10 Nutritional Supplements Affiliate Programs To Try

The nutritional supplement industry is booming right now.

Many are realizing the need for a healthy/balanced diet and given how the entire supplement market is set to continue growing over the foreseeable future, it’s safe to assume;

There’s plenty of money to be had here by the smart and savvy affiliate marketers looking to promote high-quality offers to their audience.

Today, I am sharing with you 10 super-successful health and nutritional supplements affiliate programs which you can explore further in your own time, and hopefully for a potentially-profitable partnership with for years to come.

With that said, let’s first take a quick glance at the affiliate programs listed below, before we get into the minute details of each one further down below.

nutritional supplements affiliate programs

The 10 Best Health Supplement Affiliate Programs:

  • Vitamin Packs
  • Rainbow Light
  • Tropical Oasis
  • New Vitality
  • A1Supplements
  • HerbsPro
  • eVitamins
  • Vitagene
  • Pure Prescription
  • Purity Products

Vitamin Packs

vitaminpacks affiliate program

Vitamin Packs is a fantastic vitamin home delivery service that helps in getting rid of guesswork in the supplement aisle. They feature a sage algorithm as well as a customized knowledge that prescribes vitamin supplements in accordance with the clients’ lifestyle and needs.

In every order made at Vitamin Packs, they end up donating a full year of vitamins to children who are malnourished.

Their affiliate program is managed by Rakuten Marketing. Furthermore, as an affiliate for Vitamin Packs, you will be having access to banner ads, rich content, selling supports as well as text links.

Usually, they offer their affiliates with bonuses along with some special offers as a reward for their excellent work and helping to increase sales. The commission rate for a Vitamin Packs affiliate is 25%, whereas their cookie life is 30 days.

Rainbow Light

rainbow light affiliate program

Rainbow Light is recognized as the first food-based supplement that aids in increasing energy support as well as superior digestibility. Moreover, they feature the number of selling multivitamins for men and natural women prenatal formulas. These formulas are said to deliver optimal health benefits from herbal extracts to superfoods.

Rainbow Light average order size is $70. You can join their affiliate program via Pepperjam, and they offer access to amazing selections, including text links as well as banner ads and a tracking tool that will help you monitor your commission as well as sales.

As an affiliate, you will be receiving a generous commission rate of 15% per sale of their top-selling natural multivitamins brands. Their cookie duration is 45 days, which is pretty much extended when compared to most nutritional supplements affiliate programs.

Tropical Oasis

tropical oasis affiliate program

Tropical Oasis has specialized in supplements, minerals, and liquid vitamins. The absorption rate of liquid vitamins is 96% compared to pills, which have an absorption rate of 18%.

Tropical Oasis is famous for creating healthy products that are not only the best tasting but also most nutritious in today’s market. Additionally, their products are guaranteed a 100% money-back guarantee. Tropical Oasis have vitamins ideal for kids, adults, pets as well as athletes specialized vitamins.

The average order value at Tropical Oasis is $100, and they have less than 2% return rates. When it comes to managing their affiliate program, Tropical Oasis uses ShareASale, and they offer access to more than 20 banner ads, data feed text links as well as tracking tools.

Tropical Oasis in-house management text is always available for registration, concert creation as well as product links.

As an affiliate for Tropical Oasis, you will be receiving a commission rate of 25% per sale and a cookie life of 90 days. Furthermore, they feature recurring commissions.

New Vitality

New Vitality affiliate program

New Vitality is one the best if not the best source for nutritional health supplements as well as skincare products. Furthermore, their products are formulated carefully with nutritionists’ guidance along with chemists, researchers, and doctors as well.

Some of New Vitality products are Super Beta Prostate, Lumatone, Ageless Male as well as BlueVera.

The New Vitality conversion rate is 1.53% and an average order value of $98. To join their program, you will have to check for them on Pepperjam. Additionally, they offer access to text links, display ads, product feed, as well as tracking tools.

They have dedicated affiliate managers who are always available to aid in answering your questions as well as discuss opportunities for promotions. They have a commission rate of 15% for their affiliates, along with a cookie duration of 15 days.

Affiliates are offered an opportunity for codes, particular orders as well as increased commissions for specific ads.


A1Supplements affiliate program

A1Supplements has specialized in selling nutritional supplements as well as sports nutrition via their online eCommerce platform. A1Supplements was started in 1999, which is ten years after they operated as distributors to stores and gyms.

