. The easy to use platform makes way for this to happen whilst also boosting traffic and creating product awareness.

Using the official Magento extension delivers excellent export features. Which makes the transaction smooth, creating a fantastic platform for businesses.

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