10 Reasons Why Blogging Is Hard For Beginners (& How To Fix It)

If you want to start a blog – congratulations.

It’s a great hobby to get into and with a bit of understanding of how it all works, you can definitely turn a blog into a business.

With plenty of “success stories” being posted and more-than-we-need “advice” online on how to start a blog, it’s surprising to see many bloggers still find it difficult and many will eventually fail (or never make any money).

Today, I want to share with you 10 reasons why blogging is hard for beginners.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, or you already have one but you’re finding it difficult to make it work, keep reading as you’re about to learn what’s going holding you back (& how to fix it).

Let’s get started with a quick overview first, and then I will dive deep into each issue (and it’s solution) further down below.

➡️ 10 Reasons Why Blogging Is Hard For Beginners:
  • Starting A Blog Is Techincal
  • No Idea What To Blog About
  • Thinking You’re “Not A Good Writer”
  • Life’s Constant Struggles
  • Writing Content For No Readers
  • Not Knowing How To Get More Traffic
  • Comparing Yourself To Other Bloggers
  • Doing Too Much (Unfocused) Work
  • Writers Block
  • Not Knowing “The Next Step”

why blogging is hard for beginners

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My Experience With Blogging (As A Business)

I have been creating blogs for a very long time now and I’ll be upfront about it too;

Every blog I’ve ever started was with the intention of making money with it.

Not all have succeeded (in fact many failed) but over the years I have learned how to build a blog/website from scratch and turn it into a full-time business. Today, I find myself earning a full-time income online with my blogs.

The “issues” and the reasons why blogging is hard that I’ll mention below all come from personal experience and the solutions I came up with for each one.

I’m saying this so you know that what you’re facing with your blogging is not just you and to show you there are multiple solutions for each problem you can use to keep chugging along and finally be able to make money blogging.

I’ve written a lot of blogging guides on this website already so if you want to learn more about blogging, be sure to visit this page here.

With that said, let’s take a deeper dive into these issues one-by-one.

is blogging hard for beginners

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Starting A Blog Seems Complicated (But It’s Not)

The first issue is getting a blog (website) up and running in the first place.

I’ll admit that for the complete beginner, registering a domain name, getting hosting and installing WordPress sounds like a major headache.

But, what if I told you all that can be done with one click?

It’s true.

BlueHost gives you one-click installs for WordPress websites and you even get a free domain when you purchase a hosting package.

if you’re looking to start blogging, I suggest get on one of their starter plans (starting from $2.95 per month) and taking advantage of their easy-to-use WordPress installation.

Alternatively, you can also check out this video guide below showing you how to start a WordPress blog:

No Idea What To Blog About

The next common problem and mistake beginners do is they have no idea what to blog about.

I’m not talking about general “lifestyle blogs” that publish content about everything, I am talking about a blog about a specific topic that you’ve chosen before ever starting a blog.

You may have a few ideas on what to blog about, but what do you do when you run out of ideas?

The answer to this problem is using keywords tools and prompts.

I like to use AsnwerThePublic to get ideas on what to blog about and I’m also starting to use this great Reddit keyword tool which also gives you hundreds of ideas (on a specific topic) about what to write about.

If you’re currently stuck on what to write next, give those two (free) tools a try.

Thinking You’re “Not A Good Writer”

Surprisingly, many who want to start blogging never realize this means you have to “write“.

This comes as a surprise and the many default excuse to this problem is;

  • “I’m not a good writer” – or
  • ‘Nobody wants to hear what I have to say”.

The first one may be correct, but I wouldn’t be so sure about the second.

The internet has billions of people looking for information and any topic you want to write about, there’s an audience for it – trust me.

The “I’m not a good writer” issue can also be fixed, and to solve this you simply need to write every single day.

If you’re looking for advice, I’d tell you to write at least 500 words a day (ideally 1000).

This will quickly improve your writing skills and you will see for yourself how much better you get at it after just a few weeks of practice. Try it and thank me later.

Time & Life’s Constant Struggles

Another common problem for newbie bloggers is that they simply do not have the time to work on their blog.

This could be due to family commitment, work or 100 other things. The only solution to this is simple – you just have to make time for it. There is no other way.

If you want to do it, you will find a time to do it.

My suggestion would be to work on your blog for at least one hour a day.

That should be enough to get you going and potentially even make you money.

Writing Content For No Readers

Ahh yes, this can be heartbreaking and many do end up throwing the towel in because they feel like they are doing all this work “for nothing”.

This is a huge mistake!

In fact, it’s probably one of the biggest mistakes you can do as a blogger, and that is giving up too soon.

As I explained in a previous blog, blogs usually need 6-8 months before they start seeing the traffic they deserve.

You just can not expect to publish your first post today and have thousands of traffic tomorrow.

It can happen (if you’re lucky) but the general norm is that it will take a few months to get the ball rolling.

Here’s a screenshot from inside the Google Analytics of one of the niche sites I am building in my case study.

As you can see, the first 2 months had nearly 0 traffic but by month 8, the site now makes a great income and now has over 10,000 visitors a month!

Not Knowing How To Get More Traffic

If you stick with your blogging for a few months, from 6 months onwards you will start seeing the results you deserve.

The problem then comes to;

Well how do I keep growing my traffic?

There may come a time where you traffic plateaus and you’re stuck thinking what the hell to do next.

The answer to this issue is to keep doing more of what you are doing, but this time doing it much smarter.

  • See what posts are working and write more like it
  • See which traffic sources are getting you the most traffic
  • See which product is making you the most money and focus on that.

These are all things you can do after you’ve had your first few wins so keep a