10 Art Supplies Affiliate Programs To Increase Commissions

art supplies affiliate programs

Got an art blog or maybe a crafts blog? You may want to look into monetizing your content with affiliate marketing. Down below, I’ve curated (and reviewed) a list of 10 affiliate programs you can join and promote consequently opening you up to new income opportunities, all the while giving your audience high-quality products they … Read more

10 Skateboarding Affiliate Programs For Flow Profits

skateboard affiliate programs

I can’t come up with a witty-insider introduction for this roundup as I’ve never been into skateboarding myself. All I can tell you is that recently, I’m seeing more and more young-ns using skateboards than I did when I was a young teen in the 90s (and skateboards were much cooler). I guess it’s safe … Read more

10 Italian Food Affiliate Programs For Food Bloggers

Italian food affiliate programs

As a Mediterranean, I can tell you Italian food is delicious not because of how complex the Italian nonnas prepared their dishes, but because of how simple they keep their sweet sun-kissed ingredients. Italian food is genius simplicity, which is why I think it’s admired by pretty much anyone with healthy/functional taste buds. Today, we’re … Read more

10 Reflexology Affiliate Programs For Alternative Income

reflexology affiliate programs

I’m not sure of how I feel about alternative medical practices, but I do know they are becoming more and more popular. To help you tap into this boom in alt-living, today I’ve decided to curate this list of reflexology affiliate programs you can “tap into” to create long-lasting commissions. If that is what you’re … Read more

10 Men’s Fashion Affiliate Programs To Dress Up Commissions

men's fashion affiliate programs

Unsurprisingly, men’s fashion stores are in a decline, but the male fashion industry is BOOMING online and it’s setting new revenue records every quarter. As with everything, the internet is eating up this industry and even though the men’s fashion niche is getting competitive, there’s still plenty of money to be made by you, the … Read more

10 Tennis Affiliate Programs To Earn Green Profits

tennis affiliate programs

I was recently reading an interesting thread where someone said tennis is probably one of the best ways to keep you fit and strong even as you age, and it’s true. I personally know two 60+ tennis players who are as fit as someone half their age. While tennis can be healthy for your longevity, … Read more

10 Surfing Affiliate Programs For Swell Commissions

surfing affiliate programs

With many looking for outdoor activities to get away from the imposed lockdowns happing on land, surfing has been seeing a steady rise in popularity. Thankfully, there are many online stores out there catering to this increase in demand and you, the affiliate, can get a piece of the surfing pie using their affiliate programs. … Read more

10 Bowling Affiliate Programs For Strike Commissions

bowling affiliate programs

With the ban on indoor sporting activities, I’m sure bowling alleys are not seeing all-time-high visitors right now. However, this won’t last long and those who were into bowling before the pandemic will be into bowling after it. While this may not be the best time to be a bowling affiliate, it is the best … Read more