How To Make Money Without Working For Other People

As I shared in my very recent passive income guide, from a very early age; I had a problem with having to work for a living.

Actually, let me re-phrase that;

I had (and still do) have a problem with working for somebody else. I have no problem working.

I’ve always wanted to get away from that mentality and luckily for me – I live in a day and age where the internet is a thing and making money for yourself is very much possible.

Today I want to share with you how to make money without working for others.

Because why not?

Why would you want to spend the little time you have working to build someone else’s dream life?

Now to be clear; I am not mocking having a career that you are passionate about.

Working for other people is a noble cause in many ways, but the majority of the population have a job, not a career.

A job is something you literally have to be paid to do (otherwise you sure as hell won’t do it).

Some people have dedicated and passionate careers that they commit their life to, in which case; kudos to you.

However; if you are stuck in a dead-end job and you’re unhappy with your current pay/circumstances – fret not as there are ways you can get out of this and learn how to make money – working for yourself – without working for other people.

How To Make An Extra Income (Without Working A Second Job)

best passive income ideas of 2019

Since you are reading this, I am going to assume that you do not (or can not) work another job.

This is not a guide on how to increase your income, but rather how to build an income stream that will one day allow you to be your own boss.

Of course; this typically means you have to start a business.

Starting an offline business in the real world is a tough nut to crack – although very much possible and if that’s what you want; go after it as there the dream is still alive.

It may be hard to pull off, but I am a big believer that if you are willing to put in the work – eventually – you will have your breakthrough and you will be able to make something out of it.

I too started my own business – and I did it while holding down a full-time job (a very demanding Executive position at a digital marketing agency).

In January of 2018, I decided to bite the bullet and set out on my own to continue building up my business and here we are one year later (I’m writing this in January of 2019), and I am glad to say;

I finally make money without working for other people!


So how did I do it?

That’s what I am going to show you next…

How To Go About Starting Your Own (Online) Business

How To Make Money Without Working For Other People

This guide is about how to create your own income i.e how to be the BOSS.

Of course; I can only speak of what I know and the methods I have found all are a variation of different online business models.

I won’t go through the details on each of the business model I use, but I’ll also give you a link to each guide on what I do and how I do it:

Those are the three online business models that I use to make my own moolah and live independently outside of the 9-5 rat race.

Again, you can click on any of the links above to learn more about each one but here’s what I want you to know about online businesses.

They are not as easy as one may think:

Online businesses are great because they really do give anyone anywhere – no matter how dumb or smart you are – the possibility to make a full-time income working for yourself.

However; they are not as easy as one may think.

After all; we are talking about starting a business that can go on to completely change your life and that of your family so understandably; it can’t be that easy.

If it was that easy, everyone would do it (as the saying goes).

They do take time to flourish:

Whatever method you choose (and there’s more than just those three mentioned above) know that it will take some time to make some decent money with them.

You might get lucky and make a few $$ here and there at first, but for it to be considered a sustainable income that you can use to fund your own lifestyle; it will take time.

Not too long though, on average I would say that it needs somewhere around 1-2 years worth of work to have a consistent income coming in.

(It can be done in half that time if you know what you are doing though).

There are more ways than one to make money for yourself:

The above 3 methods that I mentioned are what I do to make money for myself, but they are not the only things you can do either.

Here’s a great list of 101 side-business ideas you can do to earn money for yourself that might give you some better options fit to what you want to achieve.

They do allow you to live life on your own terms:

The reason many want to work for themselves and not for others is for the freedom that they can have.

Which is true.

An online business definitely does give you that level of freedom you so desperately desire.

However; freedom is power and with great power comes great responsibility.

If you really want to make it last, you need be responsible and you need to be disciplined in the way you go about things.

I can very easily “take a couple of weeks off” and play FIFA all day, but I don’t.

I refuse even to buy that time-wasting demon as I won’t be doing much work if I did.

This is what I mean by having to be responsible.

I seriously doubt the majority are fit to not having a boss to keep their day structured and organized.

Remember; when you have all the free time in the world, it usually leads you down the path where you are not at your best – be careful with this.

They are cheap/free to start:

Last but not least; I also have to point out how stupidly cheap an online business is to start.

This is one of the biggest benefits as anyone can afford to start their own online hustle and make good money with it.

However; just because it is cheap, it doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly.

If you go out and invest $100,000 in a franchise, then I am sure you will be putting in the work like mad to make it work.

You need to have the same drive and determination after you spend $10 on buying up a domain and starting your business.

Way too many people fail at ever breaking off to do their own thing because they are just too damn lazy.

If you want to make money without working for other people, you better be ready to work harder than you did when you worked for other people 9at least in the beginning).

Should You Quit Your Job?

No – definitely not.

Not anytime soon anyway.

Even though you may be sick of it by now, if you plan on starting your own online business, it’s good to have a reliable income source that you can use to fund your business ventures.

As I said an online business – or any business for that matter – will take time to flourish so do not be so naive to think you’re just going to walk in tomorrow and hand in your notice.

I have a great guide on how to handle a full-time job and an online business here if you are interested.

Where To Get Started Working For Yourself

How To Start A Lifestyle Business In 2018
READ: How To Start A Lifestyle Business.

Now back to my story;

I was desperate to find a way to make money for myself.

I was so desperate I ended up buying into all the online scams that teach you “how to make a billion dollars by breakfast tomorrow”.

I was very, very close of giving up after way too many failed attempts but with a stroke of luck, I somehow (I wish I can remember how) I landed on a training course that showed me what I need to do.

Now if you’re thinking there’s a pitch coming – you’re right, but it won’t cost you a thing.

The course I am talking about – which is still available today – is free to start with (it wasn’t when I joined).

You can read my entire review of that course here, or you can go ahead and sign up right now and start your new exciting venture.

In that course, you are going to learn all you need to know to be able to build your own online business and as you can see from the many success stories laid out here – the training works.

I’m also proof that the training works and that is why I am so confident in promoting it to you as a way you can start earning money without working for other people.

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In Closing

Thank you very much for reading this post.

I know “starting an online business” may not have been what you were looking for, but it’s the best way I know to start making money for yourself and building a better life on your own terms.

I wish you all the best with your endeavors – speak soon.

Christian Lee.

how to make money without working for other people

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