3 Reasons Why Internet Get-Rich-Quick Schemes Don’t Work

The internet is full of get-rich-quick-schemes. As an internet browser, I am also 100% certain that you have come across a page or advert that says something of the sort:

  • Get Rich Quick With These Easy Simple Method
  • This Is How “insert hometown here” Residents Are Getting Rich
  • Models & Bottles: The Only Super-Sian Secret To Making $10,000 Today

I’m going to stop right there as I’m actually disgusted writing these headlines, but I am sure you get my point.

Now, as the affiliate marketer hopeful that I was in 2019, I came across MANY of these types of claims that sadly, yes I did fall for once or twice (or 10).

Actually, this website/blog even started out as doing reviews of such scams, but that is another story for another time.

Today, as the seasoned-yet-knowledgable sucker that I once was in the day, I will share with you my reasons as to why you will never be able to get rich quick, especially online (which is the view I will be talking with the article since this is an affiliate marketing blog).

Want to know why that one-click system will never actually make you any money, keep reading and stop flushing down your money down the toilet.

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The Reasons WHY You Will Never Get-Rich-Quick Online

the reasons why internet get rich quick schemes never work

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How Many Times Have You Heard Of People Getting Rich Quickly?

Has that actually ever happened to anyone? I’m really curious here.

Even though the internet, as was previously agreed, is filled with such claims and EVERYONE must have seen some sort of ad with this message; have you ever heard of anyone that you know tell you they got rich by such a system?

It just doesn’t bloody work and that is because you simply can’t get rich quick.

Ok a lottery, but that doesn’t count and even then, that usually doesn’t end well.

You Need Time To Build A Business (& Make Money)

If you want to get in rich, especially with an online business, you are going to need to give it time.

Yes, you most certainly can get rich online.

Although I don’t consider myself as “rich” just yet, I do make a pretty decent amount of money online and there are others who make much, much more.


It will not happen quickly….

It takes time to learn all that you need to know in order to be successful and trust me, there’s a lot of that.

At the very least, and even if you do everything right with your new business (you never will), you are still looking at around 6 to 12 months before you even make a significant amount of income that you won’t be embarrassed to tell people about.

Yes, online riches are indeed up for the grabs, now more than ever so if you want to give it a shot, then I urge you to do so but trust me; it won’t happen any time soon.

It’s Not Easy (At All)

Even though online businesses are “easy” to start, that does not mean they are easy to run at a consistently profitable rate.

It’s really not easy. If it were (as the old saying goes) “everyone would do it”.

I can’t tell you how many nights I had to work late after-hours from my then 9 to 5 job-lifestyle.

An even now, now that I am semi-successful with it and make a decent amount to not need a “proper job”, I still find it hard to do sometimes.

I love it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a grind and it’s not something just any person can do.

Trust me, I know.

For the past 5 years or so, I have also been helping people get started online and very, very little end up actually succeeding and reaching their goals.

If I were to say, I would say “affiliate marketing is the hardest, easiest way to make money online“.

Now, you never would hear that tagline on a get-rich-quick scheme, would you?

Well, of course, that’s because…

They Are Lying To You

The final reason why internet get-rich-quick schemes do not is because the person selling it to you is lying to you, plain and simple.

He might be getting rich sure, charging $99.99 for his magical one-step system but trust me, that one-step system will never help you make a step towards replacing your income and lifestyle.

A famous saying online is that these “gurus” “make money by telling you how much they make money

As I’ve said, I have reviewed many internet get-rich-quick schemes, products and courses and most of them are priced at something ridiculous such as $7.99.

Now, do you really think if someone somewhere had the knowledge to turn $7 into $7,000 overnight, you would not know of him by now?

They are lying to you. I really do not know how some of these products and scams get away with it as honestly, I have been shocked by the claims I’ve heard being made by such get-rich-quick schemes.

Famous Get Rich Quick Schemes (A Brief History of GRQS)

Now, affiliate marketing and the “make money online” do have a very bad wrap (partly because we deserve it) but it’s not all bad and as I said; yes, you can actually make money.

But sadly, through many years of abuse, the make money online industry has become a bit shady at times (however, it’s starting to clean up real fast lately).

But, apparently, we humans are extremely gullible creatures to get-rich-quick schemes are not just online.

They have been around for many, many years and it’s not just the internet’s fault this.

You can see a list of famous get-rich-quick schemes that ended horribly bad here (sorry it’s a BuzzFeed link).

How To Avoid Get Rich Quick Schemes Online

Ok, let’s move on… how to avoid internet get-rich-quick schemes?

Easy, don’t be gullible.

If a person or a product say they have found “the golden ticket” of online earnings and they are willing to part with it for $7 on the internet, it may be time to apply the age-old saying of “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is“.

There are MANY scams online and it’s very easy to fall for one of them, especially if you are in desperate need of money. These type of schemes can mess with your mind like a magical spell if you are not careful.

Be careful out there as we all know how hard we work for our money.

I’ve also written a comprehensive guide to spotting scams, you may want to read that if you find yourself opening up your wallet to get your credit card often while you’re browsing online.

Want To Get “Internet Rich”? Here’s Some Advice…

Want to really get rich with an online business? Here’s some advice for you to take down and look at daily.

Be Prepared To Work

From today onwards, be prepared to put in at least 2 hours a day into your new online business.

I don’t care if it’s your birthday, your dog died or you’ve found out your leg needs to be chopped off.

This is a business, and any really-successful business is built with a harsh consistent routine that gets shit done.

Work at your business. Pour your soul into it and work the long nights – it’s worth it.

Just imagine for a second that in a years time, you will be making $5,000 a month online (yes, it’s possible)… how would life be different?