10 Drone Affiliate Programs To Elevate Your Earnings

Are drones still popular? You bet!

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you 10 of the best drone-related affiliate programs currently on the market, and as you will see soon, there are some very generous commissions being offered in this industry.

Down below, I will also share with you how to get started as a drone affiliate so if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, stick around as I will also share with you a training course you can try (for free) to finally learn how to make money online.

But first, let’s take a quick overview of the…

drone affiliate programs

The 10 Best Drone Affiliate Programs To Elevate Your Earnings

  • AerialTech
  • Drone Videos
  • Scorpion Drone
  • ABJ Drone Academy
  • HobbyWow
  • SwellPro
  • ViFly
  • DIJ Technology Co.
  • RC Envy
  • Samy’s Camera


aerial affiliate program

AerialTech Affiliate program is an online drone retailer. They feature an array of drones, drone parts, drone accessories as well as drone repairs. Their selection is extremely impressive. Furthermore, AerialTech provides its clients with demos as well as training on how to operate a drone.

As an affiliate for AerialTech, you will receive a commission rate of 4% on every successful sale you make. This is a standard rate for the drone niche. For a drone retailer, you will earn a commission rate of 4% to 6%.

This is an incredible rate when compared to most drone affiliate companies out there. However, there are some drone affiliate programs that offer much more commission rates when compared to AerialTech Affiliate Program.

Their tracking cookie life duration is a standard 30 days. This duration is above average when compared to most affiliate programs out there.

Drone Videos

drone videos affiliate program

DroneVideos.com is among the most exciting affiliate program in today’s market. However, Drone.Vidoes.com has not specialized in supplying drone hardware parts. The company provides its clients with their service, which is creating drone video for the client’s readers.

This company is equipped with top professionals who have skills in creating amazing drone videos and content that your readers will fall for. As a client, you will just choose a customer drone video you most prefer, and you would love them to shoot and let them carry out the remaining part.

DroneVideo.com is an ideal program for individuals who are seeking drone videos and drone niche. It is best for those who do not want to operate or own a drone of their own.

The best way you can affiliate this program is to create a promotional campaign concerning the program and target audience who would like drone videos or would like to join the drone niche.

When it comes to an affiliate program, you will receive a commission rate of 20% in every successful sale as a DrobeVideo.com affiliate. Their cookie life duration of a lifetime is the icing on the cake.

Scorpion Drone

scorpion drones affiliate program

Scorpion Drone has specialized as an online retailer with an array of drone designs for every job. Some of the drones they have to include; drones for agriculture, inspection, as well as for first responders and essential accessories, among other types of drones.

Scorpion Drone is a drone affiliate program that is geared to offering professional drone operators as well as businesses. Their drones are not the basic hobby drones; however, they are designed to carry out a specific task, and their equipment always reflects on that.

Unlike most drone affiliates, Scorpion Drone manage their affiliate program; therefore, you will have to sign up with them if you would like to join their affiliate program.

Furthermore, as an affiliate for Scorpion Drone, you will be receiving a commission rate of 5% for every successful sale you make via your affiliate link. Their tracking cookie life duration is 30 days.

ABJ Drone Academy

abj drone academy affiliate program

ABJ Drone Academy features one of the best affiliate programs in the drone industry. They have specialized in selling various designs of drone training courses. They feature programs that are designed for drone operators as well as drone instructors.

Moreover, they have to drone simulators that aid individuals in learning how to operate a drone safely without having the worry of causing damage to the drone.

They are the best when it comes to training drone pilots, and their affiliate program is unique in the drone affiliate market. ABJ Drone Academy is not part if any affiliate network; this means that they operate their affiliate program. In order for you to join their affiliate program, you will have to sign up with them.

As an affiliate, you will be earning a commission rate of 40%; however, this rate can go as high as 70%, making them the best affiliate program in the drone niche. They feature a cookie life of 30 days.

