How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs

So, you’ve learned & researched the many ways you can make money with affiliate marketing. If you had any doubts about it, let me just end it right here for you:

Yes – affiliate marketing can make you money, but before you get started, there are a few things you need to have, know & do.

One of these things is getting approved to join affiliate programs. 

In this quick guide, I’m going to share with you just that + some more information you may need to help you get started.

I also have a free affiliate marketing course you can join below, but we can talk about that later.

Let’s get started…

What Do You Need To Be Approved Into An Affiliate Program?

how to get approved for affiliate programs programs

Getting approved to an affiliate program is a quick and simple process in most cases (which is why this is will be a quick and simple guide) however, you do need a few things first. These are…

✔️ A Website (Almost-Always)

A website is a must! You simply can not do affiliate marketing successfully without one.

If you don’t have a website up and running, then go get one and for the time being put the idea of joining affiliate programs on the backburner. You can use BlueHost to create your affiliate website. It’s the best, cheapest & quickest option there is right now.

The reasons why you need a website are plentiful, and I cover all of them here but almost-always, any affiliate program you decide to join will require you to have a website before they even consider accepting you as a partner/affiliate.

There may be a few ones that do not require a website (I believe ClickBank is one) but for the most part; when you want to join affiliate programs, you are going to need to add a URL in your signup application.

NB: You can see a list of affiliate programs that don’t require a website to join on

✔️ Traffic (Sometimes)

This is not a must, but there are many affiliate programs out there who would require to see your traffic before you get approved.

You’ll often find that the more “niche” and “bespoke” an affiliate program is, the more likely they are to ask you for your traffic numbers.

What do you do if you have no traffic?

If you have a website, but you don’t have any traffic coming in yet, then again; I would suggest you re-think joining an affiliate program just yet & let me tell you why…

You should not be thinking about adding any affiliates links before you have 50-100 visitors a day in traffic.

This is my theory but for my websites, I avoid adding any unnecessary affiliate links if a post does not have at least 50 sessions (visitors) a day coming in (~1,500 people per month).

The reason I do this is that I believe think that Google will rank the post higher and quicker if it does not have affiliate links. Whether this is a fact or not is to be debated, but back to my point;

If you do not have the traffic coming to your website, then you do not need to join affiliate programs just yet.

You won’t be making any money either way so why add affiliate links in the first place?

✔️ Related & Safe Content

One thing you should also keep in mind when applying to join an affiliate program is that they don’t like having their “brand” appear on porn sites, gambling sites, or any other “controversial” topics (think: guns, politics, abortion and all these political hot-buttons).

Of course; if your website is in one of the above-mentioned industries, then there are specific affiliate programs that cater solely to these industries so don’t feel like your industry is cut out from making money with affiliate marketing.

Every niche under the sun has an affiliate program you can join.

✔️ A Way To Get Paid

One more thing you are going to need when you join an affiliate program or network is of course; a way of getting paid.

Typically, affiliate programs payout via PayPal, bank transfers and/or cheque payouts so you are going to need at least one of those things. I’m also seeing a rise in affiliate programs with the option to pay you via cryptocurrencies as well.

Personally, all the affiliate programs I work with payout with PayPal, and it’s my favorite way of getting paid as it’s just much easier to manage.

SN: If you are under 18 years old, you may want to ask a guardian to help you set up all that you need to get paid.

Do All Affiliate Programs Require An Approval Process?

You might also find some affiliate programs which will need to first approve your application manually before you can join them.

This usually takes about 2-3 business days (sometimes less, something more) to get approved but these long-approval processes are not the norm.

If you happen to be rejected by an affiliate program (you can see why an affiliate program can reject you here), don’t hesitate to try another one – there are plenty more affiliate programs that you can join.

One Last Thing…

Never, ever, ever pay to become an affiliate! Make that a rule right now.

If a certain affiliate program asks you for payment, then you are no longer in the affiliate marketing world, but you are in the MLM world (multi-level-marketing) or worse; in a pyramid scheme.

NB: You may find an affiliate program that requires a small fee to join, but they will then refund that fee with your first commissions. This is to help limit participants. These types of affiliate programs are usually safe to join.

Not Sure What To Do Next?

That’s all there is to it, you now know how to join (& get approved) for affiliate programs you think will make for a great partner in your affiliate business.

One thing you may also need more of is an understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

I have a free course right here for you (link leads to my review). It’s the same training course I used to learn this business so I know for sure the methods in there work.

Thank you for tuning in, I’ll see inside the training course.