5 Gardening Affiliate Programs For Ever Green Commissions

Welcome to yet another affiliate round-up list, this time curating the best affiliate programs the gardening niche has to offer.

If you’re a gardening blogger (or have some sort of an audience be it on social media, YouTube or else) and you’re looking for a great affiliate program to promote, this post is for you.

So without further introductions, here are…

The Top 5 Gardening Affiliate Programs

gardening affiliate programs

Family Survival Garden Affiliate Program

family survival garden

Want to have a survival garden for your family and avoid the foods that are threatening your health? Well, get the ‘Family Survival Garden‘ system.

It teaches you how to grow your own food and feed your family. Tons of exceptional information is packed in this course, which is recommended by the experts over and over again. They believe, on the whole, it is immensely instructive and useful.

We agree, there are many courses in the market that teach about growing your own survival garden, but the thing that makes Family Survival Garden unique is its methods designed for long-term stability.

They are 100% practical, and you can grow enough food in minimal space.

What’s in it for affiliate marketers? If you are pondering this, 75% commission. And, this is just one aspect. Skip Tanner, the author of this course and the Vertical Gardening Guru, also provides incredible content. You can share that with your list to increase the conversion rate and build a stronger relationship.

Program Highlights

  • You earn a 75% commission on all front-end sales.
  • This system is available through ClickBank only.
  • It is not just for gardening, you can promote it for all survival-related niches.
  • Skip Tanner provides content for marketing and promotion.
  • As an affiliate partner, you can win awesome prizes through contests.

Smiling Gardener Affiliate Program

smiling gardener affiliate program

Smiling Gardener‘ program is created by a professional organic gardener, Phil Nauta. He is immensely passionate about his methods and is known for growing nutrient-dense food.

To acquire this program, you have to become a member of his academy.

Though it is an online course, you also receive step-by-step videos and new information each month. In a way, Phil keeps you updated and ensures that you are on the right track. Most of these famous methods shed light on how to balance the soil food web, how to control predators without chemicals, and how to test the soil.

All of these things are essential if you want to learn gardening for survival.

You can promote this affiliate program as well and put a 50% commission into your account each month. But this program is available for experienced marketers. However, if you are a novice and still want to try it, you can email the customer support team and ask for details.

Program Highlights

  • Phil gives a 50% commission to its affiliate partners.
  • Only experienced marketers can apply for affiliate membership.
  • You can make monthly commissions too through Academy.
  • Your followers can receive 15 free gardening lessons.
  • This course is developed by a certified gardener, Phil Nauta.

Gardeners Affiliate Program

gardeners affiliate program

This is, in reality, a supplier company founded by enthusiastic Vermont gardeners.

If we say this is the shopping for beginner and professional gardeners, it would be correct.

From seed-starting supplies to garden furniture, you will find everything in this store.

Besides, the best thing is your followers can get specific answers too on their website from the experts. It can keep them inspired and influence them to buy the products.

For example, they can ask questions like how to choose a planet for a new flower bed, or how to deal with tomato problems in specific seasons.

In a way, the information is exceptional and free, but they have to pay to buy the products.

All you need is to join the Gardener Supply Affiliate network and link to their online store. You will earn up to 8% of the sales generated by your customers.

Program Highlights

  • The commission rate is 8% for all supplies.
  • You can use text links, banner ads, and product links for promotion.
  • This affiliate program is partnered with the Linkshare network.
  • You can also receive personal support through the program manager.
  • The information on this website is free-of-charge.

Seeds Now Affiliate Program

seedsnow affiliate program

Looking for seeds which are free from genetic engineering? Visit SeedsNow.

Usually, gardeners buy seeds from large corporations that are genetically engineered. They aren’t good for health in the long run and can invite lots of issues.

But the seeds of SeedsNow are 100% open-pollinated. They aren’t genetically modified or chemically altered. You and your loved ones are safe. From herbs to flower seeds, fruits to vegetable seeds, if there is one platform that can send you quality seeds, it is Seeds Now.

All of their seeds are above the industry’s standards and guaranteed to grow. Other than that, they have a long-term shelf life.

They have used a re-sealable moisture-proof pack for all their packages. It keeps the seeds cool and dry and keeps them viable for many months.

Program Highlights

  • SeedsNow gives a 25% commission rate for every conversion.
  • You can be paid weekly.
  • The method of payment is PayPal only.
  • It is pertinent to fill the registration form to become an affiliate partner.
  • The cookie duration of this program is 90 days.

The Shoestring Gardener Affiliate Program

This is an eBook by Claudia F. Brownlie which gives answers to your baffling gardening questions.

It has all the budget-friendly gardening tips that teach you how to deal with gardening obstacles, dilemmas, and headaches.

If you are targeting novice gardeners who don’t perceive gardening or trying to learn it as a hobby, promote ‘The Shoestring Gardener’. It will spark greater awareness and make them learn many new ways to approach gardening challenges.

For an affiliate marketer, the marketing opportunities are broad. They can earn a generous 50% commission. Furthermore, we are confident the conversion rate will be better than your expectations if you have super-targeted traffic.

Since it isn’t just the written content, Claudia introduced professionally illustrated images in it too that assist in making people comprehend how the entire process works.

The conversion is without a doubt 50%, but please bear in mind this eBook is economical. Therefore, you will earn around $4.55 for each sale. This is a tad lower than other courses in the market. But it can turn more readers into buyers too.

Program Highlights

  • It gives a 50% commission rate to its partners.
  • You earn only $4.55 on each sale, as it is an inexpensive eBook.
  • It is imperative to sign up for a ClickBank account.
  • This eBook is all about effective, non-toxic methods of gardening.
  • You will receive commission checks once every two weeks.

How To Get Started In The Gardening Niche (As An Affiliate)

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing and you’d like to get started with your own gardening blog, be sure to check out my guide revealing exactly:

How I build simple affiliate blogs that make money.

It’s a free guide (no sign-up required) and it will give you the same method I’ve been using to build a successful affiliate portfolio online (and I’m sure it can help you do the same).