HobbyWow (Discontinued)

If you are looking for the best and the largest RC dealer in the market, then HobbyWow will be best for you. This company features a huge selection of RC cars you can think of. They are not only expertise in RC cars but also drones and quadcopters.

HobbyWow features hundreds of drones and drone accessories and attachments to choose from, making it a must-have affiliate program when it comes to drone and RC niche.

As an affiliate for HobbyWow, you will earn a commission rate of 5%. Also, their cookie life duration is 45 days, which is pretty much extended. ShareASale manages Its affiliate program; therefore, you will have to sing up with them in order to join the HobbyWow affiliate program.


swellpro affiliate program

SwellPro is an exciting and unique affiliate program in the drone industry. They feature the world’s first waterproof drone. They are pretty much spectacular and are ideal for use in generating tons of content for your readers.

SwellPro promotes their drone due to the effectiveness, and they are pretty wild. Drone fishing is among the incredible use of SwellPro drones. However, they feature only some few models, but their program is unique and stands out from other drones available in today’s market. You might consider incorporating it into your blog as well.

When it comes to an affiliate program, you will earn a commission rate of 5% as an affiliate for SwellPro. Furthermore, they feature an exciting cookie life duration of 365 days.


vifly affiliate program

ViFly is equipped with a few drones that you can choose from as well as a couple of drone accessories. It is an incredible place to begin for newbies, and you may promote their drones because they are incredibly unique to the website. You will have to add another affiliate quickly since ViFly features a pretty limited appeal.

As an affiliate for ViFly, you will receive a commission rate of 6% for every successful sale via your affiliate link.

Their cookie life duration is 90 days. This is an incredible duration that will allow your readers to have enough time to make a decision on whether you can make a purchase or not. Despite it being a small affiliate program, ViFly is ideal for newbies, and they have an incredible commission rate and cookie life duration.

DIJ Technology Co.

dji drones affiliate program

DIJ Technology has specialized in an array of drones as well as drone accessories, which you can promote on your blog. DIJ Technology offering ranges from customer drones to professional as well as enterprise drones and smart controllers along with amazing cameras.

Most DIJ Technology drones can be folded for easy transport and storage, and their cameras, along with other products, are of great value. Their high-end camera features HDP as well as 4K video, and it offers steady filming.

You can develop your website around DIJ Technology drones since they are extremely good. Their drones are a little bit above your standard hobby drone, and their prices reflect just that, making it a great affiliate program to give a try.

As an affiliate for DIJ Technology, you will receive a commission rate of 5% for every successful sale you make via your affiliate link. They have a decent cookie life of 60 days.

RC Envy

rc envy affiliate program

RC Envy has specialized in radio-control equipment. They feature a fantastic selection of quadcopters and drones; however, they don’t have vast numbers of drone products. They are equipped with relatively affordable hobby-type drones as well as vehicles.

If you are looking for drones’ ideal for the novice, then RC Envy will be the best place to look for. RC Envy is equipped with a selection of drones that best suits beginners and individuals who are looking to get into drones.

When it comes to their affiliate program, you will receive a commission rate of 8% for every sale you make as an affiliate for RC Envy. Despite it being tempered by their low product selection, RC Envy is best for beginners. They feature a cookie life duration of 7 days, which is not that great when compared to other drone affiliate programs.

Samy’s Camera

Samy’s Camera features one of the best affiliate programs when it comes to drones. They sell some of the best drones you can find in the market. With prices to match, some of the drones go for $6,000 to $7,000. Their drones are not for hobbyists; they are designed for experts as well as professionals.

The commission rate for an affiliate at Samy’s Camera is 4% for every successful sale you make. Furthermore, their cookie life duration is 30 days. You will have to sign up via ShareASale to become an affiliate for Samy’s Camera since they are responsible for managing their affiliate program.

Overall, Samy’s Camera is an incredible affiliate when it comes to photography niche and drone niche as well. Their extended cookie duration is set so that you can get the credit for the things your client purchases via your affiliate link. Whether it is related to a drone or not.

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