10 Home Theatre Affiliate Programs For HD Commissions

With home theatre systems becoming more and more affordable (and with everyone stuck at home trying to entertain themselves), it’s safe to say the home theatre niche is here to stay.

As an affiliate, you can capitalize off this increased interest and the high-ticket items associated with this niche so with that said, I have a special treat for you.

Here are the…

10 Most-Popular Home Theatre Affiliate Programs:

  • B&H Photo Video
  • Adorama
  • Best Buy
  • Roku
  • World Wide Stereo
  • Home Theatre Enthusiasts
  • Emotiva
  • ielectronics.com
  • Audioengine
  • HiDEF Lifestyle

Home Theatre Affiliate Programs

B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video has been in operation since 1973, and it is a leading retailer in video equipment in the US.

They allow you to earn a commission by promoting their products on your website, blog, or social media accounts.

They require that the content on your website or blog is related to B&H products for you to become an affiliate.

Commission rate: begins at 2% with a possibility of growing up to 8% depending on your performance

Minimum payout: $80

Payout structure: monthly

Payout method: PayPal

Support offered: customized tools and links, updated offer and deal emails, dedicated affiliate managers


Adorama’s affiliate program is owned by Adorama, which is the leader in offering affordable electronics, including home theatre equipment.

They pride in having the best products that have a high conversion rate.

The company that ships its products worldwide to over 250 countries allows you to join as an affiliate and earn some extra bucks by promoting their products.

Commission rate: 2% per sale base commission with incentives for better performance

Minimum payout: $500. No limit on how much you can earn

Payment method: PayPal

Payout structure: monthly

Cookie policy: 30 days of cookie tracking.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a multinational retailer in consumer electronics based in the US.

If you are looking for a way to earn some extra cash on your blog or website, you can join their affiliate program for free.

If a customer purchases a product through your approved unique link, you earn a commission. Their high conversion rate guarantees you a better income.

Commission rate: 0.5% commission for “New” Best Buy customer transactions. 0.5% for Geek Squad services

Payment structure: monthly


Roku Affiliate Program is an easy, fun, and free way of earning extra cash by promoting Roku products. Roku products include premium audio and video equipment.

It is free and effortless to join the affiliate program that boasts of a 7.5% conversion rate.

For every customer you refer, and they complete a purchase, you will receive a commission.

Commission rate: 5% commission per sale

Average order size: $99

Support offered: dedicated affiliate team, promotion materials, banner ads, textual links.

World Wide Stereo

The World Wide Stereo affiliate program is an excellent choice if you wish to promote the audio and video equipment from the biggest brands. By becoming an affiliate, you’ll get paid for promoting their products.

The company has a love for music and video, and you are sure to reap big by becoming their affiliate.

Commission rate: 3% on all referred sales with opportunities to earn more

Average order: $500

Support offered: textual links, banners, dedicated support team

Payment method: PayPal, bank transfers, Master Card, American Express

Payout structure: monthly.

Home Theatre Enthusiasts

Home Theatre Enthusiasts Affiliate Program is for you if you run a content site, an extensive network, or if you are a blogger or social media influencer.

Unlike other programs, the Home Theatre Enthusiasts affiliate program enables you to earn not only for the products you advertised but for all qualifying purchases.

They boast of a high conversion rate, which helps you maximize your income.

Commission rate: 3% for all qualifying purchases with incentives for higher earning

Payout structure: monthly

Cookie policy: not listed

Support offered: promotional materials, banners ads, textual links, dedicated support team.


The Emotiva Affiliate program is run by Emotiva, which seeks to offer high-performance home theatre and other audio and video products. You can join the affiliate program and get paid for referring customers.

When you become an affiliate partner of Emotiva, you receive a unique link that you can post on your blog and social media platforms.

The affiliate program boasts of a highly competitive commission rate.

Commission rate: competitive commission rate

Support offered: promotional materials, dedicated support team, up-to-date newsletters and creatives showing the latest products and promotions, exclusive affiliate offers.


The ielectronics.com affiliate program is an excellent choice for promoting the best products for your audience. The company stands out for offering the best electronics, including home theatres, and they ship the products worldwide.

By becoming an affiliate, you not only promote high-quality products, but you also earn an extra income as commission.

Commission rate: not listed

Payment method: bank transfer, PayPal, American Express, Master Card, Discover Network

Payout structure: monthly

Support offered: textual links, updated products catalog, banner ads, live chat with the support team, promotional materials.


The Audioengine affiliate program allows you to join for free and earn money by promoting their products, including home theatres. You will earn a commission by placing a link or links in your blog, website, or social media accounts.

For every visitor who completes a purchase through your link, you will receive a commission.

Commission rate: not listed

Cookie policy: 60 days cookie tracking

Support offered: textual links, banner ads, support team, regular offers and promotions

Payment method: PayPal

HiDEF Lifestyle

HiDEF Lifestyle affiliate program allows your visitors to access high-quality audio and video products, including home theatres, woofers, turntables, headphones, etc.

If you want to become an affiliate of HiDEF Lifestyle, just apply and join for free.

You will then receive a link that you can post on your website, and your visitors can follow the link and buy the products.

Commission rate: not listed

Cookie policy: 30 days of cookie tracking

Payment method: PayPal, bank transfers

Payout structure: monthly

Support offered: promotional materials, up-to-date products catalog, and textual links.

Can You Make Money Selling Home Theatre Systems As An Affiliate Marketer?

While there are some big players with deep pockets in this niche, this by no means should deter you from trying your hand at making money (an affiliate) in this niche.

All you need is a great website that brings in traffic and a solid affiliate program or two to promote (which you have plenty of above).

If you do this, I have no doubt you’d be able to make money as an affiliate here.

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, I suggest you take a look at my guide showing you how I build my own affiliate websites.

I’m sure it will be an interesting read (and an eye-opener) for you.