How To Make Money With A “Small” Website

Many coming into the affiliate marketing space are already half-defeated worrying about how they are going to break through and compete with the bigger, established website in their space.

This is the wrong way of thinking about affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, I’m assuming that your goal is not to become the world’s leading resource (although that is what you should be aiming for) but rather to simply make some extra income online and create for yourself a business you get to be proud of.

The problem is aspiring newbie affiliates cannot connect the dots to see how they can actually monetise a website – of course, I don’t blame them because they’ve never done it before.

But I am here to change that for you.

If you think you need a huge audience and millions of readers to make a significant income with your blog/website, then congratulations:

you’re wrong!

how to make money with a small website

Today I am going to show you how to make money with a website that gets very few visitors.

Now, of course when I see “very few” I don’t mean 3 people a day, but rather; at the minimum, let’s make it at 100 people a day.

100 people a day is not a lot of traffic.

It’s ~3000 people a month which is more than achievable by everyone reading this, yes even you.

This website you’re on right now gets ~10,000 people a month and while that is not anywhere close to the minimum of 3000 people, in the grand scheme of things; it’s peanuts.

Now the shocker is that this website makes me around 70% of my monthly income online and I have more than enough to be able to do this full time.

Think about that for a second.

That’s just with 10,000 people and remember; I am in the most competitive niches of all competitive niches; SEO and affiliate marketing.

I have other sites who get 4,000 visitors a month, and they are also earning quite a decent amount of change.

Of course, you can’t hope to make millions with a small website, but;

I’m willing to bet that under the circumstances, you’d be able to make a decent full-time income online with only 5,000 readers a month.

You know your expenses more than I do so while I would not suggest you quit your day job just yet; even if you have a site that gets 3,000 to 4,000 visitors a month, you are set to make money one way or the other.


Well, that’s what I will be sharing with you next:

Getting To The Bare Minimum

This is all very relative, and in theory; even a website that gets 100 visitors a month stands a chance of making money – making enough money, is a different story though.

For the sake of this post, let’s stick with the 3,000 minimum that I mentioned in the beginning.

How do you get to 3,000 visitors a month?

That’s easy;

Learn SEO

You may be able to pull off 3,000 visitors quite quickly with social media, but social media tend not to be the kind of traffic you want.

As it’s been proven many times over; Google search traffic holds the best conversion rate from “cold traffic” to conversions so if you want to start making money with a small website; this is where you should put your focus.

The reason for this is that Google readers have a much more buyer intent that someone who is just scrolling through social media and comes across your website.

I talk about this more in my SEO course but for now; just take my word for it and start learning about SEO.

Here are some helpful SEO guides that will get you going:

How Long Will SEO Take To Work?

Quite a long time.

On average I would say about 6 to 8 months before you can reach the 3,000 visitors a month mark.

Again, this varies on a lot of different metrics and it’s tough to tell but it’s quite possible if you follow the right SEO strategies.

Now remember; you are looking for intent here – you want people that will come to your website with the purpose of spending money today already confirmed.

To do this, you need to find buyer-intent keywords.

For example:

  • how to run a marathon” is not a buyer intent keyword
  • the best sneakers for marathon runners” is a buyer intent keyword.

Do you see the difference here?

Once just wants information, the other is looking to buy something.

This means that the latter is much more likely to convert.

Now let’s say you publish an amazing roundup guide of the best marathon sneakers and it gets you a small, but significant, 10 visitors a day.

Throughout the month, you will have 300 visitors reading that post and assuming you manage to convert 1% of them (which again is not that hard to do since there’s buyer intent already), you are looking at 3 sales.

The Nike Affiliate program offers an 11% commission and let us assume the average sneaker will sell for $100; this gives you $33 per month from just one blog post.

Again; not life-changing money but it’s a start.

As you can see, even with 300 visitors a month, you have already started making money.

Keeping the same conversion rate (and the same product) but having 3,000 visitors a month?

That’s $330 a month already in the bag with the ‘bare minimum of traffic”.

You’ve already started making money and as you can see; it didn’t require you to have millions of readers.

