62 Things To Know About Affiliate Marketing (Beginner’s Checklist)

A few days ago, I published my list of things to know about drop shipping.

I really like writing and supplying content like this as it gives you short and concise action points and learning tips you can use to start whatever it is you want to start.;

Today, I am doing the same for affiliate marketing.

This post will give you my top 62 things to know about affiliate marketing before you start planning how you are going to spend the “thousands of passive income”, you think you’ll be making.

This post is dedicated to the beginner. The guy or gal that knows making money online with affiliate marketing is possible but just needs to filter out the noise and false-hope provided by gurus.

Whichever level you are, you need prepare and plan for the path to financial freedom (with affiliate marketing).

Just like my to-know list for drop shipping, this list is going to be segmented into 7 different subjects within affiliate marketing, and these are:

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Getting Started

#01: If you think affiliate marketing is easy money, close off this page and never visit again.

#02: Affiliate marketing is not easy, and it does require a lot of work on your part.

#03: 96% of affiliates never make any money and quit somewhere in the first 3 months.

#04: Affiliates who last a year or more have a 90%+ success rate. This means that….

#05: Affiliate marketing takes time (lots of it).

#06: Set your targets and goals one year down the line. You might get there earlier, but it’s likely you won’t.

#07: If you follow the right training and in 6 to 12 months you do not start making money, you’re doing it wrong.

#08: Going from $0 to $100 takes 6 months, going from $100 to $1000 takes a month.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

#09: Your objective is to provide information, not to sell products.

#10: The best affiliates are the ones who do provide the best information and have great selling skills.

#11: You are going to need a website, for sure. Forget whoever tells you otherwise.

#12: No, You can’t “work from the beach”. The sun makes it a nightmare to work and you do not want sand on your laptop. Trust me, I’ve tried the whole “working on a beach thing” and it sucks.

#13: Affiliate marketing is the hardest, easiest money you will ever make.

Finding Affiliate Niches & Offers

#14: You need to find a niche, which is basically an audience of people interested in something.

#15: “Cat videos” is not a niche, “smart home appliances under $100” is. Know the difference between the two.

#16: Picking the wrong niche could mean doing everything right thing for 12 months and still have nothing to show for it.

#17: Picking a niche that you enjoy yourself is the best choice because you won’t mind working 6 months with no results on something you love.

#18: Every niche can make money but…

#19: If you can’t see how you are going to monetize a niche, then it’s not a good niche for you.

#20: Competition is fierce, but don’t let it scare you away. If I let it scare me away 8 years ago, I wouldn’t be here writing this.

#21: Affiliate marketing is not a scam, but it can become one if you fall for every over-hyped claim of quick riches.

Your Niche Affiliate Website

#21: Websites are easy to create. They’re just as easy as registering a new account on Facebook. Get yourself a WordPress installation and you’re good to go.

#22: Your website does not need to be fancy. Anything that supports a white background, black text and a clean look is great.

#23: Premium themes are for when you start making $1000 a day, till then, stick to the free ones.

#24: You need a domain. 100%. Get one here.

#25: You need to pay for hosting, but you can also get it for free here.

#26: Plugins are great, but only use what you need. Anything more than 5 plugins on a basic hosting plan is overkill.

#27: Monitor your site’s loading speed. Anything over 2 seconds and you are just losing people before they even arrive.

#28: Go through your website on mobile, even if it looks great. Just go through it and spend some time reading. You will find a massive list of things to fix.

#29: Build trust with your website. An image of who you are and what you’re about is 100X better than a blank author.

#30: Your website is your business. You own it. Always build on your site and not on other platforms. Nobody can take your site away from you.

Getting Traffic To Your Website

#31: As a beginner, your only focus should be SEO. Forget about the rest for now. Just focus on getting traffic.

#32: Your blog does not need an Instagram account, Facebook Page and a Twitter. That’s for later. Right now just focus on building out your website.

#33: Traffic takes time to build. You can see a perfect example from my experiences with that.

