16 Crypto Affiliate Programs (For The Next Bull Run)

Is cryptocurrency a good niche for affiliate marketers? You bet!

Today, we’re looking at 16 crypto affiliates programs you can promote. As you’re about to see, there are plenty of high-paying, high-converting crypto offers that when promoted right, can lead to a flowing (even recurring) monthly income.

If you’re looking to become an affiliate marketer in the crypto sphere, this guide is for you. Not only will I share the best affiliate programs currently available, but I will also give you some added tips on how to get started.

I genuinely believe the next 2017-style bull-run is just around the counter so let’s not waste any more time. Here are…

15 Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs (Reviewed Below)

crypto affiliate marketing programs

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Koinly Affiliate Program

Koinly affiliate program

Koinly is a crypto portfolio tracker and tax reporting platform that allows traders and investors to reconcile all their cryptocurrency transactions across over 700+ wallets, exchanges, and blockchains, saving countless hours of manually calculating taxes.

Crypto investors can generate tax office compliant reports in over 20 countries, supported in more than 100 countries, with a product used by hundreds of thousands of crypto investors globally.

Koinly’s affiliate program is one of the easiest in the crypto industry. The product is widely recognized as a leader in the space and constantly innovates to add more functionality for existing and new users.

  • Average commission of 20% (up to 40%) on paid conversions
  • 10% lifetime recurring commission
  • Discounts of up to 20% can be added to the affiliate coupon

This means the commission from a single sale can be as high as $200. 

Changelly Affiliate Program

changelly affiliate program

Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a great affiliate program for all of its contributors.

Although they trade other cryptocurrencies, Changelly has a strong focus on Bitcoin and they pay affiliate partners in this currency the day after the actual transaction has been made.

The platform splits revenue with its affiliates, so you earn 50% during the entire lifetime of a customer.

Indacoin Affiliate Program

indacoin affiliate program

Indacoin is built as the cryptocurrency trading platform for MasterCard and Visa owners.

Bitcoin is the main means of exchange, but Indacoin supports over 200 other coins as well.

The network is highly reliable, but it comes with a price of its own because affiliate partners can earn only 3% per referral.

Binance Affiliate Program

binance affiliate program

A Chinese crypto exchange platform called Binance is known for its safety and reliability.

However, the main reason why affiliate marketers love this network is the commission rate of 20% per transaction, while experienced partners with over 500 BNB can even count on 40%.

The best thing about Binance is that you don’t have to wait for payments as these are completed automatically.

Bitbond Affiliate Program

bitbond affiliate program

Bitbond is another interesting Bitcoin affiliate program with superior customer service. With this platform, affiliate partners can earn up to 50% for each customer they attract.

Besides that, you earn commissions for the same referral two years upon its activation.

CEX Affiliate Program

cexio affiliate program

CEX.IO is one of the most popular Bitcoin online markets with more than three million active traders.

They offer you a 30% commission for each customer you bring in and there is no minimum amount required for a payout.

You do, however, need to wait for 30 days before your daily payouts begin.

CoinMama Affiliate Program

coinmama affiliate program

More than 1.5 million cryptocurrency traders in 190 countries choose Coin Mama as their primary network.

The platform pays you a 15% commission in Bitcoins and it drops automatically to your electronic wallet.

Although it’s not the highest commission in the Bitcoin affiliate business, the sheer frequency of transactions done through Coin Mama makes the network highly profitable.

XCoins Affiliate Program

xcoins affiliate program

X Coins is yet another Bitcoin trading solution that also offers affiliate marketers the opportunity to earn solid commissions.

The platform is safe and sound and it allows you to keep 20% of the customer lifetime value.

You get your money instantly through X Coins native wallet. X Coins is perfect for Bitcoin traders who are using PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

CoinDeal Affiliate Program

coindeal affiliate program

Coin Deal is a simple affiliate program that works like this – you create the official account, go to the affiliate section, copy the corresponding URL, and send it to your personal and/or professional contacts.

In case you can attract new clients, you will get 20% per user.

CoinBase Affiliate Program

coinbase affiliate program

Coin Base is probably the most famous cryptocurrency exchange network with offers covering every major digital coin.

