10 Cycling & Biking Affiliate Programs

Interest in cycling has been steadily increasing over the years.

For us affiliates, the good news is there are plenty of cycling-related stores all offering some fantastic affiliate commissions through their affiliate program.

If you’re in the cycling/biking sports niche and looking for a new affiliate program, I’m sure you will find something of interest below.

10 Cycling & Bicycle Affiliate Programs (Reviewed Below)

cycling affiliate programs

Wiggle Online Cycling Affiliate Program

Wiggle Online Cycling Affiliate Program is the UK’s number one online bike and cycle shop. Awin manages the affiliate program and offers high conversion rates to its clients.

Wiggle Online Cycle Shop has over ten years of experience in the industry and stocks all key brands, including Northwave and Eastway. The program assures members a vast range of products and brands and free delivery for virtually every order within the UK.

Incentives include massive promotions every month and attractive commission rates. Membership and registration are completely free and easy.

Commission rate: 4%

Affiliate cookie: 30 days.

Norco Bicycles Affiliate Program

Norco Bicycles Affiliate Program is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a passive income.

The program is eligible to bloggers, website owners, social media pages, product review sites, and internet marketers but only to those available in North America.

Norco Bicycles is an established and well known Canadian mountain and road bike brand with over 50 years of experience in the industry. The Norco Bicycles Affiliate Program offers free shipping and free professional bike builds with every bike order.

Affiliates get customer support from a dedicated team of managers. The product data feed contains over 1000 items.

Commission rate: up to 5%

Affiliate cookie: 60 days

Competitive Cycling Affiliate Program

Competitive Cycling Affiliate Program is a product of Competitive Cycling and allows members to earn commissions from purchases made through referral links.

Impact Radius and AvantLink manage the program. Competitive Cycling’s product catalog includes cycling apparel for both men and women and bikes and accessories. Affiliates get access to marketing tools such as official banners, text links, and a comprehensive data feed.

Competitive Cycling Affiliate Program provides monthly newsletters to keep them up to date with the latest cycling news and promotions.

Payment methods include Klarna, PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard and the program offers free shipping for orders above $50.

Commission rate: 5-12%

Affiliate cookie: 30 days

Trek Bicycle Affiliate Program

Trek Bicycle Affiliate Program is an excellent program if your audience includes cycling enthusiasts. Trek is a family-owned and operated bicycle shop established in 1976. The store’s product catalog ranges from electric bikes to cycling apparel and equipment.

Trek Bicycle Affiliate Program offers its members free shipping on orders above $50 and offers dedicated in-house affiliate management. Affiliates are also provided with an in-house marketing and creative team to ensure high yields.

The program is under the supervision of AvantLink. Also, Trek Affiliate Program offers a 30-day unconditional guarantee for exchanges or refunds.

Commission rate: 5-8% depending on the products

Affiliate cookie: 30 days.

Pactimo Affiliate Program

Pactimo Affiliate Program is operated by a third party, AvantLink. It offers its customers fantastic deals in apparel and athletic gear for world champions, professional and elite cyclists worldwide.

Pactimo owns and manufactures its equipment and clothing, and their product catalog ensures they have consistent sizes, colors, and quality.

The affiliate program offers a high conversion rate of 4% and features regular online sales. Payments are made through MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, and the program provide guarantees on all their products.

Commission rates are inviting, and the program boasts an average order value of over $150.

Commission rate: 8%

Affiliate cookie: 90 days.

Bikewagon Affiliate Program

Bikewagon Affiliate Program is an affiliate program run by Bikewagon, one of the biggest bike retailers. AvantLink manages the program and offers competitive pricing on thousands of products such as bike parts and accessories.

Affiliates enjoy an ever-expanding library of product guides, tutorials, and videos. A team of customer representatives is ever ready to lend a helping hand, whether over the phone, live chat, or email.

Bikewagon’s Affiliate program is unique because it contains many hard-to-find products, and in-stock products are shipped the same day when ordered before 1 pm. Payments are made through PayPal, and customers enjoy free shipping on orders over $50.

Commission rate: 5%

Affiliate cookie: 30 days.

ICAN Affiliate Program

ICAN Affiliate Program is an award-winning program specializing in cycling and fitness content.

The program is free to join and does not charge any startup or maintenance fees. Affiliates are provided with monthly newsletters, regular coupons, promotions, and a comprehensive product data feed.

Members enjoy customer support from an award-winning customer service team and a dedicated affiliate team for additional support. ShareASale manages the ICAN Affiliate program.It is ideal for sporting and fitness forums, cycling bloggers, retailers, cycling and sports sites.

Affiliates enjoy bonus incentives, high conversion rates, at 18%, and marketing tools such as text, banners, and widgets.

Commission rate: 5%

Affiliate cookie: 30 days.

The House Affiliate Program

The House Affiliate Program is free to join and easy to set up through AvantLink and Impact Radius. By partnering with The House, affiliates are connected to one of the most respected outdoor gear and apparel names.

The House is a sporting goods company with over 36 years of experience servicing the snowboarding, bike, and skiing community. Affiliates enjoy a vast inventory of bicycles and skateboards as well as apparel and accessories.

The program offers free shipping on orders above $50, and shipping is within 24 hours. Members are provided with a dedicated team of program managers available to answer any questions.

In addition to excellent customer service, affiliates are also equipped with regular updates on the latest promotions.

Commission rate: 4-6%

Affiliate cookie: 90 days.

Chain Reaction Cycles Affiliate Program

Chain Reaction Cycles Affiliate Program is a product of Chain Reaction Cycles, the world’s largest online bike store.

The store carries the most extensive stock of bikes, components, and accessories, with all products equipped with full warranty back up. Affiliates are provided with regularly updated banners, text links, and newsletters. Awin manages the affiliate program.

Chain Reaction Cycles Affiliate Program offers worldwide shipping and free delivery to most major international destinations. Affiliates enjoy fantastic onsite conversion rates and competitive price ranges.

Commission rate: up to 4%

Affiliate cookie: 30 days.

Arkel Affiliate Program

Arkel Affiliate Program is excellent for potential members whose audience includes cyclists and sports enthusiasts.

Arkel specializes in cycling equipment and accessories such as saddlebags, handlebar bags, and pannier racks. ShareASale manages the Arkel Affiliate Program, and one requires an account with them.

Affiliates are provided with marketing tools such as banners and text links, and payments are made monthly through PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

Commission rate: 5-10%

Affiliate cookie: 30 days.

How To Get Started In The Cycling Niche

cycling affiliate programs

While there are many ways you can do affiliate marketing these days (YouTube, Twitch, etc) one of the best ways I have found that always works is having your own affiliate website.

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing and you’re a tad bit intimidated about starting your own website, you may want to take a look at my guide showing you how I build my own affiliate websites.

It’s by far the easiest method I’ve discovered in the 10+ years I’ve been doing affiliate marketing, and I’m sure you will learn a lot from it.