10 Skateboarding Affiliate Programs For Flow Profits

I can’t come up with a witty-insider introduction for this roundup as I’ve never been into skateboarding myself. All I can tell you is that recently, I’m seeing more and more young-ns using skateboards than I did when I was a young teen in the 90s (and skateboards were much cooler).

I guess it’s safe to say skateboards are making a comeback and today, I want to share with you a few ways you can get in on this boom as an affiliate marketer.

So, without any further needless words, here are the…

10 Best Skateboarding Affiliate Programs

skateboard affiliate programs

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Swagtron Affiliate Program

Swagtron Affiliate Program enables you to earn a commission by promoting their products. Additionally, you give your audience a taste of the best products, including electric skateboards.

Swagtron is a leading supplier of electric rides that make life more comfortable and more fun. Once you join the affiliate program, you will receive a personalized link to advertise on your social media platforms, website, or blog.

They offer accurate tracking, a dedicated affiliate manager, promotional materials.

Commission rate: 5% per referred sale

Cookie policy: 60 days of cookie tracking

Payment method: PayPal

Grass Racks Affiliate Program

Grass Racks affiliate program is run by Grass Racks company, which specializes in manufacturing freestanding and wall mounted racks for surfboards, skateboards, bikes, etc.

They pride on offering the best quality racks that have a high conversion rate. If you join the affiliate program, which is managed by AvantLink, you are sure to make a stable income promoting the products.

You also get a chat with the support team at any time, customized banner ads, multiple promotional materials.

Commission rate: 8% base commission with the possibility of rising to 10% with improved performance

Cookie policy: 30 days of cookie tracking

Average order value: $210

Payment method: PayPal

Payout structure: monthly

Warehouse Skateboards Affiliate Program

Warehouse Skateboards affiliate program managed by AvantLink is your affiliate program if you wish to promote skateboards and related products.

Warehouse Skateboards has been in operation since 2004, and it has a comprehensive collection of skateboards, skateboard clothing, and safety accessories associated with skateboards.

As an affiliate, you get customized landing pages, phone calls, or chat with the support team. They have a great conversion rate that is going to make it worth your time promoting the products.

Commission rate: 7% flat rate commission

Cookie policy: 120 days of cookie tracking

Payment method: PayPal

Ambush Skateboarding Affiliate Program

Ambush Skateboarding affiliate program is an affiliate program by Ambush Skateboarding, and AvantLink manages it. Ambush Skateboarding offers a massive collection of skateboards and related products.

Suppose you are a social media influencer or have a website or blog related to skateboards, you can apply and become an affiliate and earn a commission.

With that, you get dedicated management and support of the affiliate program and comprehensive product data feeds.

Commission rate: 9% flat commission per sale with incentive programs for better pay

Cookie policy: 30 days of cookie tracking

Gotrax Affiliate Program

Gotrax affiliate program is a fun and easy way of earning big while promoting the best quality products. Grotax is popular for offering electric riders, including electric skateboards and scooters.

They allow you to sign up for their affiliate program and earn a generous commission by promoting their products on your website.

The program includes dedicated program management, banners ads, textual links.

Commission rate: 5% commission per sale

Payment method: PayPal

Minimum payout: $100

Payout structure: once every month, on the 15th

Cookie policy: 30 days of cookie tracking

Teamgee Electric Skateboard Affiliate Program

Teamgee Electric Skateboard affiliate program is a product of Teamgee.com, and it is available through ShareASale. Teamgee.com is a dedicated provider of premium electric skateboards at an affordable price.

They boast of a high conversion rate, which guarantees you a generous income when you become an affiliate. They make your promotion easier by offering monthly promotions, exclusive coupons, top-sellers newsletters, and textual links.

You promote the products by posting your unique links on your blog or social media and get rewarded for every purchase made through the unique link.

Commission rate: 3% base commission to 5% commission with more referrals

Cookie policy: 45 days of cookie tracking

Payment method: PayPal

Payout structure: monthly

Vestar Skateboards Affiliate Program

Vesta Skateboards affiliate program is a professional e-commerce enterprise that specializes in producing high-end electric skateboards. Their products are high-ticket items, which means they enjoy a high conversion rate.

If you sign up for the affiliate program run by ShareASale, you are sure to earn big by promoting the products using your unique link. They support you by offering banner ads, and textual links.

Commission rate: 6% on all referred sales. If your orders total $4,000, you get an additional bonus of $100.

Cookie policy: 30 days of cookie tracking

Payment method: PayPal

Payout structure: monthly

Summit Board Co. Affiliate Program

Summit Board Co. affiliate program run by ShareASale is a product of Summit Board Co. The company produces a blend of short and long skateboards that are stable and easy to ride and learn.

The unique short longboards make the affiliate program appealing and excellent potential to earn a generous commission.

You can use the available textual links, banner ads, dedicated affiliate management to make your promotion seamless. The support team is also available when needed.

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie policy: 60 days cookie tracking

Payment method: PayPal

Payout structure: monthly

Only One Board Affiliate Program

Only One Board affiliate program offers one of the best commissions for promoting their products on your website or blog. The company is a leading dealer in electric skateboards. It has also revolutionized the skating world, making it easier and more fun.

Joining the affiliate program is free, and you will receive a unique link that will be used in tracking and recording your sales.

They offer you promotional materials, an updated product catalog, banner ads, textual links, and a dedicated affiliate management.

Commission rate: 8% per sale

Cookie policy: 45 days of cookie tracking

Payment method: PayPal

Payout structure: monthly

HaloBoard Affiliate Program

HaloBoard Affiliate Program is one of the most popular brands in the skateboarding world. Their skateboards stand out for being durable, light-weight, and with a powerful motor.

If you join the affiliate program, you enjoy a high conversion rate and one of the affiliate business’s highest commissions. It is free to join the program and get a link to start promoting the products.

Commission rate: 8% per sale

Cookie policy: 5 days of cookie tracking

Payment method: PayPal

Payout structure: every month on the 10th for the conversions of last month.

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