11 Learn Spanish Affiliate Programs To Ganar Dinero

Hablas español?

If you have a travel blog, a language instruction blog, or maybe you’ve already built an audience looking to learn Spanish online, today I have an affiliate program roundup I believe you’re going to love.

Below are 11 Spanish learning courses affiliate programs offering you generous commissions to send traffic their way.

So, without further introductions, here are…

The 11 Best “Learn Spanish” Affiliate Programs (Reviewed Below)

learn spanish affiliate programs


Lingopie is the streaming app that teaches languages through real foreign TV shows and movies (it’s very much like Netflix, but for language learning.)

It’s a perfect, entertaining, practical, and easy way to learn a new language such as Spanish.

Subscribers learn through linguistic and cultural immersion, not through dull exercises and rote memorization.

With only one subscription they’ll get access to all of our languages and catalogs which are full of French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and of course, Spanish shows and movies.

The app allows users to interact with the subtitles, slow down the playback speed and create flashcards and quizzes for practice and much more. There is really nothing like it out there.

As an affiliate, you would earn a 30% recurring commission for every subscriber you refer with additional bonuses and incentives.

Commission: 30% (recurring)

Cookie Length: 60 days

Minimum Payout: $20

Payout Structure: Monthly

Payment Methods: PayPal

SpanishPod 101

SpanishPod 101 offers a fast and easy way to learn Spanish and Spanish culture. The lessons are in the form of short audio and video lessons.

They also have quizzes, flashcards, word lists, slowed-down audios, and slideshows that help you recapture and master words every step of the way.

SpanishPod 101 has an affiliate program that runs through Innovative language.com.

Item Price Range: $8- $549

Commission Rate: 25%

Cookie Length: Lifetime

Recurring/one-time: Recurring

Minimum Payout: $50

Payout Structure: Monthly

Payment Methods: PayPal

Support Offered: Banners, text links

Reputation: Excellent

Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish is dedicated to helping students become bilingual. The site is focused on teaching essential Spanish vocabulary, phrases, and grammar to help students speak Spanish fluently.

Their tutoring materials include downloadable ebooks and PDF documents that you can read at your own convenient time.

The site operates a good affiliate program that you can enroll by simply sending an email to affiliate@learningspanish.com.

Item Price Range: $0.99- $10.00

Commission Rate: Minimum commission of 5%.

Cookie Length: Unknown

Recurring/one-time: One-time

Minimum Payout: Not indicated

Payout Structure: Monthly- on the 7th of each month

Payment Methods: Cheque

Support Offered: Text links

Reputation: Good

Learning Spanish Like Crazy

Unlike other sites, Learning Spanish Like Crazy teaches students how to speak authentic American Spanish. The classes are ideal for people who want to travel to Spanish-speaking countries.

Their resources include audio mp3 lessons and other downloadable materials.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy affiliate program is offered through Clickbank.

Item Price Range: $97

Commission Rate: 75% per sale

Cookie Length: Not specified

Recurring/one-time: One-time

Payout Structure: Twice a month

Payment Methods: Cheques

Support Offered: Text link, banners, Text ads, and articles

Reputation: Good

Spanish Uno

Spanish Uno teaches learners of all levels, from different backgrounds, conversational skills, vocabularies, and grammar.

Their goal is to provide students with the tools necessary to learn and master the Spanish language. The site has various tools, i.e., games, books, free online classes, etc.

They have a great affiliate program where affiliates can earn money while tutoring Spanish.

Item Price Range: $29

Commission Rate: 20%-40%

Cookie Length: Unknown

Recurring/one-time: Recurring

Minimum Payout: $50 for Paypal and $250 for wire Bank Transfers

Payout Structure: Monthly

Payment Methods: Paypal and Bank transfer

Support Offered: Text links

Reputation: Excellent


Verbalicity is ideal for anyone looking for one on one learning Spanish classes. The site uses Skype video calls to facilitate a convenient, conducive, and informal learning environment.

Once a student enrolls for the course, the system will automatically match you with a teacher who perfectly suits your learning goals.

For an affiliate to qualify for the Verablicity affiliate program, they must register and complete a trial course.

Item Price Range: $14.99- $19.99

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Payment Methods: PayPal

Support Offered: Personalized URL, graphical banners, and pictures

Reputation: Good

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages provide a comprehensive and useful environment in learning languages. They offer interactive audio lessons.

Rocket languages have good tools such as voice recognition software to sharpen your pronunciation, flashcards to jog your memory, an app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices, members Q & A network forum, and so much more.

Rocket languages offer a great Affiliate program through ClickBank. Therefore all affiliates are required to have a ClickBank ID.

Item Price Range: $145 -$449.85

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Length: 60 days

Recurring/one-time: Unknown

Minimum Payout: Not specified

Payment Methods: PayPal

Support Offered: Banners, links, and images available in multiple languages

Reputation: Excellent

The Great Courses Plus

The Great Courses Plus allows students to study anywhere at any time with ease. They offer content-rich information to students to help them learn quickly but thoroughly. Learners can opt to stream their courses online or download the app to access the classes.

Students are provided with video, audio, and guidebooks after attending a particular class.

Their affiliate program is available for both teachers and regular site owners.

Item Price Range: (multiple options)

Commission Rate: $5- $30

Cookie Length: 32 days

Recurring/one-time: One-time

Minimum Payout: Not specified

Payout Structure: 15 days after the end of the month

Payment Methods: Bank transfers

Support Offered: Yes

Reputation: Good


If you’re looking to speak Spanish like a native speaker, then Speekify is for you.

Speekify specializes in teaching languages. Each lesson has an original audio recording divided into phrases. Students learn by listening, recording/repeating what they’ve heard, and Speekify rates them.

Classes can be taken on their website or through an app available for only iOS users.

Speekify affiliates program rates are as follows;

Item Price Range: $9.99- $24.99

Commission Rate: 25%

Cookie Length: Unknown

Recurring/one-time: Recurring

Minimum Payout: Not specified

Payout Structure: Monthly

Payment Methods: Paypal

Support Offered: Text links, logo and banners and so much more

Reputation: Excellent


Lingualia adopts a unique teaching technique known as Lingu learning. The system is based on artificial intelligence to personalize classes to suit a learner’s needs. They have over 200 Spanish lessons divided into 4 different levels.

Some of the resources used in learning include an app for Android and iOS users, over 8000 audios, flashcards, dictatic lessons, phonetics, dialogues, images, etc.

Lingualia affiliate program has the following policies;

Commission Rate: Up to 50%

Cookie Length: 60 days

Recurring/one-time: Recurring

Minimum Payout: Not specified

Payout Structure: Monthly

Support Offered: Banners, personalized URLs

Reputation: Excellent


Italki is a platform where students connect with teachers one on one. Unlike other sites, on Italki, learners have the liberty to choose their tutors according to their pricing rates and personal needs. Lessons are offered via Skype.

They also have an app to make learning easier, flashcards, and an online community where learners can interact freely.

Italki runs an affiliate program through ShareASale.

Item Price Range: $4- $80 per hour

Commission Rate: $ 15 per student

Cookie Length: 30 days

Recurring/one-time: Not specified

Minimum Payout: $50

Payout Structure: Monthly

Payment Methods: Direct or Cheque deposits

Support Offered: Banners, text links, etc

Reputation: Excellent

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