10 Organic Products Affiliate Programs For Natural Profits

I’m going to start this off by saying, I don’t really buy the whole “organic is healthy for you” mantra, but anyways;

This does not mean selling “organic products” is not a great way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Today, I am sharing with you 10 of the best organic products affiliate programs (and it’s not just about “food” either).

Down below, you will get a taste of organic products in a variety of different niches and of course; a dedicated affiliate program for each one.

If you’re in the “organic health” niche, this round-up is for you.

Let’s get started…

organic affiliate programs

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  • Niche Growth
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Audience Size
  • Commission Rates Offered

What You Need To Know About The Organic Products Trend

  • Interest is rising worldwide for “organic” products. ✔️
  • Plenty of affiliate programs in different verticals. ✔️
  • High commission rates available. ✔️
  • Very easy to promote (huge audiences online). ✔️

Nature’s Brands

Nature's Brands affiliate programs

Nature’sBrands is a website that promotes and sells organic products to their customers. Some of their products include natural and organic skincare, mineral makeup, herbal remedies, and organic supplements.

Nature’sBrands carries over 155 Certified USDS Organic products and they pride themselves on promoting health, beauty, and strength through the power of nature.

Their pure supplements and makeup lines create smooth and radiant skin with no harsh chemicals, inhumane practices or environmental hazards and they are ideal for natural diets, allergy sufferers, sensitive skin types, and more.

They have an affiliate program hosted by Refersion and they are inviting bloggers, website owners, internet marketing gurus, and social media influencers to promote their organic products and earn commissions for the sales they make.

Affiliates can earn between 5-9% commission on net sales. One day sales volume less than $300 is 5% commission, $300-999 results in 7%, and over $1,000 is 9% commission.

As an affiliate, you will also be supplied with their promotional material including banner ads and text links that you can share with your audience.

  • Commission: 5-9%
  • Cookie: 365 days

Organic Lifestyle

Organic Lifestyle affiliate programs

OrganicLifestyle is a great example of a business that not only sells organic and high-quality products, but they also send them with minimum-waste packaging.

The Canadian company is owned by Dihan Chandra who is on a mission to provide safe and affordable alternatives to everyday products for family, friends, and consumers who want to live a life without harmful chemicals and like quality organic products.

They sell everything from bedding, underwear, pillowcases, iPhone and iPad cases, candles, baby and children’s items, and clothes for both men and women.

They also pride themselves on their high-quality and standard as well as organic and chemical-free