15 Piano Affiliate Programs For Crescendo Commissions

The musical instruments niche tends to come with high prices and high commission rates.

As an affiliate, if you’re thinking about jumping into this niche, you have my blessing and my admiration.

It’s not an easy niche to get into but if you can do it, then you are going to be living well my friend.

To help you get started, I did some research on your behalf and came up with this list of piano affiliates programs that will allow you to promote and sell pianos, piano accessories/supplies, and even learn piano online courses.

If you have a piano-niche blog, I’m sure will find an affiliate program for anything you need down below so without further instructions, here are…

15 Piano Affiliate Programs (Reviewed Below)

piano affiliate programs

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Piano For All

Piano For All is an excellent choice for all who wish to learn playing the piano online. It is a trusted and reliable online course web. The affiliate program allows affiliates to promote the course on their websites while earning a commission.

Commission rate: For the Pianoforall downloaded version, you’ll take $21 for each purchase from a referral. As for the Pianoforall downloaded version and DVD ROM, you’ll take $27 for each purchase.

Payment method: all payments come from Clickbank. Paid via a check or bank transfer

Payout structure: weekly or twice a month

Recurring/one-time: recurring as long as your referral renews their subscription

Support offered: banner ads, the keyword (SEO) Google Ads, sample testimonials, promotional videos.

Cookie length: not listed

Piano Wizard Academy

Piano Wizard Academy is a product of Music Wizard Group founded in 2001 and specializes in teaching children how to play the piano within minutes. The Music Wizard Group focuses on the affiliate group as a vital channel for promotion.

Commission rate: 5% on sales and 35% when you refer new affiliates

Payment method: auto-deposit to a bank account, and bank checks

Payout structure: monthly

Cookie length: 180 days

Recurring/one-time: recurring as long as your referrals continue purchasing

Affiliate network: ShareASale

Support offered: videos, graphics, banners

Learn Piano in 30 Days

Learn piano in 30 days is a reliable way of earning money using your website or blog. You will also earn a recurring commission if your referral continues to renew the subscription.

Commission rate: 50% of the membership sales price and 55% on recurring commissions

Payment method: Clickbank deposit and then check

Payout structure: every two weeks

Recurring/one-time: recurring as long as the referrals stay as members

Support offered: banners, text links

Cookie length: not listed

Piano Supplies

Piano Supplies enables affiliates to earn a commission based on the sales price of qualifying products. Affiliates get a unique link which they can use to promote Piano supplies or any of its qualifying products in their websites or blog.

Commission rate: 7% per sale

Minimum payout: $25

Payout structure: monthly

Payment method: checks

Cookie length: 30 days

Support offered: text links, display banner ads.

Affiliate network: independent

The Music Stand

The Music Stand was established in 1976, and it specializes in offering music gifts. It provides a collection of music-themed products to wear, to decorate your house, etc. These products enhance playing and listening to music.

Commission rate: 10% on the net price of product sale

Payment method: Check

Payout structure: monthly

Recurring/one-time: recurring as long as your referral continues making purchases

Cookie length: 30 days

Support offered: banners, text links

Affiliate network: ShareASale

Piano Encyclopedia

The Piano Encyclopedia has revolutionized how people learn music by teaching what was considered unteachable. They show the hidden logic in music so that everybody can learn music and play instruments easily.

Commission rate: $50 for new affiliates

Payment method: check, bank transfer

Payout structure: monthly

Cookie length: 180 days

Affiliate network: ClickBank

Legacy Learning

Legacy Learning offers advanced learning of playing musical instruments, including the piano and the guitar.

Commission rate: 20%

Cookie length: never expires

Payout structure: monthly

Payment method: PayPal

Support offered: frequent promotions, coupons, sales.

Affiliate network: ShareASale

Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano has a reputation for being one of the best-converting and highly rewarding affiliate programs. They have a team that keeps on checking the conversion rate and the site changes.

Commission rate: 75% for every download edition and 25% for every hard copy that you sell

Payment method: ClickBank

Payout structure: weekly or bi-monthly

Cookie length: 90 days

Affiliate network: ClickBank


eMedia is a music learning software that makes it effortless for everyone to learn music. As an affiliate, you can learn music and playing the piano while earning a commission by promoting eMedia products.

Commission rate: 10%

Product price range: $20 to $299

Cookie length: 30 days

Payment method: PayPal

Payout structure: monthly

Affiliate network: ShareASale

Sheet Music Plus

Join Sheet Music Plus and earn a commission every time your referral purchases a product from Sheet Plus. Your commission increases within the months, depending on the rise in the volume of your sales.

Commission rate: 8% to 12%

Cookie length: not listed

Affiliate network: independent

Payment method: check, PayPal

Payout structure: Monthly

Support offered: sample reports, link examples, data feeds

Musician’s Friend

Musician’s Friend is a reliable source of all musical instruments, including piano, guitar, and DJ equipment. You get a commission for promoting the Musician’s Friend or its products on your website using a unique link.

Commission rate: 4% on each sale

Cookie length: 14 days

Payment method: PayPal

Payout structure: monthly

Affiliate network: Commission Junction

Sam Ash

Sam Ash is a leading company in selling musical instruments online. The United States-based firm deals in DJ equipment, piano, guitars, etc. you earn a commission by marketing the items on your website.

Commission rate: up to 10%

Cookie length: 30 days

Support offered: live chat with the support team, text links, banners.

Payment method: PayPal, bank transfer


Emusic is a Malaysian firm that deals in supplying musical instruments. They have musical instruments ranging from pianos, violins, trumpets, flutes, etc. Although they don’t specify their commission, affiliates from Malaysia can earn a commission through the program.

Commission rate: not listed

Cookie length: unknown

Instant Piano Chord Chart Finder

The Instant Piano Chord Chart Finder allows you to earn a commission by promoting the electronic chord chart. The chord chart is for all keyboards, including electronic, organ, and piano.

Commission rate: 50%

Cookie length: not listed

Payment method: ClickBank

Payout structure: every two weeks

Guitar Center

Guitar Center is an online store that deals with all musical instruments, including piano and other music products.

Commission rate: 6%

Product price range: $5 to $50,000

Payment method: bank transfers, PayPal

Minimum payout: $25

Cookie length: two weeks

Payout structure: at the end of every month

Affiliate network: Commission Junction

Support offered: display banners, ad links, professional guidance.

Is Piano Affiliate Marketing Worth The Effort?

As you can see above, there are some generous commissions being offered with these affiliate programs, and pianos and piano supplies are not cheap.

The niche may be tough to work with since it requires some piano expertise to create an informative resource for people, but if you can do that, you should do very well with this niche.

How To Get Started With (Piano) Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, fret not. I have a great guide for you here showing you how I build small and simple affiliate websites that make money.

It’s by far the best and easiest method I’ve found so far and it explains everything you need to know without needing to sign up.