Does Affiliate Marketing Really Make Money?

If you’ve been trying your luck with affiliate marketing lately – and not seeing the results you were promised – you may be wondering;

Does affiliate marketing really make money?

Is it true that you can “make money while you sleep?

We’ve all heard these claims and even though the affiliate marketing industry has cleaned up quite nicely in the recent years; there are still many who wonder if you can actually make money with it (or it’s just one big ole’ scam).

So can affiliate marketing make you money?

Yes; of course it can.

Where do you think all this “free” online content comes from anyway?

Not all websites are being “financed” by affiliate marketing, but you’d be surprised as to how much content is out there that is monetized through affiliate marketing.

(I believe for Amazon it’s about 15% to 20% of revenue comes from affiliate marketing – but don’t quote me on that).

So yes; affiliate marketing can definitely make money.

Whether you can make money with affiliate marketing, that’s a different story.

But how can you make it work?

Well, let’s find out:

does affiliate marketing really make money

How To Kick-Start Your Affiliate Marketing Paychecks

The beauty about affiliate marketing is that you only need one sale.

(When I say one sale, I mean your first sale).

You’re probably reading this because you’re either thinking of getting into affiliate marketing or you are doing it already, but have $0 to show for it.

I am assuming – since you’re asking whether affiliate marketing can make money or not – that you still haven’t popped your first-sale cherry yet.

Don’t worry; you will.

If you just keep at it, follow the right path and keep asking the right questions; you’ll get your first sale – yes; it’s a guarantee.

Then what?

Then you know you’ve got this. Then it’s proven to you once and for all that you can actually do this and that yes; affiliate marketing can make money.

It was only after my first sale that I was fully convinced.

I spent months working with zero, and one beautiful morning I woke up and found $0.84c sitting inside my Amazon Associates Account.

At that moment; I had all the answers I was hoping for.

I had finally proved I can make money online.

One good thing you need to learn as soon as possible is that;

Affiliate marketing is a numbers game.

Same can be said about any other business mode really but when it comes to affiliate marketing and “conversion rates,” that’s precisely true and exactly what it comes down to.

Once you have your first sale, you not only know that yes; affiliate marketing does make money; but also what your numbers are:

  • 100 visitors /
  • 1 sale ($100 in earnings) =
  • 1% conversion rate.

While that’s overly simplified and you can not create your business plan on just one sale; you at least know what to expect.

2,000 visitors? That’s 20 sales or $2,000 in earnings.

That’s not bad at all, considering how relatively easy it is to get 2,000 visitors a month.

Again, this is a simplified formula for the sake of this example; your actual results may vary but that’s how you got to look at this and remember; the more data you have, the more correct decisions you can make.

Got that? Let’s move on;

Is Affiliate Marketing Still Profitable?

100 dollars

Of course it is.

Who would even doubt that?

It might actually be the most profitable business model that there is considering how low the start-up costs are.

All you need is a domain ($15) and a hosting plan ($5 p/month or you can get free hosting from here), which comes to around $100 per year.

Obviously; I’m not factoring in your time here, but that’s pretty much the only expense you need to start with.

Sure it’s advisable to invest back in your business once you start making money but even once you do; affiliate marketing is still very much profitable.

This blog earns a full-time, and I only spend around $50 per month on it to keep it running.

I have an excellent introductory guide to affiliate marketing if you’re interested and it also lists some of the fantastic benefits of affiliate marketing for you (just to get you hopeful again).

How Fast Can You Earn An Income?

I knew you were going to ask this – everyone does – and the truth is; nobody can tell you exactly how much time it will take.

I had projects that made me an income in a month, I have others that took two years.

I have niche sites that started off miserably and are now my best earners, and there are ones which I thought would be winners, but I have since closed them down.

It depends on a lot of things, most notably your work ethic and your niche.

It’s good to have a system or a roadmap that you can follow knowing well enough what to expect and what to do if it were to go slightly off course.

I have a great guide that explains how quickly you can make money so take a look at that if you’re genuinely curious about it.

(Or better yet simply go and get started. Time will pass anyway and it’s best to start today than tomorrow).

Can You Get Rich With Affiliate Marketing?

Sure you can. That’s my goal, and that’s what I am currently working towards.

The thing is; “rich” is different for everyone.

Do you mean you have the freedom to do anything you want? The freedom to be out of the 9-5 grind

If that’s the case, I’m already rich, and you can be soon as those things are quite easy to achieve.

My exact idea of rich is somewhere in the $1 to $5 million regions, and that is where I plan on taking this and yes; with all my online business (not only affiliate marketing) I think I can get that.

I plan on investing a lot of my affiliate income into other ventures too.

(You can see my plan and my tips on how to invest your affiliate marketing profits here.)

What Type of Affiliate Offers Are Best Promoting

Last but not least; I want to give you a quick insider tip I shared recently with my newsletter students which is;

The importance of choosing the right products and the right niche to have the best chance of success.

I make most of my income from recurring commissions, which means I mostly sell digital products that carry with them some sort of monthly fee or monthly membership.

I make the sale once and every month I keep getting paid.

Online courses, online tools (such as hosting packages for example) and any other product or service that offer a recurring monthly commission are the easiest way to get you from $0 to $5,000 a month.

If I were you, I’d spend a good amount of time picking and perfecting my product and also pass it through that example formula I mentioned above so it gives you some idea of what to expect.

If you’re interested in going the “recurring commissions” route, I also have a list of great offers to promote that do offer recurring commissions.

In Closing

affiliate guide

Thank you very much for reading my post.

I know this post went a bit all over the place, but I hope I managed to help you figure out the truth about affiliate marketing and whether it’s a worthwhile venture to pursue or not.

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know down below, and I’d also advise you to join my affiliate marketing newsletter.

It’s a (daily) newsletter that I send out to my 4,000+ subscribers that basically keeps them updated about what I am doing and what I am up to.

This would be the perfect opportunity to see how life as an affiliate marketer really is (the actual grind not all the guru-flash) and also you get to learn what is working and what isn’t based on my own wins and failures.

Once you join, I’ll also be sending you my free “How To Win At Affiliate Marketing” ebook and also an open invitation to my 10-day getting started training course (which you can read about here).

Does affiliate marketing really make money?

I encourage you to go find out.

Talk soon.

Christian Lee

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