10 Keyword Research Affiliate Programs For High-Ranking Earnings

While brutally competitive, there’s definitely money to be made promoting SEO-related affiliate programs.

In this round-up post, we’re taking a look at 10 high-paying keyword research tools affiliate programs you can promote to your audience.

Without any extra introductions, let’s get started.

keyword research affiliate programs

Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector is the hottest keyword research tools affiliate program that earns you the best commissions for every sale.

To create compelling content for your readers and customers, you need to understand the relevant keywords. That is where the Keyword Inspector comes in.

The Keyword Inspector lets you beat competitors by checking the relevance of the keywords targeted at Amazon buyers. It is a critical tool for identifying and communicating with potential customers.

You can decide to become an affiliate for Keyword Inspector and stand a chance to have a steady passive income.

The program lets website owners generate traffic, thus increasing the chances of ramping up sales. Another thing they do to promote the affiliate marketing strategy is the provision of text links and banners.

They also have a real-time tracking tool to monitor traffic, sales, and checking income status in readiness for monthly payment.

  • Commission: 25%


Berush runs the Semrush Affiliate Program and pays a 40% commission on subscription sales. Semrush offers top-notch tools that help examine the keywords used by competitors and provide the information to the subscribers who can then create content to be at par with their peers.

Through their advanced tools, they can analyze banners and display ads run by competitors. Semrush also lets you understand the backlinks that increase the visibility of your site.

Their cookies last ten years, and they use a first click attribution model to do tracking.

  • Commission: 40%
  • Cookies: 10 years

The Hoth

Here is another excellent opportunity to earn commissions by selling keyword research tools. The Hoth pays a commission of 25% for every sale converted through their affiliate links. Cookie tracking takes 60 days; hence you can earn from a link used within that period.

The site provides the latest SEO tools like the keyword planner, headline generator, backlink checker, PPC calculator, among others.

To join the affiliate program, you need to make an application and wait for pre-approval, which takes a fortnight. Their customer support is world-class; they promise a WOW experience for all their clients.

  • Commission: 25%
  • Cookies: 60 days


SpyFu is the most rewarding keyword research affiliate program that lets you make money on autopilot. They pay high recurring commissions that last a lifetime. Their rate currently stands at 40%, making it the most competitive affiliate program worth joining.

They make payments twice in a month, and they have flexible payment options. You can select Paypal or WireTransfer, and you will love their cookie tracking, which remains active for 365 days to ensure you do not miss a credit.

With the program, you can push several tools like the Keyword Research Tool, PPC Keyword Research, SEO Keyword Research, Keyword Rank Checker, and more.

  • Commission: 40%
  • Cookies: 365 days


The site is the best decision you will ever make to push your influencer marketing. NinjaOutreach helps you leverage keyword research to find the influencers in your business niche across the internet.

For any sale you make through the affiliate program, you get a 20% recurring commission.

NinjaOutreach is the best tool to do keyword intelligence on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram. The site has the support of business leaders like Walmart, Amazon, Alibaba, Airbnb, to name a few.

  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookies: 90 days


From 2014, Mangools has paid a 30% lifelong commission to affiliates who sell their keyword tools. Over 500,000 members have joined since then, making it one of the most progressive sites to make passive income. Registration to Mangools is hasslefree, and there is no pre-approval needed to become an affiliate.

Mangools cookies last for thirty days, meaning that when a user clicks on the affiliate links within a month, you earn a commission. The SEO tools offered by Mangools are very relevant to blog entrepreneurs, website owners, and social media promotion channels.

  • Commission: 30%
  • Cookies: 30 days


Next, let us explore the Serpstat Affiliate Program, the home of keyword tools. This site is a place where you enjoy the benefits of recurring income. For every sale you close, you earn a 30% commission. There are a lot of tools to sell on Serpstat.

You can earn from site audits, keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor research, and advanced tracking. They have a clean dashboard to monitor earnings based on a unique affiliate ID. All reports on the panel are updated regularly to reflect the progress of your effort.

  • Commission: 30%


Our next affiliate program lets you generate traffic on your website as you earn a commission.

The site takes you on a step by step process of building and enhancing your website, which is instrumental for creating a steady income stream.

They focus on Google Keywords and how you can take advantage of the offers without getting blocked by Google.

Joining is free, but it also has a premium package where you get more features to boost your earning capability. The site pays handsome commissions grouped in tier 1 and tier 2 levels.

Tier 1 managers earn a monthly recurring commission of 50% while those in tier 2 get 10% monthly recurring commissions.

  • Commission: 50% for tier 1 and 10% for tier 2.

Advanced Web Ranking

To understand keyword and SEO searches, choose the Advanced Web Ranking platform.

The site offers customizable solutions while paying affiliates a handsome commission for reselling through their affiliate program. They provide clean-cut reports and highlights based on trends that one can replicate for their website or social media pages.

An affiliate will earn 25% for selling through the Advanced Web Ranking. And to let you earn maximally from a link, they have extended the cookies to 120 days.

Affiliates also have flexible modes of payment (PayPal, cheques, and wire transfer).

  • Commission: 25%
  • Cookies: 120 days


LongTrailPro Affiliate Program that lets you earn money on recurring transactions. The site is famous for high conversion rates and good commissions (30% recurring commission for successful sales).

You will like the program because it sells high-quality keywords and SEO metrics.

Besides, they have incredible SEO specialist support to ensure that your sales aren’t interrupted. And to ensure you reap the most from the affiliate links, they have an extended cookie duration lasting one year. You will also like its advanced keyword filtering options.

  • Commission:30%
  • Cookies: 365 days




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