10 Aquarium Affiliate Programs To Bring In Commissions

Having one of my best friends being a serious aquarium hobbyist, I can tell you this niche has plenty of high-ticket offers you can promote – and profit from –  as an affiliate marketer.

Today, we’re listing 10 of the best aquarium affiliate programs you can promote on your blog, YouTube channel, email newsletter, or social media channels.

If you have an audience at the ready interested in aquarium-related products, the following affiliate programs have the potential to add a few more zeros to your monthly income.

The 10 Aquarium Affiliate Programs (Reviewed Below):

aquarium affiliate programs

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Dream Aquarium

Dream Aquarium may not make you rich, but the fact that it requires no maintenance or upkeep is an excellent way of earning some extra bucks.

The affiliate program allows you to earn a flat rate for every successful sale that happens through your link.

Commission: $2.50 flat fee

Cookie policy: not listed

Payment method: PayPal

Payout structure: last week of every month

Minimum payout: $100


The SaltwaterAquarium.com affiliate program allows you to earn a commission by directing your audience on where they can get the best aquarium related dry goods.

Such dry goods include temperature controls, tank controllers, water testing supplies, and fish food. You can post your unique link on your Facebook page, blog, YouTube, or Instagram.

Commission rate: variable

Payment method: PayPal or Store credit

Payout structure: quarterly

Minimum payment: $250

Cookie policy: not listed


Petco sells products for cats, dogs, fish, and birds. It also deals in aquariums, fish food, decorations, filters, and stands.

Petco affiliate program is an excellent choice for earning some extra bucks, especially if you have an aquarium related blog.

When you join the affiliate program, you get a unique link that you can post on your blog or social media accounts.

Commission rate: 4%

Cookie policy: 7 days

Payment method: PayPal

Payment structure: depending on your agreement

Support offered: promotional materials, banners ads, textual links

Pets Warehouse

Pets Warehouse is an online dealer in pet supplies, and it also has seven physical locations.

It has a wide selection of water plants, aquariums. It also has aquarium accessories and equipment that help keep the tank clean to keep the fish healthy.

Pet Warehouse runs the affiliate program to help you make some extra cash while selling the fish products.

Commission rate: 8%

Cookie policy: 10 days

Payment method: PayPal

Support offered: promotional materials, banner ads

Dr. Tim’s Aquatic

Dr. Tim’s Aquatic is an online store that carries out research and offers science-backed products that encourage healthy aquarium environments.

The products are both for saltwater and freshwaters. If you run a website, blog, or social media accounts, you can become an affiliate and earn by promoting the products.

Commission rate: 6-10% per sale

Payment method: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa Card

Payout structure: monthly

Cookie policy: 60 days

Betta Fish Center

Betta Fish Center deals with a single product. The product is an eBook about how to take care of fish and make the aquarium environment healthy.

The affiliate program stands out for having a massive commission.

Commission rate: 75% for every purchase made through your link

Payment method: PayPal

Cookie policy: 30 days

Support offered: textual links, promotions

Aquatic Experts

Aquatic Experts is also a single product program. The program specifies in offering guidance on saltwater aquariums.

Commission rate: 50%

Payment method: PayPal

Cookie policy: 30 days

Elos Aquarium

Elos Aquarium is a dealer in aquariums as well as saltwater and freshwater aquarium equipment. Their products resonate well with customers, which makes it an excellent choice for an affiliate.

Commission rate: 5%

Cookie policy: 30 days

Support offered: live chat with the support team, banner ads, other promotional materials

Warehouse Aquatics

Warehouse Aquatics enables you to earn some extra cash and promote the best aquarium products to your audience. When you submit your request and get accepted, you get a link to promote the brand and its products.

Commission rate: 3% per sale

Cookie policy: 28 days

Payment method: PayPal

Payment structure: monthly

Support offered: promotional materials

Krafty Koi

Krafty Koi is a supplier of all aquarium and pond equipment. They pride in offering the best products and services at low prices. They allow you to become their affiliate and earn a commission by promoting their products.

Commission rate: 2%

Cookie policy: 30 days

Support offered: product feed, banners, HTML email

Payment method: Visa, PayPal, Master Card, Maestro

How To Start An Aquarium Affiliate Website

If you already have an aquarium-related audience you can promote these affiliate programs to, then you know what you need to do next.

Get to work exploring the affiliate programs listed above and watch as your affiliate earnings start to overflow.

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing and you’re thinking about jumping into the mega-profitable aquarium niche, you may want to learn a few things about how to properly set up an affiliate website.

My new guide shows you how I make money building simple yet profitable affiliate websites.

I highly recommend you check it out before you leave.