4 Ways To Promote Your Drop Shipping Store ($2,177.04 in One Month)

In late 2016, I started my very first drop shipping store online.

It was a huge learning curve that I had to get over with quickly, but, like all things in life; once you put in the effort, you will see results start to come in.

My drop shipping journey, so far, has been amazing.

From a total of 8,706 visitors, last month; my drop shipping store earned me a total of $2,177.04 (with an approximately 50% profit margin).

Not bad.

Ways To Promote Your Drop Shipping Store

Obviously, having ~9,000 targeted visitors coming in your store and making purchases is great, but to me, that is just scratching the surface.

If I can get 9,000 visits, I can get 900,000 visitors and thus, my income will also increase.

This all comes down to getting more (targetted) traffic, so that is what I want to discuss today:

How to Promote Your Drop Shipping Store

Now, while I have only been doing drop shipping for a while at this point, I’ve also been building websites and making money with them for the past five years, so I understand a thing or two about traffic and how + where to get it from.

The following tips will apply to everybody that is looking to get more traffic and promote their online properties; whether it may be a dropshipping store, a blog, a sales page, a forum or whatever; these tips are what I know works.

Now as always, I have to put a little disclaimer in here and tell you that this is what has worked for me.

There may be 100s (and there is) of other ways you can promote and advertise your dropshipping store and also remember that the methods that work for me might not work for the industry you are operating in.

However, these marketing techniques I’m about to show is what I have used to promote various stores and blogs in a variety of different niches, and I have seen similar results across the board.

Ready to get started?

Here are 4 ways you promote your dropshipping store:

how to promote your dropshipping store

Let’s start with the method I know you’ve all heard about:

Facebook Ads & Dropshipping

Facebook Ads have been marvellous to me, and it’s just a dream come true to every marketer trying to drive more traffic.

The things that I have seen happening for me – and for many other drop shippers – with Facebook Ads is truly magical and this is something I recommend everybody (at least) tries out.

Now you will need a budget for this, so if you have $0 then this might not be for you, but once you see the results I am getting with Facebook, you will quickly see why I think they are such a huge deal and why I placed them first in these 4 ways to promote your drop shipping store.

This is what I typically pay to advertise on my store Facebook:

facebooks ads and dropshipping

Now I am not sure if those numbers and above or below industry standards and to be honest; I really do not care as they are low enough for me to make a profit, which at the need of the day; that’s all that really matters.

How To Learn Facebook Ads

As I said; you are going to need a budget. As you can see above; I spent a total of $753 last month but that’s not all.

If you’re brand new to all of this; do not go into Facebook Ads without knowing what you’re doing as that is a guaranteed failure right there.

Get organized, get some information, learn the ins and outs of the platform and start testing.

You don’t have to be an expert with it – I doubt anyone is given the immense depth and power it has – but you need to at least know the basics.

Here’s one of my favorite Facebook Ads guru Franklin Hatchett (the man behind the infamous $5 method).

Watch this hour+ long videos and more from his YouTube channel and that should be enough to at least give you an idea of what to do next:

FYI: Franklin also has an amazing dropshipping course that goes well beyond just Facebook Ads, here are some of my reviews about Franklin Hatchett & his methods:

SEO And Blogging

This is probably the slowest methods that you can use to promote and market your online store but it’s deadly when you actually see it through and have patience with the results.

If you’re looking to make a quick buck with e-commerce, then this is not for you.

But; if you want to build a long sustainable business model, then you should definitely start thinking about how to optimise your dropshipping store for SEO.

How To Do SEO For Dropshipping?

Dropshippers (and eCommerce stores in general) struggle a lot with SEO because the system is built against them.

For example; Amazon dominates the search results for any product you may type into Google so good luck with trying to compete with such a huge brand with billions of dollars in advertising capital and an army of staff.

What is the solution?

Do it anyway.

Learn some SEO basics and start using Shopify as a blogging tool, it will take you some time to figure what works best since it’s different for every niche, but I’ll share the strategy that I used myself here:

Do some keyword research:

For example, if your drop shipping store sells “yoga mats”, your content on the blog should look something like this:

  • “x benefits of yoga.”
  • “the best yoga mats for beginners.”
  • “thick yoga mats.”
  • “yoga mats for beginners”
  • “brown yoga mats.”

It’s a long shot, but in time and with patience, you will start getting picked up for some keywords like this and it will get the ball rolling for you.

>> How To SEO Your Dropshipping Store

Once you start getting traffic to those posts, start to redirect those readers to specific product pages on your store. For example, the post “the best yoga mats for beginners” can feature 20 different yoga mats that you can link to on your store.

This is already a good step forward, and it will get you traffic and sales – and do not forget; you can create posts like this over and over again.

Obviously there’s a lot more to it, but for now, foreseeable future, doing the above will help you get started.

For a bit more of a technical approach to e-commerce SEO, check out this great video:

Promoting Your Store On Social Media

Right, moving on to social media, which yes; is a great way for you to promote your dropshipping store.

As of today, my social media for my drop shipping store involves three platforms; Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and combined, these 3 gets me around 40% of my overall traffic.

Just like SEO, this is also 100% free traffic. All I have to do is keep the updates flowing on these channels and I’m good – I use a handy tool called Buffer for that.

Buffer allows you to schedule social media postings in advance so I am never short of having products and content being shared. At the time of writing this, I have updates to go for the next three months.

One tip I’d like to give here is to not spread yourself too thin.

It’s way better to focus on one social media and do it will than half-ass it across 4 platforms.

Pick one – if I had to recommend one I’d say Pinterest – and focus on growing that to the moon.

PRO TIP: Remember, once you start getting traffic in from social media and SEO, you can start creating look-alike-audiences for your Facebook Ads which will drive the costs down and (should) also increase your conversions.

Using Email Marketing For DropShipping?

Last but not least, I have to mention another great way to promote your store, and that is  the highly talked about and debated method of;

Email marketing.

Yes, email still works amazingly well, and it does contribute to a lot of sales that happen online and not just for me, but for whoever knows how to use it well.

Like social media, I also schedule my emails in advance so, at this point in time, I have one month worth of updates that are already scheduled to go out + an automated sequence for every subscriber that joins with a healthy mixture of both helpful content and straight hard-sell emails.

The thing about email is that it does take time to grow a list that makes you money but there are plenty of ways you can increase email subscribers.

The best thing that has worked for me so far is offering a 20% discount to whoever joins my list through a pop up as soon as they land on my store.

using email marketing with dropshipping

These are my lifetime analytics for this app.

It has around a 4% sign up rate and it also accounted for 117 sales.

In case you are wondering; the app I am currently using is a free version of the Privy app.

In Closing

Thank you very much for reading this post and I hope I have given you a few ideas on how to best promote your drop shipping store online.

I know this dragged on a bit, but this “drop shipping hustle” is something that I’ve just started exploring and have seen many benefits come out of it, so I am excited to be sharing this info “as I get it” with you all.

I also have some other posts about drop shipping which may be interesting to you, you can find them listed here:

If you liked this post or you have any questions, be sure to leave them down in the comment section below, and I look forward to hearing from you.

As always, keep learning and start earning.

Till next time.

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      • Question, is USA a good place to advertise on Facebook? Or is it too over used. Maybe some other countries would be easier.

        • Yes USA is great to target but keep in mind 2 things, US (or rather Western countries) will cost much more per click and also, it depends on your niche too.

          I target mostly the US / Canada and European countries because that’s my target audience but depending on your niche, you can easily target South America and Asia and it will be at a much cheaper cost.


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