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8 At Home Online Business Ideas (For Beginners)

8 at home business ideas

Isn’t it a good time to be alive right now? As my personal digital mentor @Garyvee always says; we are living in the best time for entrepreneurship mainly thanks to the current state of the internet! We are connected and everything is being made accessible, which means that if you have the will to do […]

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How Much Should You Sell Your Website For?

how much should you sell your website for

At some point, you might’ve heard the term “website flipping” and you may wonder what that is. “Flipping” – in the online business world means – creating a (niche) website, get it profitable and then going and “flipping” it (selling it) on an auction site to another marketer. But is it a good idea to […]

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Affiliate Swipe Email Profits Review (Not For Beginners)

Affiliate Swipe Email Profits Review

Greetings to all you money-hungry affiliate marketers like me. Today I want to do a quick review about a new product I just found on WarriorPlus called the ‘Affiliate Swipe Email Profits“. At the time of writing, this is currently on position 3 of top sellers (and for good reason too). Now I know I […]

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Green Panthera Review: Is It A Waste of Time? review

I’ve become a bit of a harsh online survey site critic lately. The more I review these type of survey sites, the more I realise what a massive gap there is between what they promise you’d make vs what you actually make. This morning I stumbled upon Green Panthera – a platform which is both […]

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How To Learn SEO (In The Least Amount Of Time)

how to learn SEO in the least amount of time

SEO is a complicated game. So much so that even I – who some people refer to as an “SEO Expert” will tell you that there really are no SEO experts anywhere in the world outside of Google’s own search team. The complex algorithms – layered with misdirection and trade-secrets – make it impossible for […]

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SEOMator Review: An SEO Audit Tool You Have To See

my SEOmator review

So yesterday after a long day of writing, updating and going through a whole lot of numbers, I decided to pour myself a double on the rocks and have a quick look around and see what SEO tools are available that may make my day-to-day processes a little bit easier. I somehow landed on the […]

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How To Quit Your Job To Work On Your Online Business

how to quit your job to work on your online business

While it’s only a tiny percentage of online business solopreneurs that manage to fulfil their dreams of working on their business full-time; Many have done the leap already, and I see no reason why you can’t either. However; quitting your job is a tricky, ballsy endeavour and you need to be absolutely sure of what […]

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