How To Invest Your Affiliate Marketing Profits

One great thing about online businesses and affiliate marketing is that if done right, then you turn over a pretty decent amount of cash each and every month.

Obviously, this post is aimed for the mid to pro-level of affiliates who are already making a decent amount of change with their affiliate business.

If you are still a beginner or still earning less than $200 per month, this post is not intended for you.

However, I suggest you bookmark it, learn how to grow your affiliate business and then come read the rest of the post to learn how to invest your affiliate marketing profits.

This post I will be writing from my own experience with affiliate marketing.

Please note that I am not an investment-advice kind of guy, but rather a moderately-successful affiliate marketer who wants to grow by investing my earnings back into my business.

At the time of writing, I am making around $2,000 to $4,000 a month from my online business portfolio which includes:

  • 3 affiliate marketing website
  • 1 drop shipping store

An average of around $3,000 a month is good enough.

There are many others who make much more, but I have my eyes on growth and have been recently trying and testing out various ways I can re-invest my affiliate marketing profits to build a business that makes $30,000 a month in a few years.

Is it possible? Damn sure. I have seen it with my own eyes people making that much more and (just see how much Pat Flynn makes per month).

You may be at the same level as me, below me or above me but this is what I am doing to grow my business.

Feel free to like, try and disagree with any of the options I will provide below. I am more than willing to hear better ideas from better affiliate marketers than myself.

Let’s get started, shall we?

How To Invest Your Affiliate Marketing Profits

Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Yes, this is 2018 and I am more than sure that cryptocurrencies will be booming as big (or maybe even more) as they did in late 2017.

I have done my research and I have spent entire nights learning about the different cryptos out there and I am positive that they are here to stay.

Again: this is not investment advice.

For all I know, they can all go to shit tomorrow and I’ll end up with $0 but it’s highly unlikely that that will ever happen now that the cat is out of the bag.

I’m writing this in April of 2018 and since November 2017, I have been investing my affiliate marketing profits into cryptocurrencies such as IOTA, Bitcoin, and Ripple XRP.

As with every investment, you should never put all your eggs in one basket and that holds true for crypto as well.

If you have some money to invest, I would yes advise you to put in at the very least $50 (or maybe even a $100) and just forget about them.

The worst case scenario is you lose $100 but the best case scenario will be extremely worth much more than $100.

Again, just my thoughts and I’m advising you to start low and invest a little something every month from your affiliate profits.

You can also invest in another type of investments (I also own some Apple and Facebook shares) so crypto is not the only option.

The reason I got into affiliate marketing was to be able to build a steady financial future and now that I have money coming in, I’m diversifying.

Buy Up A Ready-Made Website

As I am sure you know, building up a website that makes money is a hell of a job and it’s not a job for the weak.

It takes a tremendous amount of time and patience but now that you have money to invest, who don’t you invest your income in already-built websites and start making money with those?

Just going through will reveal a lot of websites that were started by beginners who are not necessarily ‘affiliate marketers” but rather wanted to start a hobby-website and have given up on it.

These hobby-type sites are the best ones to buy as likely they already have an audience and are probably aged-domains meaning a steady flow of traffic for sure.

Obviously, prices range from $1000 up to 6-figures for a great website but you will find something that you can spot and immediately make it run better with your experience as an affiliate marketer.

Stay away from site-flippers that just build sites that are meant to be flipped for profit. I find these sites are extremely low value and provide nothing much in return.

Just my thoughts, however; I’d ask you again to take a look at the affiliate website listings.

Buy Affiliate Websites On

Start A Drop Shipping / Print On Demand Business

Right, my last investment idea was to get started with drop-shipping.

I’ve heard of drop shipping many years ago but never understood the concept of it until I came across an eBook by drop shipping tool Oberlo that explained how it is done.

Wow.. the possibilities of drop shipping are incredible and although it’s still “making money online“, it’s very different from affiliate marketing.

You may also want to look into print-on-demand as well. I won’t go into much detail about that here but you can see my guide on how to make money with print on demand.

My best month with a single dropshipping store was $4,000 – this solidified the idea for me that I want to go into this heavily and that is what I have been doing these past few months (learning all that I can about drop shipping).

shopify apps for drop shipping
My dropshipping earnings for November 2017.

Buy Up Ready-Made Drop Shipping Stores

Just like you can buy ready-made niche affiliate websites, you can also buy dropshipping stores.

Now, this will only work if you have an idea of what it takes to build a successful dropshipping store.

If you’ve never touched on drop-shipping before and you’re considering buying up a ready-made store just to be in the “drop shipping” game, then I would beg you to reconsider.

As I said, dropshipping is different than affiliate marketing so it requires its own skill-set and learning curve.

However, if you do manage to build a successful dropshipping business only your own, then you know what it takes to take a store and blow it up with traffic and sales.

If that is the case, then check out the Shopify Exchange, there you’ll find 100s of ready-made drop shipping stores that are already profitable but looking for a new owner.

shopify exchange

Invest In Tools

One of the best things I ever did for my business was to invest in some tools to help me run my business better.

As a beginner, you may not want to look at these tools as they can get quite costly but when you start making money, I’d say they are a must if you want to really grow your business.

Tools such as:

  • Buffer (social media management)
  • Canva (simple graphic design)
  • Ahrefs (SEO Tool)

These tools help make your life and your business run much smoother. Also, you can use your affiliate marketing profits to invest in content writers.

As we all know, content is what drives our business so getting a dedicated content writer to handle all your publishing is a HUGE time saver.

I do have content writers for my other websites but I like writing on this blog ( myself.

If you want to find some good content writers, look no further than

Invest in Training / Masterminds

Constant and never ending improvement” is what it takes to be successful.

That is what my mentor once told me and I have stuck with that mantra for many years.

Every single day, even after nearly 8 years of doing affiliate marketing, I still learn something new and something I should’ve / could’ve done better.

Training = success. That I am sure of.

You don’t even have to spend money either. There’s a lot of information on YouTube so start there.

I would also advise you to look into Wealthy Affiliate as well. That is where I learned all I needed to know to become successful at affiliate marketing.

Invest in Real Estate

This is something that I have yet to do, but I will be investing my affiliate marketing profits in real estate once I hit a steady $5,000+.

Honestly, I do not plan to be writing blog posts all my life, so I need something that will eventually make enough for me to retire my “affiliate marketing” days.

Although I do love it, I am 29 years of age now and I can’t see myself still doing affiliate marketing 10 years from now.

Real estate and other such investments are my plans and I am sure real estate is one of the best investments I could make so that is how I will be investing my affiliate profits very soon.

How To Budget Your Affiliate Income

This is a question you are going to have to answer for yourself.

I am a single guy with no children to take care of and no mortgages/debts that need paying.

I also live in a fairly cheap country and I have adopted a minimalistic approach to life so I really don’t need much to live with (my current spending budget is $600 a month with rent).

I can afford to take risks so I invest back most of my earnings.

I also managed to make a great ROI on my crypto investments so that gives me a bit of purchasing power/confidence as well.

What you can invest is up to you, but I would seriously ask you to start seeing what possibilities are there for you to make additional passive income online.

In Closing

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Thank you for reading. I hope this guide showing you how to invest your affiliate marketing profits have been beneficial and opened up your eyes to some ideas you may have missed before.

As with my drop shipping example, I would urge you not to shy away from things you understand as they are probably much easier than you thought.

Heck, you’ve made it as an affiliate marketer already so that already puts you in the 1% of affiliates so the hard part is over.

Let’s now continue reaping the rewards and show those who said “you can’t make money online” just how much of a badass we are.

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