10 Beauty Affiliate Programs For Beauty Bloggers

The beauty and cosmetics business is worth around $532 billion and – as with every other industry – it’s set to keep on growing (with most of it moving to online retailers).

Today, I am sharing with you ten beauty affiliate programs (from both known & unknown brands) you can promote, all offering superb offers and even better affiliate commissions.

If you’re in the skincare, beauty, makeup, cosmetics niche, I am sure there’s an affiliate program for you below.

beauty affiliate programs


XLASH Cosmetics affiliate program

XLASH products were first released their products in 2011 on the Scandinavian market. After a few years, they managed to gain three million customers across the globe. All the lash serum in XLASH is formulated using their belief that nature holds the key to timeless beauty.

With XLASH, you will get long and thick lashes; and you will get it without any messes or fuss associated with lash extensions.

Unlike most cosmetic products, XLASH’s products are not equipped with harmful chemicals and irritants. Moreover, these products are not tested on any animal. This makes XLASH products ideal for several individuals, including those who love adhering to animal rights.

The average order value as an affiliate to XLASH is $55 and a commission rate of 15%, meaning that each sale will earn you $8.25. The conversion rate of XLASH cosmetics is 5% and has a cookie duration of 30 days.

Commissions: 5%

Cookie: 30-days

Tula Skincare

tula skincare affiliate program

Tula Skincare was founded by Dr. Roshini Raj, a medical doctor with a degree in medicine.

She has managed to develop an array of cruelty-free skincare products, meaning that they are not designed using the common chemicals and additives available in most skincare products. Dr. Roshini Raj’s products are designed using an array of ceramides, probiotics, and rice protein.

Cruelty-free is a vital distinction since most cosmetics firms claim not to test their skincare products on an animal only does so whenever the law instructs them. As of now, Tula Skincare is among the top-performing skincare companies on earth.

When it comes to affiliate programs, Tula affiliates make good money since they are offered a commission rate of 20%, which is incredible when compared to most firms.

Tula Skincare has been active in the affiliate sphere for approximately five years; during this time, they have managed to maintain their sales presence and volumes. Their cookie duration is 90 days, which is incredibly long.

Commissions: 20%

Cookie: 90 days

Stila Cosmetics

stila cosmetics

Stila Cosmetics was designed by Jeanine Lobell, a celebrity makeup artist.

Stila, which is the company’s name, was derived from an Italian word that means to pen or to draft. Stila Cosmetics aims to grant their customers an array of makeup that will help when it comes to creating unique looks.

Furthermore, Stila Cosmetics features 20 years of history with several award-winning products. In 2009, the firm launched its affiliate program and their eCommerce store.

Stila Cosmetics cookie duration is 60 days and a commission rate of 6%. Furthermore, with Stila Cosmetics, you will be granted free shipping for orders above $50.

Commissions: 6%

Cookie: not specified


avon affiliate program

Avon is well known for performing door-to-door sales, which is nowadays referred to as social selling. This company is famous for offering quality products, and it has been in operation for 130 years, making them one of the most, if not the most recognized cosmetic brands in today’s market.

However, when it comes to affiliate programs, Avon is still recruiting social selling representatives on a daily basis.

Therefore, there will be a level of competition in which you will have to endure. With that said, you will have to search really hard for a brand that is well known and trusted than Avon.

The rate at which Avon products are selling is incredible with their social-selling team profiting really well for over a century. Their commission rate ranges from $2 to $20 in every sale you make. Their cookie duration is 45 days.

Commissions: $20

Cookie: 45-days

Get Sun Daily

get sundaily affiliate program

Compared to the brands we have discussed in this article, Get Sun Daily is a little bit different from them. Sun Daily is referred to most as the ultimate ingestible skincare or nutraceutical.

Sun Daily products work from inside your body to help keep your skin look radiant and free from wrinkles, unlike most cosmetic products that soak their products in your skin.

Sun Daily products help reduce damages caused to your skin due to pollution, free radicals, and environmental stressors. The best part is that these products come in the form of vegan-friendly gummies, which you will be taking once a day.

The product is impressive, and their commission rate of $50 per sale is even better. They have a high conversion rate making it an ideal product for affiliates. Sun Daily cookie duration is 15 days.

Commissions: $50 p/sale

Cookie: 15-days

Alpyn Beauty

alpynbeauty affiliate program

Alpyn Beauty is equipped with an array of alpine cosmetics as well as fantastic skincare products. These products are green-sustainable, as well as luxurious. Alpyn Beauty products are obtained from the mountains of Jackson Hole in Wyoming.

This clearly states that Alpyn Beauty products are not only natural but also crafted from a sustainable source. Customers are assured of an environmentally friendly cosmetic product in every purchase.

