10 Weight Loss Affiliate Programs For Leaner Profits

Even though there seems to be this weird trend lately where obese = good.

However, it’s clear from the numbers people still seem to want to turn their life around, be healthy, lose weight and get fit (as they should).

This niche, the weight-loss niche, has been a money-maker for decades now so it’s with great pleasure to share with you 10 weight loss affiliate programs which as a food/fitness blogger, I am sure you will appreciate.

These are hand-picked affiliate programs (no regurgitated lists here) reviewed for your affiliate needs so without further introductions, here are the 10 affiliate programs I will talk about below.

NB: I also have a list of fitness affiliate programs here if you’re interested.

weight loss affiliate programs

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healthywage affiliate program

HealthyWage is a platform that offers a unique and extremely motivating way to get paid for meeting weight loss goals. They have a great program for people who have issues losing weight on their own and need extra motivation through cash.

HealthyWage relies on several research studies done at prominent universities and a basic rule about human behavior: incentives and aversion of loss.

They have found that cash rewards can increase the effectiveness of weight-loss programs and that people are more likely to take action when their own money is at risk.

The program is easy to use and it follows a 4-step process:

  1. Calculate your prize by using their Prize Calculator
  2. Making your bet
  3. Losing the weight
  4. Winning money

HealthyWage has an affiliate program through the ShareASale platform and they welcome diet review sites, fitness trainers, lifestyle coaches, bloggers, or social media influencers to promote their most popular products – Healthy Wager and Team Challenge and earn a commission.

Affiliates earn a flat rate of $50 for each Healthy Wager sign up they generate and a $30 flat rate for each Team Challenge participant sign up they generate.

Additionally, affiliates have access to banner ads, text links, and additional marketing tools to drive more sales to the HealthyWage website as well as dedicated affiliate manager to provide assistance, support, and helpful tips.

  • Commission: $30 – $50
  • Cookies: 30 days

Workout Anywhere

Workout Anywhere affiliate program

WorkoutAnywhere is designed for people with busy lifestyles who want to get fit and lose weight with minimal time investment and using little to no equipment.

It is created by fitness coaches Jessica and Justin Rundle and they offer customized daily training lessons, custom meal plans and recipes, challenges, fit tracking, access to a real coach, and a supportive community all through their mobile app.

They have an in-house affiliate program that offers affiliates to join and earn 30% commission on all app subscriptions and 50% commission on all eBook training and meal plans sales they generate.

  • Commission: 30% – 50%


nutrition forest affiliate program

NutritionForest is an online store found back in 2009 that aims to provide effective natural products and solutions to individuals with different health needs and lifestyle choices.

They provide a long chain of products including weight-loss supplements, detox supplements, teas, coffees, and even cosmetic products.

NutritionForest has an affiliate program run through ShareASale that gives affiliates access to a variety of banners, text links, and additional marketing tools to help them drive traffic to the website and generate more sales.

Affiliates can earn anywhere from 15% – 35% commission on sales.

  • Commission: 15% – 35%


Cinderella solution affiliate program

CinderellaSolution is a complete weight loss system that guides women through a complete transformation and allows them to eliminate the effects of a metabolism-slowing hormonal transition they typically go through from puberty to menopause.

Hormones often have a way to interfere in our daily lives be it causing pimples or mood swings and even making it difficult for us to lose weight despite the effort that we put in.

Therefore, the author of Cinderella Solution, Carly Donovan recognized this problem and found a solution by discovering the hormonal shift that affects metabolism.

Through research and trial-and-error, Carly found some of the most effective techniques and steps to counteract the weight-loss-inhibiting hormones, allowing hundreds of women to achieve the results they’ve been chasing.

CinderellaSolution hosts an affiliate program through Clickbank that allows affiliates to promote the program and earn a whopping 95% commission ($73 average order value) for the sales they generate.

Also, the program seems to be performing well, therefore, by targeting the right audience (women ages 40-65) you could do quite well.

  • Commission: 95% ($73 average order value)


MaximumSlim affiliate program

MaximumSlim is an eco-friendly company that provides premium and natural weight loss and health products to help people get rid of extra pounds by living healthier lives.

They sell a huge variety of tea, coffee, vitamins, and supplements, with their most popular product being their famous green coffee that’s based on herbal extracts and designed to help people lose weight.