Their eCommerce site allows them to get rid of the middleman and offer their products directly to their customers at a wholesale price.

You can join their affiliate program via Commission Junction or ShareASale. These affiliate programs will offer you with all essential marketing items you will require in order to start promoting A1Supplements products.

As an affiliate, you will be encouraged to keep an eye on some of their deals, new products, and coupons as well as offers that will grant them advantages on their latest deals and increase in conversion rates.

The commission rate for affiliates in A1Supplements is 10% per sale with a cookie duration of 30 days.


herbs pro affiliate program

If you are looking for an online store that offers vitamins from top brands, then there is no need to worry since HerbsPro got your back. They have specialized in selling vitamins from top brands, organic groceries, herbal supplements, pet care products, and beauty care products.

They are among the fastest-growing online retail companies. Orders made are shipped from their warehouse, unlike most of their competitors.

HerbsPro affiliate program is managed by ShareASale, Commission Junction, and Pepperjam; therefore, you can choose any of these programs that best suits you.

All of these affiliate programs offer access to custom banners as well as high converting banners, data feed, text links, and monthly coupons. The conversion rate of their site is incredible, and they do not feature limits to a number of pages in which you can link to.

As an affiliate, the commission rate you will be receiving with HerbsPro is 10% per sale with a cookie life of 60 days.


evitamins affiliate program

eVitamins are famous for offering the best overall value sale online. They provide more than 25,000 health, natural food, and beauty products. Additionally, they are well-known for providing their customers with fresh products at an affordable rate of up to 75% off. This is what led to their success with satisfied frequent customers.

They manage their own affiliate program and issue their payment on every 15th of the month via PayPal. As an affiliate, you will be able to earn commission on repeat customers within the cookie life duration.

eVitamins work closely with their affiliates and guide them throughout since they don’t make money until their affiliate make money.

Selling their products is relatively easy since they are of high quality, and they are available at a very affordable rate. As an affiliate, you will be receiving a commission rate of 125 to 20% on specific products. Their cookie duration is 30 to 45 days.


vitagene affiliate program

Vitagene is among the fastest developing precision health platform one face of the planet. This program was designed by doctors as well as researchers in order to help people make more informed diet, exercise decisions as well as supplementations.

Their DNA test provides the customers with the information they require in researching their long term and short term fitness goal.

Vitagene features an affiliate program team that is dedicated to providing maximum support in order to make their affiliates successful in the marketing world. Their affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction.

As an affiliate for Vitagene, you will have access to banners that are professionally designed, reporting tools, text links, and monthly commission payouts. There are opportunities for special promotions and placements upon request. Their commission rate is 10%, with a cookie life of 45 days.

Pure Prescription

pure prescriptions affiliate program

Pure Prescription was first started in 2001, and it is a vitamin and supplement company that is owned and managed by a family. Their selections of vitamins are hand-picked, and they have high-quality ingredients that offer most health benefits to their clients. They also have their entire products covered by a 100% money-back-guarantee.

To join their affiliate program, you should consider searching for Pure Prescription with Pepperjam since they are the ones responsible for their affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will have access to banners, ads, coupons, text links, and custom ads.

You will still have access to tracking tools, their data feed as well as a list of keywords that will help you in improving your promotion skills.

As an affiliate for Pure Prescription, you will receive a commission rate of 15% per sale with a cookie duration of 30 days.

Purity Products

purity products affiliate program

Purity Products started in 1993, and they have specialized in offering their clients with science-based nutritional supplements. The nutritional supplements products that they offer are only of high-quality evidence. Purity Product’s goal is to make the world healthier via its committed quality, honesty, civil responsibility, and good health.

When it comes to managing their affiliate program, Purity Products uses Pepperjam. Their affiliates have access to vanity codes, custom display ads, as well as reliable product, feeds. You can always contact and reach their committed affiliate manager at any given time and get your question answered or discuss with them promotional opportunities.

As a Purity Products affiliate, you will be receiving a commission rate of 12% per sale along with a cookie duration of 45 days. You should always note that Purity Products offers quality nutritional evidence products at an affordable rate in every purchase.

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If you already have a blog, an audience, an email list or perhaps even a YouTube channel in the health/nutrition supplement niche, you know what you need to do next.

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