The average order value is $60 per jar. However, they grant their customer a chance of paying for their order in four installments that are interest-free. As an affiliate, you will have a commission rate of 25% and a cookie duration of 90 days, which is pretty much extended, unlike most cosmetic firms in today’s market.

Commissions: 25%

Cookie: 90-days

Yves Rocher

yves rocher affiliate program

Even if you know nothing concerning makeup, you will still recognize Yves Rocher.

This is because they are among the most famous cosmetics brands across the world. Yves Rocher has been in operation since the year 1959 and has grown to become the empire of cosmetics with more than 2,000 stores worldwide.

Yves Rocher’s products are made from natural ingredients; moreover, their cosmetic products are highly affordable and effective as well.

As an affiliate, you are guaranteed a commission rate of 15% that is above the most industry average.

Yves Rocher’s cookie duration is 30 days. This company also features an incredible sales volume online, making them perfect for any cosmetic affiliate out there.

The EPC of Yves Rocher is $44.85, meaning that they have an incredible sales volume online that justifies you working with them as an affiliate. Moreover, Yves Rocher is highly recognized globally, making it easy to sell the product to people.

Commissions: 15%

Cookie: not specified

Elizabeth Arden

elizabeth arden affiliate program

Among the cosmetic brands that require no introduction is Elizabeth Arden. The firm was first opened up on Fifth Avenue New York City in 1910 and has become a household name ever since.

Elizabeth Arden might have started cosmetic marketing about a century ago; however, she had to change the name from Florence Nightingale Graham to achieve the impact she has made.

One century later, and Elizabeth Arden is still associated with total beauty; this is because they believe beauty is the birthright of every woman.

The affiliate program of Elizabeth Arden is worth promoting since it is not only a recognized firm but also they have utilized their social media platform pretty well. This reflects growth as well as adaptability.

As an affiliate, you will be able to get several commissions in every repeat sale you make within the cookie period of 30 days. They also offer an exciting commission rate of 8%.

Commissions: 8%

Cookie: 30-days

Olive Young

olive young korea affiliate program

If you are looking for the most trusted brand in Korea, look no further than Olive Young.

The Olive Young brand has been operating since 1999. K-Beauty is all about skincare and cosmetic products of Korean origin or based in Korea.

Olive Young is worth approximately $13 billion per annum, and it is still growing. You can combine that amount with the number of women in North America and Europe who have started using the K-Beauty products.

In reference to their EPC of #129.10, you can see that the performance of Olive Young is incredible.

Furthermore, they pay their affiliates pretty well, and they have been an active member of the ShareASale network since July of 2019. The commission rate of their product is 5% per sale with a cookie duration of 30 days.

Commissions: 5%

Cookie: 30-days

Spencer Barnes LA

spencer barnes LA affiliate program

If you are looking for one of the biggest names in the cosmetic industry, then Spencer Barners will be perfect for you.

Spencer Barnes is the founder of this company; she is a makeup artist celebrity.

She has some famous clients such as Meghan Markel and Mila Kunis, among others. Spencer Barnes features several branches across the United States. These branches are equipped with an array of cosmeceuticals; these are products that offer surgery-like results without having to go under a blade.

Moreover, the firm has been active in ShareASale, and they have an EPC of $140.4. Their commission rate of 8% and a cookie duration of 30 days. Their high EPC means that anybody that creates traffic for this firm is making good money.

Commissions: 8%

Cookie: 30-days

How to Make Money with Beauty Affiliate Marketing: Tips for Beginners

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the best-paying beauty affiliate programs out there, let me know show you some of my simple yet essential tips that’ll explain the many different ways you can make money with beauty affiliate marketing.

When it comes to making money with beauty affiliate marketing, you need to keep a few key things in mind:

The first is that you’ll want to target the right audience.

This means finding an audience who is interested in learning about and trying new beauty products. You can do this by creating content around specific topics or trends within the beauty industry.

Another key tip is to make sure you’re promoting products that you believe in.

This means finding products that you’ve personally tried and loved, or doing your research to find products that have great reviews from other customers.

Once you’ve found some good products to promote, it’s important to create compelling content around those products.

This could include blog posts, social media updates, or even videos.

Finally, be sure to track your results…

…and keep track of how much money you’re making from beauty affiliate marketing.

This will help you to identify which strategies are working best for you and allow you to adjust your strategy as needed.

So there you have it! These are just a few of my tips for how to make money with beauty affiliate marketing.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful beauty affiliate marketer. If you need a more in-depth guide, be sure to check out my free guide here which explains how I build simple and profitable affiliate websites.