My eCom Elites Review (& How I Earned $4,000 In The First Month)

Dropshipping has been a great side-business for me.

I got into it at the perfect time (around 2016) and I was lucky enough to already have an audience I had built over the years that I could sell to.

One other thing that got me earning rather quickly is having a great training course to follow, and that is Franklin Hatchett’s Ecom Elites training course.

I had been following Franklin on YouTube for quite some time and once he launched this course, I decided to jump in and follow his methods.

Below, I will be sharing my Ecom Elites review so if you’re thinking about getting this product (and wondering if this is for you), I suggest you read this carefully so you understand what you’ll be getting and what you can look forward to.

Before we get into the finer details, here’s a quick TLDR summary of this review.

eCom Elites Final Rating $197 (Down From $497)
  • Price
  • Features
  • Training
  • Value For Money

Ecom Elites Review: TLDR Summary

  • 9 training modules available. ✔️
  • Practical & beginner-friendly information. ✔️
  • One of the most legit guys in dropshipping ✔️
  • I made over $4,000 with Ecom Elites in one month (see below) ✔️

NB: While this does not affect my opinions about this course, please note I earn a small commission if you decide to purchase Ecom Elites. This comes at no extra cost to you. For more information, you can see my Earnings Disclaimer page.

So, What is eCom Elites All About?

ecom elites review

eCom Elites is Franklin Hatchett’s mastermind training program, where you will get access to all the “drop shipping” secrets you wish you knew.

It’s a massive training program with many different modules (I will go into detail about this later). If you follow instructions, it will allow you to build yourself a successful online drop shipping business.

What Is A Dropshipping Business?

Just in case you’ve stumbled upon this eCom Elites review by accident and you’re just learning about dropshipping now, let me give you a (very brief) introduction to drop shipping.

Drop Shipping is the business model that allows you to sell products without ever needing to hold inventory.

With a few automation tools, once an order comes in on your store, it will automatically be sent to your supplier in China, and the supplier will ship it directly to your customer.

Your role in all of this?

  • Get the customers
  • Collect the profits.

You don’t have to worry about storing products or shipping. That’s what the supplier is for. Your job is to build a store (around a specific niche/topic) and drive traffic to it.

Sounds simple?

That’s because it is, but you will still need to learn some basics of drop shipping to make this a successful venture. This is why a training course like eCom Elites can be a great choice for you if you’re just getting started.

NB: From this point forward, I am going to assume you know all about how dropshipping works so I won’t get into the business model. Instead, I will focus on what you will be learning inside Ecom Elites.

If you’re still not quite sure what dropshipping is and how it works, take a look at my “getting started with dropshipping” guide.

ecom elites member reviews

What Will You Learn From eCom Elites?

Inside Ecom Elites, you will be learning everything (yes, everything) there is to know about dropshipping.

Now, the “beginner stuff” you can find most of it online, but for the more advanced stuff, this is where eCom Elites shines and delivers the most value.

ecom elites training modulesIn the training modules, which you will find listed below, you will learn:

  • How to build your Shopify store
  • How to choose a winning product
  • How to promote your offers
  • How to get traffic to your store
  • How to scale up your profits and
  • many more.

All this is explained in 9 full-blown training modules, which are:

  • Sourcing Products and Research
  • Setting up your Shopify store
  • Facebook Advertising Part 1
  • Facebook Advertising Part 2
  • Instagram Traffic
  • Organic SEO Traffic
  • Email Marketing
  • Taxes & Business
  • Top Secret Videos (I can’t tell you)

The 3 Things I Liked About Ecom Elites

thumbs up

✔️ Franklin Hatchett Himself:

I enjoy Franklin’s videos, and I find him to be quite funny and also a brilliant mentor to learn from. He’s a one-of-a-kind instructor that knows his stuff and is always willing to help.

I really enjoyed seeing that he is part of the community as well and no question goes unanswered. It’s not common to see the course creator active (on a daily basis) engaging with his students.

