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Traffic Titan 2 Review: A (Disappointing) Look Inside

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Every so often, a new product claiming to teach us how to make money online comes through with a bang and you suddenly start seeing it everywhere.

After getting so many emails from “marketing gurus” who’s list I am on, and seeing it shoot up in the JVZoo selling charts, it was clear that Titan Traffic 2 was one of those products and I knew that this was something I had to get my hands on and review for your awesome readers.

Before I get into my review, I would just like to point out that I am not an affiliate for Traffic Titan nor I intend to be so. Unlike the many other reviews you will see online, the is totally unbiased and I do not set to gain whether you decide to purchase it or not.

Ok, enough disclaimers, let’s get into this Traffic Titan 2 review and see if this product is worth all the hype or it’s just another “one of those” which I have reviewed many times before.

A Quick Look At Traffic Titan 2.0

Product Name: Traffic Titan 2
Product Creators: unknown
Price: $20, currently offered at $7
Rating: 0.5/5

Traffic Titan 2 Review

What Is Traffic Titan 2?

Traffic Titan is an online course and tools packaged aimed at helping you understand how to take advantage of the billions of searches happening right now on Google and turning them into your own loyal (paying) affiliate customers.

At first glance, this product looks just like any other product I have reviewed in the past, meaning that the information they provided can be easily found online elsewhere for free.

Although my initial analysis rarely disappoints, due to the all the hype Traffic Titan 2.0 was getting, I had to dig a bit deeper and see what “special secret sauce” it claims to offer.

What Do You Get From Traffic Titan 2?

Nothing, you get absolutely nothing new that you can not find anywhere else online for free.

Yes, I understand that $7 is not a bank-breaking amount, but the information inside this product is not even worth $7 as it does not work at all.

What you get is a 4-step formula that shows you how to make money that would work, but only if it came with a time machine that takes you back to 2004.

The systems outlined in this video are incredibly outdated and probably not even worth discussing, but here they are broken down:

Step #1: Find a high-converting niche.
Step #2: Find keyword to rank quickly in Google and YouTube.
Step #3: Create YouTube videos with screenshots and overlays.
Step #4: Build a website with their free Titan WordPress theme.

While it may sound great on paper, (or rather on a sales page), the methods mentions above are not ground breaking and also, they do not work as well or as simple as they claim it does.

Let me explain why:

> First of all, yes; you can find a high-converting niche but trust me, that would also bring with it a lot of competition.

> Finding keywords to rank for is also possible but it you won’t rank for such high volume keyword in a matter of hours or days as they claim.

> Creating YouTube videos (in the manner outlined in Traffic Titan 2) is outdated, and no, it won’t rank on page #1 just because you stuff it with keywords.

> The site you build with the Titan WordPress theme may be SEO friendly, but that doesn’t mean you will get ranked.

And that is all.

That’s all you get from buying this product. It’s the same information you can get for free from any other of the thousands of websites that talk about affiliate marketing.

This is another product that shows you a picture of a brick, shows you it has all the same colors and dimensions as a brick, wants you to buy the brick, but disregard the fact that it is just a picture of a brick and not an actual fucking brick.

What a waste of time and money this product is.

Some Pros & Cons?





Should You Get It?

No, no and no.

Stay away from this product as it is just a big waste of time and a big waste of internet space.

Yes I know I am getting a bit emotional and bitter about this product, but this is the same kind of product I would have bought 5 years ago, dumping all my earning on it (and its string of upsells) only to be disappointed when I wake up the net day and find $0.

Yes, I was once a dreamer too. I used to buy products like this, do all that they recommend, go to bed thinking “tomorrow I will be rich” and wake up early to check my accounts and find that absolutely nothing happened.

If you’ve been getting duped with these kind off products, trust me I know how you feel and this product is just the same, maybe even worse.

Any Better Alternatives To Traffic Titan 2?

There are many, many better alternatives to Traffic Titan 2.

Flushing $7 down the toilet is better than buying Traffic Titan 2 (at least you can say you did it).

My suggestions would be to check out these two (links lead to my reviews):

As I said, both links lead to my reviews but before I close this Traffic Titan 2 review off, I want to tell you about my personal favorite; Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the all-in-one place where you can learn how to start your own affiliate marketing business.

After being burned by products such as the Traffic Titan, I was ready to give up once and for all, but luckily, I stumbled across WA and have now been earning an online income for years.

Apart from my experience with it, I also like to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to my readers because you can get started with it for free and you don’t even need a credit card to join.

All you need to do is to create an account and see if it’s something that you would want to use, if yes; then there are premium memberships available, but you can carry on as a free member for as long as you wish.

Try out Wealthy Affiliate here >> 

Closing Words

Thank you for reading my Traffic Titan 2 review.

My apologies for the rant but as I said, I myself have been burned by products like this many times over, and it shocks and disappoints me that products like this still exist in the world and people still buy them.

Mind = blown!

Anyways, I hope this review finds you well and I hope this has saved you some time and money by not buying this product and have hopefully pointed you to a much better alternative.

Talk soon.


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