Besides providing these products, MaximumSlim also provides their customers with health and fitness tips, low-calorie recipes, and motivational guidance coming from certified fitness trainers and nutritional experts.

MaximumSlim has an affiliate program hosted by ShareASale where they provide their affiliates with the opportunity to earn anywhere between 25% – 40% commission per each generated sale.

Additionally, as an affiliate, you will have access to a variety of banners, text links, and monthly newsletters for program updates as well as other marketing tools that will help you drive traffic to their website and generate more sales.

Moreover, ShareASale provides you with a dedicated affiliate manager, helpful tips, support, and assistance.

  • Commission: 25% – 40%
  • Cookie: 30 days

Weight Loss Evolved

Weight Loss Evolved affiliate program

WeightLossEvolved is one of the best affiliate offers on this list as the program was basically designed with affiliates in mind. The program is designed by physicians which already contributes to adding a serious trust factor to help you close sales.

A clinic in Colorado has also been implementing the Weight Loss Evolved protocol for more than 10 years which tells us quite a history of success.

Additionally, they are continually providing new programs, so there will be plenty of opportunities for upsells.

By signing up as an affiliate, you can earn a 30% commission for each sale you generate and their average sale is $397 which means your commission is $119 with a lifetime cookie period attached to it.

  • Commission: 30%
  • Cookie: Lifetime

Tony Robbins: The Path To Weightloss

tony robbins weight loss affiliate program

Tony Robbins created an empire by being the most confident man in this world and he is famous for his self-help programs that are all about improving people’s lives from health, wealth, and even losing weight.

The Path to Weight Loss is a big earner in the weight loss category and the program is priced at $229, so the 15% commission is quite a nice chunk of change for affiliates.

What’s best is that Tony’s programs are sold all over the world, so you won’t have to limit yourself to the market in the US only.

Tony Robbins is the face of the number one personal development brand of all time and his name carries a massive weight, so you won’t even have to break a sweat trying to sell this program to your audience.

  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie: 45 days

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels affiliate program

Jillian Michaels is a bestselling author, television personality, entrepreneur, and one of the leading health and wellness coaches.

She’s committed to helping people to be the best versions of themselves and live happy and healthy lives, therefore, on her app, you can find anything from customized workouts, fitness DVDs, personalized nutrition plans and recipes, daily guidance, tracking, and a supportive community.

Her affiliate program is run by ShareASale and affiliates can get access to unique banners and text links as well as a real-time dashboard where they can track sales and commissions.

  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie: 30 days

Diet To Go

diettogo affiliate program

Diet-To-Go is a company founded back in 1991 in Virginia by entrepreneur Hilton Davis and the company was a pioneer in the diet food delivery industry, offering one of the first diet meal mail-order products.

Today, they prepare over 40,000 meals per week and they operate a local pickup service through providers like Gold’s Gym, World Gym, and Walgreen’s in New Jersey, Baltimore, LA, and Washington.

Besides these locations, Diet-to-Go also ships frozen food overnight by express courier to all states in the US.

Customers can choose whether they want to receive Diet-to-Go meals five or seven days per week and they can also make their pick from the four different types of plans from the customizable menu.

Diet-to-Go has an in-house affiliate program where they offer their affiliates $40 from each generated sale. As an affiliate, you will have access to your online dashboard where you will be able to track sales and commissions in real-time.

The opportunity to earn here is big given that many people are trying to save time on cooking and preparing food but still want to eat healthily and lose weight quickly.

  • Commission: $40 per sale
  • Cookie: 45 days


Bauer Nutrition affiliate program

BauerNutrition is a company that carries supplements for general health, sports nutrition, and weight loss that help maintain a healthy overall lifestyle while continually shedding unwanted pounds.

The company has products that can help improve your health, lifestyle, and mood including vitamins, sleep aids, proteins to enhance your workouts, and even cosmetic products.

This gives you quite a variety to share with your audience and help them in more than just one area of their life.

Their average order value is $80 and as an affiliate, you will receive 40% commission on the sale you generate.

Additionally, their affiliate network will provide you with a variety of advertising resources including banners, product images, keywords, before/after photos, and infographics.

  • Commission: 40%

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