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How To Get More Commissions As An Affiliate Marketer

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We affiliate marketers are a funny bunch right?

We work hard for 6 months, see no results, keep at it, (finally) start seeing results, then we want to go from 0 to 100 in just a few days.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I get it don’t worry, you want to get more commissions as an affiliate marketer because you have been putting in the effort (like no other) and you deserve it; yes you do.

It’s hard being an affiliate marketer, half the world don’t care what you do and half the world think you are just some kind of internet spammer.

However, hope is in sight and if you have been doing affiliate marketing for a while and have already made some sales, you now understand how incredibly effective and profitable affiliate marketing can be.

Now, back to the question at hand; how can you (from today) start making more commissions that you are currently making?

How To Get More Commissions As An Affiliate Marketer

Well, that is what I would like to attempt to answer for you with this quick blog post that I have for you.

When I told you I understand your frustrations, trust me; I do.

I have been doing affiliate marketing (and recently drop shipping too) and my biggest challenge is how am I going to get more sales and more revenue (without increasing my work).

Is this the same situation you find yourself in as well? No fret…

Here’s what you will be learning in this post:

  • How to get more commission as an affiliate marketer.
  • How to increase your website’s conversion rate.
  • How to get more traffic to your niche affiliate website (without doubling down on content).
  • How to make more sales per month without even selling a thing (my best tip, which Saved for last).

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So, let’s see how we can get some more bang for your buck….

How To Get More Commissions as an Affiliate Marketer

The first thing that makes logical sense is to try and increase traffic to your blog.

Have you looked into optimizing your SEO? Writing more keyword-rich content or maybe even using social (with the option of Paid ads)?

More traffic = more money and if your site has been converting so far, then we already know that the model itself works.

The “getting more traffic part” is a given, I know; but you’d be surprised how much difference it does if you just spend some time tightening up your site a bit to make it more user and search engine friendly.

Next, we need to look at your conversation rate, which is what we will be discussing next…

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate (On Your Niche Site)

If with every 100 people you get you manage to convert 1, then a great way to get more commissions every month is to try and convert more than with every 100 visitors that visit your niche affiliate website.

What is the secret of optimizing conversions you may ask?

Well I do not know one holy grail of conversions, but I have tried a few things here and there that have increased my conversion rates over time, these are;

Better Website Layout:

A good site design can go a long way, and when I say a good site design, I do not mean you need these fancy corporate-style websites everyone is going bonkers over lately, I mean something simple and easy to read, that is all.

A perfect example of this is the theme I am using for this very website you are reading right now.

I think it does the job well in giving you the information you need in a simple, easy to read manner and you can quickly navigate the site to find what you are looking for.

The theme’s name is TuneUp (in case you are wondering).

Faster Information:

Another major thing I have noticed is that people tend to not stick around much on a website.

Even if you take every recommended measure to ensure that they do, you’ll still be hard pressed to grab and hold on to a reader’s attention for long, it’s just how the internet functions.

Actually, I am surprised you are still here reading this far.

What I did to combat this is I provided all the major points and all the information you are looking for at the beginning of the article (I try to do this as much as possible but it doesn’t always fit).

Then, the rest of the article will go into more detail about what my points are, but my points (and the information you are looking for) can be found within the first few hundred words.

So why do I go deep in the remainder of the post?

Because Google loves long, in-depth and detailed content, this is one of the major SEO things you can do to get more traffic and more commissions; write longer content.

The suggested word count, especially for a competitive keyword is of around 2000 words. Yes; that’s long but trust me, with some blog writing tips, this will become easier and easier as you learn how to craft your thoughts into words.

So what else is needed for more commissions?

A strong CTA:

This is huge and I have suffered greatly before because I didn’t make my offers obvious.

By obvious, I don’t mean “in your face” either, but there’s a way to do your CTA (call to action) that is clear and delivers the message of “what to do next”.

Some good example of a strong CTA could be something like:

  • Buy this product here.
  • See ProductXYZ Review.
  • Join My Training Program.
  • Sign Up To My Email list.

Affiliate marketers often shy away from direct asks such as the ones above, but trust me; people want to be told what to do next.

Do not simply assume that the customer is so savvy that he knows the next 3 steps.

If you do not illustrate this properly and give them a strong call to action, then they just might leave to read another site and do the conversion there (since the other side clearly stated what he/she should do next).

Always make sure to give your customers what to do next, you will see how I manage this at the end of this post down below.

Write Great Product Reviews:

Reviews are amazing for converting readers into buyer and (obviously) get more commissions as an affiliate marketer.

I tend to do a lot of reviews on this site explain the many online tools that exist for online entrepreneurs.

Reviews work great and can significantly increase your conversions and commissions for one simple reason:

The person looking for a review is already set to purchase (thus you have eliminated the need to “sell” first).

Whoever is looking for a review, say a specific model of a kitchen appliance, has already done all the research needed and typically is looking for the last push to buy. Nobody out there is reading up on kitchen appliances unless they are ready to pull the trigger soon.

Do some research on products that are related to your industry and start doing reviews on those.

Always include the word “review” in your title and in the text of the post, thus giving a clear indication to search engines that in fact, this post is a review about XYZ product.

Also, in your reviews, keep in mind to add strong call-to-actions as described in the previous post.

You really don’t want to be in the situation where you convince a customer to buy then just leaves to buy the product without your affiliate link secured in his browser.

One tip I learned is that there are a lot of missed opportunities like this. Always check your links and from time to time check if there are any broken affiliate links that could be damaging your monthly commissions as a marketer.

Targeting Relevant keywords:

One last thing I want to bring up about this is to get more quality people through quality keywords.

As I already said, reviews are a great way to get ranked and to make more commissions but there are many other keywords you can target that also have that “buyer intent in mind”.

For example, “Best Smart Cookers” is not a review-keyword exactly, but it also indicates that the person looking for that is very close to making a purchase.

By finding keywords like that you are guaranteeing that the visitors you have coming to your site are intent on buying.

You do not want to have a flow of traffic that simply is not interested in converting.

I’d much rather have 10 people who are buyers coming in every day then have 1000 people coming in every day that simply won’t convert because they are not quite at that stage yet.

get more commissions

So, To Recap:

Before I close this post, let me give you a quick recap of what talked about above in order to help you get more commissions:

Have a better website layout:

Simple and clean is your best option here. Chill out on the bells and whistles

Deliver the information in a fast way, without too much fluff:

Stop beating around the bush

Have a strong CTA:

I’d suggest you also look into your past posts and how you can improve the ones you have as this is a Sure opportunity to increase conversions.

Do product reviews:

You can see how to write product reviews here.

Find great keywords with buy-intent:

Self-explanatory but feel free to see my guide to finding keywords for affiliate marketing.

In Closing

Thank you very much for reading my guide on how to get more commission sans an affiliate marketer.

If you have any questions, you can:

Hope all is well on your side of the world and I look forward to hearing from you.



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