However, the system is prone to eliminating inexperienced affiliates because referrals have to trade a minimum of 100$ worth of Bitcoins to earn affiliate partners a 10% commission.

The offer is valid per customer per transaction.

Lake BTC Affiliate Program

lakebtc affiliate program

Lake BTC is a Shanghai-based Bitcoin exchange service and it is considered to be one of the major players in the field globally.

Affiliate marketers love it because it offers a 30% commission for as long as the client remains active on this platform.

However, some partners don’t like the fact that Lake BTC conducts payments every month.

Trezor Affiliate Program

trezor affiliate program

Trezor is a popular choice among cryptocurrency traders because it introduces safe wallet protection technology.

The trading frequency of the network also attracts lots of affiliates, but the commission comes at a modest level of 10% per transaction.

What we don’t like about Trezor is that it doesn’t reveal other information, such as the payout frequency and payment methods.

BitPanda Affiliate Program

bitpanda affiliate program

BitPanda is the so-called “home of digital assets” that allows users to invest in Bitcoin and more than 20 other currencies.

The commission per referral is fixed to $2.8 and there is no minimum amount required before the actual payout.

In other words, each commission is automatically transferred to your account.

Coinigy Affiliate Program

coinigy affiliate program

Coinigy is an all-encompassing cryptocurrency management package with special offers for everyone from buyers over sellers to affiliates.

Many crypto-bloggers use Coinigy for affiliate purposes and they claim it’s a highly reliable network with commissions reaching 15%.

The money is transferred once a month to your Bitcoin address.

Paxful Affiliate Program

paxful affiliate program

Paxful represents a frequently used program for top-performing affiliates who can redirect many new users.

With this network, you can earn anything from 1% to 50% per referral, so it’s up to you to find the best model of work and gain decent revenue on the side.

Ledger Wallet Affiliate Program

ledger nano affiliate program

Ledger Nano X is often regarded as the safest cryptocurrency wallet with advanced security solutions.

They can give you a 10% commission for every referral and pay you monthly in Bitcoins.

How To Make Money Promoting Crypto Affiliate Programs

cryptocurrency affiliates programs to promote

Let’s now talk about how you can put the above-listed crypto affiliate programs to good use (so you can start earning some mega-commissions).

As with any other “industry” – you will need an audience, which means; you have to build an audience (most probably from scratch).

There are a few ways one can build an audience online these days, and I will tell you all about each one next.

Crypto Affiliate Website (SEO)

When it comes to affiliate marketing, I will forever be a fan of good-ole-trusted SEO as a way to generate traffic and commissions.

Whether you are promoting any of the above-mentioned cryptocurrency affiliate programs or anything else, Google search traffic works because people who come from Google have the intent to do something.

Starting an affiliate website is not as hard as you may think. I’ll show you exactly how I build simple affiliate websites that make money here.

Social Media

Although I’m not typically a fan of using social media to promote your affiliate links – it does work (albeit a bit risky).

Even you want to promote your crypto affiliate links on social media, go ahead and give it a go (just remember social giants like Facebook have come out and said they’re not too fond of these things).

However – a better strategy would be to build a website (as mentioned above) and then focus on one preferred social media to drive traffic from the platform to your website (where you will have your affiliate links at the ready).

This will garnett you will not get banned off your social network and you’ll be able to convert a potential much easier through your blog posts than you can with a tweet – just something to keep in mind.


Crypto-YouTubers are everywhere.

If you’re into crypto, I’m sure you’ve seen this already and you also have a favorite you’d like to watch.

You may also notice that they use affiliate links in their description (most notably the Ledger Nano affiliate program).

If you’re good on camera, then starting a crypto-YouTube channel may be one of the best things you can do.

The second best thing is to get some proper affiliate marketing training, which I will talk about next.

Free Training For Beginner Crypto Affiliates

Last but not least, I want to offer you a training course – which you can join for free – that will teach you all about how to make money with (crypto) affiliate marketing.

The course is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can learn more about it here (link leads to my review).

It’s an intensive video course covering:

  • how to create a website,
  • how to get targeted traffic,
  • how to convert that traffic, and
  • Just about everything you need to know (and do) to make this a successful venture.