Traffic Titan 3.0 Review: More Of The Same BS

On a daily basis, I spend time actively looking for new products launching in the internet marketing space that I can test out and review myself here for you guys.

The latest product that has skyrocketed to the#1 position from all products launched this past week (and even #1 for the past months), is a product called Traffic Titan 3.0.

Now, the name sounded very familiar, and I was sure I have “heard” of this product before.

Well, low and behold; I have in fact heard of Traffic Titan before and I’ve even “had the pleasure” of reviewing it on this site.

I had done my Traffic Titan 2.0 review back in September of 2017 and it has now reared its head again one more time with version 3.0.

What did I think of Traffic Titan?

It’s a scam product and I am surprised to see that the creator has decided to launch another version of this and I am even more surprised that it managed to go #1 on JV Zoo yet again!

Surely, something does not make sense here. Either:

  • My review is not correct.
  • The product just got incredibly better.
  • People are that gullible.
  • Affiliates are making a killing promoting it.

Obviously, it’s my job to look into this newer version of Traffic Titan so I did, but I have to say that I still think this product is BS and should not be bought whatsoever.

Instead of doing my Traffic Titan 3.0 review, I will just give you a few reasons why I think this product and its previous version of it are just useless and won’t, in fact, make you any money.

traffic titan 3.0 review

Traffic Titan 2.0 vs Traffic Titan 3.0

These products are basically the same!

I don’t know if I’m missing anything but this is literally the same product as the 2.0 version, only this time; it just called “version 3.0”.

Seeing as how they are basically the same product, you can read my previous detailed review of this here while I touch a bit on what to expect and most importantly, why I think this product has risen to the #1 spot once again.

What Traffic Titan 3.0 is All About

Just like version 2, it’s about how to find niches and products that you can get traffic to and make affiliate commissions.

The whole concept of this product is that you:

  • Find a niche
  • Create videos about the products (using the Traffic Titan video creator)
  • Rank & make money.

There you go, I just saved you a couple of dollars giving you the secret sauce to Traffic Titan 2.0.

Feel free to send the $7 price tag my way.

Now, Why Doesn’t Traffic Titan Work?

Let me make this very clear…

The idea of finding a niche, learning about YouTube marketing and getting traffic to your offers is a tried and tested formula to make a great income online.

The problem with Traffic Titan is that it tells you that its the secret sauce to success and by following their “4 step formula”, you are also going be making hundreds of thousands worth of commissions.

Absolutely not true!

The information provided inside Traffic Titan can be found anywhere else online for free.

There are no secret tricks laid out here, yet it’s being sold as a cure-all button for all the poverty in the world.

THAT is my problem with Traffic Titan 3.0

Now, Why Has It Gone To Number One Again?

Beats me, but people apparently keep on buying and as I mentioned above, it could be for many reasons.

My initial review of Traffic Titan stands corrected as the product has not changed at all. I do understand that this review is based solely on my opinion, but I have been reviewing many products on this blog and I know a good product from a bad one.

You are free to try Traffic Titan for yourself if you wish.

So why are people still buying Traffic Titan?

My best guess would be that affiliates are making a lot of money with this product thanks to the many upsells tied to it.

Traffic Titan is riddled with upsells and what looks like a $7 product, can easily cost you several hundreds when buying all the upgrades and upsells.,

This is a goldmine for affiliates so pushing this on their audience is easy money.

Sadly, there’s also the issue that people are still gullible and just the hint of a promise of making thousands by tonight is enough for someone to make them whip out their card and make a purchase.

I won’t go into more detail about Traffic Titan as I already covered this product before, however; it’s my best advice that you stay away from this and look for other, better alternatives to learning how to make money online.

My Top 5 Training Courses To Making Money Online




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Wealthy Affiliate:

An amazing community and training platform which is where I have learned how to build my affiliate marketing business.

You can get started with a free membership or you can see my own Wealthy Affiliate review.

Another great product and training course that is packed with information. You can see my Fizzle review here and I’d also suggest you subscribe to the Fizzle podcast.

eCom Elites:

If you want to learn about dropshipping and e-commerce, get this product straight away as it’s currently the ultimate best resource I have found to build a dropshipping business.

123 Affiliate Marketing:

This is a product by the man himself, Pat Flynn. If you do not know who that is and why this product is one that I recommend, I suggest you do a bit of research about who Pat Flynn is.


FIMP is a surprisingly good – FREE – training course to start learning about affiliate marketing. If you’d like to check it out, be sure to take a look at my review first.

Which one do I recommend?

Wealthy Affiliate, of course, it’s the best affiliate marketing training course there is!

In Closing + Final Rating

A waste of money!

Thank you for reading my Traffic Titan 3.0 review, I know there’s not much info here but it’s just a reflection of Traffic Titan; you won’t get much out of it either.

If you are serious about learning how to start and build your business, my best suggestion would be to get one of the courses I recommended above. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know below.

Talk soon.

Traffic Titan 3.0 Rating:
  • Price
  • Features
  • Training
  • Value For Money

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