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How Long Does Google Take To Rank Your Post?

how long does google take to rank your post

SEO may be slow, but it’s one of the best sources of traffic you can get for your website. Many struggle with SEO – it takes a very dedicated person to be able to achieve good results with SEO because unlike paid ads (where you pay and you instantly get traffic), with SEO, you are […]

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How To Find Low Competition Keywords For Free

how to find low competition keywords

One of the first thing you are going to want to really master when it comes to content marketing/affiliate marking is how to find low competition keywords you can rank for (for free). Now I say “for free” because there are many PAID tools that can help you find keywords but believe it or not, […]

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How To Build Amazon Niche Websites

amazon niche websites

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter sharing my experiences with affiliate marketing, SEO and building Amazon niche websites. Listening to the feedback, it’s clear that very few actually understand what niche websites are and why I value them so much, as opposed to more generic, broad-market websites. This guide will show you […]

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The MOBE & FTC Fiasco Explained (Shocking)


Every day, literally hundreds of programs and systems get released that promise to teach you “how to start an online business“. I’m going to make a bold statement right now and tell you that 98% of these are nothing more than a scam. I have reviewed so many of these systems and programs that I […]

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Drop Shipping With Just One Product (A Good Idea?)

dropshipping with just one product

I am just like you, I’m interested in drop shipping and I read a bunch of content online and watch hundreds of YouTube videos to understand how to do it well. One thing I have not yet seen talked about much though is the unique method of doing drop shipping with just one product. I […]

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Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates Review

franklin hatchett Savage Affiliates review

While I’m the guy that usually advises not to trust what gurus have to say too much, there are a few of them that obviously are legit and know what they are talking about. Franklin Hatchett is one of these. I have been a fan of Franklin Hatchets for quite some time now, especially with […]

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What Do You Sell With Wealthy Affiliate?

what do you sell with wealthy affiliate

Looking around my site, it’s clear that I suggest Wealthy Affiliate very often – some might say too often, but I don’t care. It’s my job to give you the best information I know, and that is what I do. However, when I suggest Wealthy Affiliate, most come back with the question: What do you […]

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