#34: You’re only ever one blog post away. The next one could be what takes you from 10 people a day to 100 people a day.

#35: Not all posts will get traffic. The 80/20 rule applies here. Most of your content will bring zero traffic and zero sales. Deal with it.

#36: It’s all a numbers game. After a while, you will start learning what works and what doesn’t work thanks to some key data points.

#37: Create a content plan. Ideally, you would post one post a day, the bare minimum is one post per week.

#38: The more content you have, the higher the chances of the success. Agin, it’s a numbers game.

#39: Optimising old blog posts can sometimes increase traffic drastically, but that is to be done after the one year mark.

#40: Always go for evergreen content, not news-type articles. You can do news later, but for now, you need content that will last for many years.

#41: Use Google Webmaster Tools.

#42: Use Google Analytics.

#43: These two tools above will give you the only data you need right now to continue moving on the right path.

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

#44: Just a friendly reminder; it won’t happen overnight, nor next week nor next month for that matter. Just give it time.

#45: If you do manage to make money in your first week, you’re the luckiest affiliate marketer that ever lived.

#46: Focus on product reviews, these bring in easy rankings and easy commissions.

#47: Go for recurring commissions when possible. Making $20 one time is great, making $20 for many months to come from one sale is even better.

#48: Yes, it takes much more effort to sell a $1000 product than it does a $10 product, but it does not take 100x more effort. Lessons in there.

#49: Pick the right affiliate program. Something legit and trustworthy. You do not want to have a problem with some affiliate program based in some weird country.

#50: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket with an affiliate program.

#51: If it closes down or changes its policies, you’re shit out of luck as they can do that whenever they want.

#52: Having multiple sources of affiliate commissions is how to build an affiliate business for the long term.

#53: Be original. Give us YOUR take, not what you heard or read somewhere from another “expert”.

#54: You do not need to be an expert or an authority to make money, just start with what you have and you will make money way before the world sees you as an authority.

#55: Yes, you have to pay taxes on your affiliate income. Note down all your income/expenses.

#56: Tracking goals, traffic, sales, etc is a MUST.

#57: What you can track you can manage, what you can manage you can expand.

Scaling Your Affiliate Marketing Business

#58: Once you start making an income, you’re going to want to start a new website. Once your initial site is strong enough, go for it.

#59: To scale an affiliate marketing business, keep doing what works and cut what doesn’t. In time, you will know which is which.

#60: It’s easier to buy an affiliate website than it is to build it BUT…

#61: Don’t do it yet. You need to know how to build a successful website before you buy one.

#62: Email marketing is something you should learn and start using. In time, just the email list will be enough to make a full-time income

Learning About Affiliate Marketing

affiliate guide

What do you think? Was this list of things to know about affiliate marketing helpful to you?

Any eye openers that you did not realize yet?

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This course will teach you all you need to know and do to build an affiliate marketing business that will transform your life – this is no exaggeration.

Just know that there’s a journey that will have many ups and downs but the downs will get fewer and fewer as time goes by.

If I can help somehow, let me know – that’s how I make my money.

Talk soon.

4 thoughts on “62 Things To Know About Affiliate Marketing (Beginner’s Checklist)”

  1. All your 62 points are spot ont! I wish I had found your post a few months ago when I was just starting out because it would have saved me from a lot of pitfalls.

    I was able to get out of them but it costed me time and money. I will definitely be sharing this with some of my friends who are also considering starting their own affiliate marketing business.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Great article.
    The points you’ve listed about affiliate marketing are clear enough.
    What do you think should do one who after a year haven’t had any earnings. I’m still not there, but in that case, what choice would be better to do? Do you think it would be better to change the niche entirely and to start a new website from the ground?

    • If you’re a year in and you have no sales to show for it, something is seriously wrong.

      You may not be making a “full-time” income just yet, but $0 would be worrying yes.

      It could be many things so I can’t give exact advice on what to do next but a good idea would be to follow this training right here. It’s free and I can guarantee it gets results as this is where I myself learned affiliate marketing. 


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