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Which Is The Best SEO Plugin For A WordPress Site?

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Welcome to the world of SEO, something anybody wanting to do business online should learn how to utilize at some point in time.

SEO, for those that do no know, stands for “search engine optimization” and that means making your content “SEO friendly” for search engines to find it, understand it and rank it accordingly.

But what makes for great SEO strategies?

I have a few theories on that, and everybody seems to have some sort of technique that they use also but a few things remain true:

Now I am against you buying (or even trying) any type of product that guarantees you SEO success.

For the past 5 years that I have been doing SEO, I have never yet come across a product that guarantees what they advertise.

The reason being is that SEO is constantly changing, and I don’t mean every few years or so, I am talking multiple changes each and every day.

So how can someone guarantee a “system” works when the system is constantly changing?

*Ok, rant over. Sorry about that.*

However, when it comes to tools, there is something that I advise you to get and that is an SEO plugin for your WordPress site or blog (whatever you want to call it).

I’m sure there are many other such plugins “and some, I assume; are good plugins” (leave a comment below if you’ve got the context of the last sentence haha). But, the majority of bloggers that are doing SEO are mainly using either of these 2 plugins which we’ll be discussing today:

What do they do, though? How do they work and which one of the should you get?

Well, that’s what this blog post is about today, I was going to be explaining both plugins to you and also give you my personal favorite but, I assure you both are great SEO plugins.

You just need to find what works best for you.

But First, Why Do You Need An SEO Plugin?

SEO is just weird. They need to know all of your links how are they being displayed, when they were published, how long is it etc..

Obviously supplying this information to Google manually is just an impossible task and that is where an SEO plugin can come in handy along with a SiteMap.

What an SEO plugin does is “put you on the map” for search engines to find you.

Do You Need An SEO Plugin?

Yes, you do. The minimal effort required to install one on your WordPress is well worth the results it gets you within the search engine algorithms.

Let’s take a look at how to install a plugin right (in case you don’t already know)

How To Install An SEO Plugin

All you have to install your plugin is this:

  • Pick the one you will be using (YOAST or All In One)
  • Go to your WordPress Admin Area
  • Open up the Plugins Page
  • Search for the plugin
  • Install It & Active it (remember to activate your plugin)

Once you have installed it, there are some things you should do and these are just some general basics settings.

To see how to set up “All In One SEO” see this:

To see YOAST in action see this:

“All In One” vs “Yoast: – Which Is The Best SEO Plugin For A WordPress Site?

To be honest, I don’t’ think there is any difference between the results they both get.

It’s mostly how they get the result that I am more interested in.

For me, my personal favorite and the one I use across all my 5 websites is the “All In One SEO” plugin.

It comes installed with every WordPress website I create (with SiteRubix) and I’ve never had any issues with it whatsoever.

My content ranks well, I enjoying using it and I’m happy with the results so far.

However, I won’t be entitled to talk about these 2 great SEO plugins if I hadn’t tried the YOAST one, but I was using it exclusively for the majority of 2014.

As I’ve said, the results still came in as expected. I did get ranked and it was no different than All In One but there ONE major thing I dislike about YOAST and that is;

To me, it feels like YOAST SEO forces you to change things:

One of the features many people like about YOAST is the fact that it gives you a kind of a checklist that you have to “obey” to get a green passing light.

And I hate that!

Although (obviously), it’s telling you for the good, I kind of feel like this checklist is putting me in a corner and I then have to go and change my content, my titles etc.

Yes, you can disregard this checklist completely and do as you wish but I hated the fact that some of my content got a red light for the “On Page SEO” checklist.

If you think that will annoy you as well, then avoid YOAST and go with the “All In One” plugin.

That is probably the main reason I do not use YOAST, as I’ve said’ they all work pretty much the same.

Are There Premium SEO WordPress Plugins On The Market?

Yes, there are, and you can find them all on here. Even YOAST and All In One have premium options but for me, I do not see the need to invest in a premium SEO plugin.

As I’ve said many times throughout this post, I use the free plugins and I still get results.

Is a premium plugin going to guarantee first page rankings?

I’m sure it won’t so I don’t even need it.

I’d much rather invest in a premium WordPress theme or some training how to write the best content for SEO (See Wealthy Affiliate for that).

Final Words + Final Recommendation

So what is the best SEO plugin for WordPress?

For me, it’s the All In One SEO plugin but you might like YOAST better, I don’t know.

Here are articles that discuss the difference between the two if you’re in the mood for more reading and you haven’t made up your mind.

Just remember, all these posts were written based on the author’s experience and personal preference.

If you see something that says “this plugin will guarantee you SEO success” then disregard it completely; no such thing exists (as of yet) and probably never will.

Thank you very much for reading.

Hope this post helped you out. If it did, leave me a comment down below, share this post with your friends and even take a few seconds to subscribe to my email list.

I will be able to send you much more online business advice like this.


which is the best seo plugin for a wordpress site


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