✔️ The Video Request Feature

Another unique idea in eCom Elites is the fact that you can request a video from Franklin.

If something is not covered, or you run into a specific problem you just can’t get around, then you can use this feature to ask Franklin to do a video tutorial for you.

Obviously, this comes at no extra cost to you, and you will also be helping other community members with your questions.

✔️ Weekly Videos

Every week, Franklin hops on and does a weekly video usually answering some questions or sharing some of his brand new ideas and strategies.

The whole drop shipping business changes a lot and what might work today, might not work tomorrow.

The fact that this training course is constantly being updated is great knowing I am getting the best / latest information on how to grow my business.

Things I Did Not Like

To be honest, there’s nothing I did not like about this training.

When trying and reviewing courses like this one, I always find there’s something which could’ve been done better but with this course, there really is nothing to complain about.

  • The training is legit
  • The instructor delivers
  • The videos are high-quality
  • There is plenty of content, making it worth your money!

As I said already, Franklin over-delivers in every course I ever tried from him (Savage Affiliates is another great one). I’d even go further and say Ecom Elites is one of the best training on; how to start a dropshipping business (if not the best!)

Some (More) Addition Features

Apart from the “Video request” I mentioned earlier, another cool feature in eCom Elites is the community and the secret mastermind Facebook Group.

This group is only open for members of the course, and in there you are free to openly discuss ideas, get feedback, talk to other like-minded individuals and grow from each other’s successes and failures.

An active community is always a good sign, and the income proof that gets shared on this group is jaw-dropping.

Speaking of results….

My Ecom Elites Results: $4,000+ In One Month!

As I said at the beginning of this review, I learned about dropshipping from Franklin’s videos and training course.

I’ve had the store before I stumbled across eCom Elites, but it never took off quite like I had hoped it would, I was still missing a piece of the puzzle.

That all changed once I started following Franklin’s advice, and you can see my results from November 2017 here:

Shopify Earnings

This is a great income to have, and I love the fact that I have added drop shipping as another income source to my online business.

Affiliate marketing has always been the primary way to make money for me, but this new e-com side of my business is growing, and I have the training and the community inside Ecom Elites to thank for this.

eCom Elites Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

ecom elites pricing

I got the eCom Elites training on a one-time, lifetime access membership plan that costs $197.

The price was scheduled to go up as more and more students join the training, but if you are interested, you can see here if the price is still available here.

$197 may seem like a lot, but trust me, it isn’t. The $197 I invested in this course soon led to a $4,000 month!

You will learn all you need to know about this business and what is unique about dropshipping is that you can start earning more quickly if you know what you are doing.

There are other training courses that are more expensive (five figures price tags), and I can assure you that they have nothing that eCom Elites doesn’t offer.

Who Is eCom Elites For?

eCom Elites is for the entrepreneur-at-heart who is looking to start an online business.

There are many ways one can earn money online, but drop shipping is truly unique.

If you want to start an online business, then dropshipping is something I will recommend to you.

NB: Dropshipping is filled with a lot of charlatans. Please do not let some pimple-faced kid scam you into thinking they have the answer to making millions with dropshipping. If you want a legit, grown-up method to grow a dropshipping business, Ecom Elites is the training course for you.

My eCom Elites Final Rating: Is It Legit?

thumbs up

YES – the Ecom Elites training course is as legit as they get.

For the service delivered and for all the amazing benefits I have seen from Franklin’s training, I will award this training course a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

The reason it’s not a complete 5 star is because that would not leave any area for improvement. However, it just might already be worthy of a 5-star rating.

That’s all from my end.

Thank you very much for reading my eCom Elites review.

I will leave you with one of Franklin’s best recent YouTube videos so you can see who you will be dealing with once you become an eCom Elites member yourself.

If you have any questions about dropshipping or the Ecom Elites training course, please leave them below. I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.