I know this is simplifying things a bit, but in theory that is a reasonable estimate to by.

For more in-depth tips on how to actually do this, you can see my niche sites guides:

I also have a free affiliate marketing training course that will show you how to do this all explained in an easy to follow video course complete with small daily tasks you need to do.

The Best Way To Monetise A Small Website

The method I described above is the affiliate marketing business model.

There are many ways you can monetise a website but to make money with a “small” website, there’s no better model to use.

You can try Google Adsense, and that would probably make you a few $$ but it won’t be anywhere close to what you can get with affiliate marketing as described above.

To be able to make money with Adsense – enough for you to notice the difference at the end of the month – you do need a lot of traffic, hence why I do not suggest you start off with that at first.

NOTE: If you have a site that is not fit for affiliate marketing, then you can most definitely monetise with Adsense, and you can also leverage the power of social media to drive traffic since you only require eyeballs rather than intent-buying.

Both methods work but as I said, to make money form a small website; affiliate marketing would be the obvious, wise option.

What You Should Be Working On

Now as I said; SEO and affiliate marketing will take time to come to fruition, but that does not mean you just have to sit, wait and do nothing.

What you can do is work more today so in the future, you will keep growing and growing your business and won’t remain a small website for long.

Some things you can try are:

Publishing More Content:

The wider your net, the more traffic you will eventually drive to your website and the more the affiliate commissions you earn.

Marketing is all about numbers, the more people you have in your pipeline, the more sales you will eventually make.

Speaking of sales;

Start Learning Sales:

Sales, or better yet copywriting was my biggest mistake in this business – I neglected it for way too long and now I am stuck playing catchup.

Trust me when I say this;

Learn copywriting strategies, or as it is called “the art of selling with the written word“, is crucial to having success both with a big website and also a small website.

What if that 1% conversion rate you manage to make it a 3% conversion rate just by applying a few changes to your blog posts that make people want to buy.

You’ve just tripled your sales without having to get more traffic.

This is a huge skill and one I suggest you start learning right now.

I have a great course from Twitter-bro Tej Dosa here if you’d like to get a step ahead of the competition.

Many don’t even know these sales strategies exist, let alone applying them.

Get your unfair advantage of the rest of marketers by learning and mastering SALES!

Building an Email List:

The other thing you can do is to start building an email list.

If you manage to capture a reader’s email, then you have that customer in your database, and you can reach out to him with offers and also get him back to your website to read your latest content.

Now, I would suggest you start building this from day one, you never know who would sign up, and if you use MailChimp, it won’t cost you a thing for the first 500 subscribers.

The reason I say this because I am about to throw in a curveball in here to finish off this post and that is;

Should You Monetise A Small Website?

This is a theory of mine so make what you will of it and decided if you want to take this approach or not.

I can not prove this by data or by other reports it’s just my opinion.

As I see it; when starting out; you should not be monetising your website.


Yes; it’s my opinion that website monetisation may hurt your rankings (or somewhat slow down your rankings) when you’re starting out.

This is because when you have very little content on the site but a lot of adverts and affiliate links, Google will see right through you and in case you don’t know;

Google doesn’t like affiliate marketers much – but they allow us on because without us there would be very little content to rank.

So, my theory is that you do not monetise a website until you have at least 50 visitors (100 to be safe) a day coming in and 20+ blog post on your website.

Yes, you might lose some sales, but in the long run, this small sacrifice would help you get better, more qualified traffic that will quickly replace what you’ve lost today.

Again; just my thoughts. There are many people smarter than me that advocate for monetising your site from day one.




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In Closing

Thank you for reading my post.

I hope you know know what it takes (or better yet) how to make money with a “small” website.

The point I was trying to make here apart from giving you a few tips is how little you actually need to make enough money to have a significant impact on your life.

With just about 20,000 visitors a month coming to all my website, I now have a full-time business giving me freedom from the 9-5 grind and early morning commutes in the freezing cold.

If you’d like to know more about my methods, my business and how I got here, then I suggest you join this free affiliate marketing training course – it’d be the second-best decision you’ve made today.

Talk soon

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