5 Golf Affiliate Programs Paying Big Commissions

When you’re starting out in affiliate marketing, you will hear about 3 specific niches that make the most money. These are;

The “make money online” niche, the ever-lasting “health/dieting” niche and, the golf niche.

Golf affiliate marketing – for the reasons I will share with you here – has always been a mega money-maker online.

In this post, I will share with you 5 of the most popular golf affiliate programs paying the biggest commissions on various golf products.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it should give you an idea of what to expect when promoting golf products online.

The 5 Best Golf Affiliate Programs (w/Commissions)

golf affiliate programs

TaylorMade Affiliate Program

taylormade golf affiliate program

  • Cookie Lenght: 30-days
  • Commissions Rates: 5%

Why TaylorMade?

TaylorMade is a leading manufacturer of golf clubs, bags, and accessories known throughout North America. They also run a lucrative affiliate program offering generous commissions on every golf product sold by you through your websites or links.

What Can You Sell?

You can sell all the TaylorMade products such as golf accessories, bags, golf clubs, golf balls, clothing, hats & visors, and gloves.

Indeed, it’s one of the few all-encompassing affiliate programs out there.

Commission Rate: 5%

TaylorMade offers a generous rate of around 5% on most items available on their website. Although not extremely high, this is certainly a good percentage if we compare it with other golf affiliate programs.

Benefits of the TaylorMade Affiliate Program:

  • Several products to promote.
  • Well-recognized brand.
  • High converting products.
  • 30-day cookie life.


TaylorMade affiliate program is available only via LinkConnector.com and as such you will have to register on their affiliate program partners site to participate.

Who can use the TaylorMade Affiliate Program?

TaylorMade accepts all types of affiliates, although you must ensure that your website doesn’t have any illegal content on it.

Swing Man Golf Affiliate Program

swingman golf affiliate program

  • Cookie Lenght: 30-days
  • Commissions Rates: 50+% (varied offers)

Why SwingMan?

Swing Man Golf is a unique affiliate program as Swing Man Golf is one of the few speed training golf programs. They’re well-known for their excellent swing speed programs, which are the best in the world.

What Can You Sell?

You can sell all the training courses offered by Swing Man Golf in addition to some products which they have such as swing speed radars, resistance bands, etc.

Commission Rate: 50%

Sales commission varies depending on the product, but in most cases, it is around 50+ (some offers even go up to 75%).

Benefits of the SwingMan Golf Affiliate Program:

  • A high commission rate.
  • A well-known brand which makes selling products that much easier.
  • Incredibly low return rate.
  • Real-time reporting and statistics.


A somewhat small collection of products as they are totally focused on swing speed courses.

Who can use the Swing Man Golf Affiliate Program?

Swing Man Golf Affiliate Program is open to any affiliate with any audience size.

Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program

Austads Golf Affiliate Program

  • Cookie Lenght: 30-days
  • Commissions Rates: 7.5% to 9% (varied offers)

Why Austad’s Golf?

Austad’s Golf has been around since 1963 and they are among the most respected golf retailers. They also run a highly successful affiliate program which allows you to earn healthy commissions in the range of 7.5% to 9% on products sold by you.

What Can You Sell?

You can sell all the products offered by Austad’s Golf on their website, including Golf Clubs, Golf Balls, Apparel, Golf Shoes, Braces, Golf Tees, Golf Gloves, Golf Towels, etc.

Commission Rate: 7.5% to 9%

They offer a starting commission rate of 7.5% for new affiliates, which rises to 9% once your sales exceed $5,000.

Benefits of the Austad Affiliate Program:

  • 60-day cookies.
  • Excellent banner ads, text links, and promotional tools.
  • Exclusive affiliate promotions.
  • Dedicated affiliate manager and support.


  • None that we’ve noticed.

Who can use the Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program?

Almost anyone can join Austad’s Golf Affiliate program as they are open to new affiliates from any part of the world.

ProTee Golf Simulator Affiliate Program

ProTee Golf Simulator Affiliate Program

  • Cookie Lenght: (unknown)
  • Commissions Rates: 5%

Why ProTee Golf?

ProTee Golf Simulator is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated golf affiliate programs out there, which allows you to make commissions in thousands of dollars.

What Can You Sell?

As the name itself suggests, ProTee sells golf simulators which come in handy to all beginner and veteran golfers.

In addition to this, you can also earn commissions by simply selling the software and other hardware items sold by ProTee, which are more likely to be used as accessories for the main golf simulator.

Commission Rate: 5%

With ProTee, you can earn 5% commissions on all qualifying revenue generated through your affiliate links. At first glance, this may not sound to be a high ratio, but you need to keep in mind that golf simulators are expensive items.

A full-sized golf simulator from ProTee can cost as much as $35,000 so even this 5% rate of commissions has the potential to create a significant revenue stream for you.

Benefits of ProTee Golf Simulator Affiliate Program:

  • (Very) high priced products.
  • Well-recognized brand.
  • Monthly payments via PayPal or Check.
  • A wide range of products which you can sell.


It may not suit everyone as golf simulators are mainly used by veteran and serious gold players. So, the market for these systems is quite small.

Who can use the ProTee Golf Simulator Affiliate Program?

Anyone can sign up for ProTee Golf Simulator Affiliate Program as they accept affiliates from all countries globally – although they are based solely in the UK.

Sweet Spot Shot Videos Affiliate Program (Discontinued)

sweet spot golf affiliate program

Why Sweet Spot Shot?

Sweet Spot Shot Videos Affiliate Program is one of the most successful golf affiliate programs of its kind. Unlike other programs on our list, they don’t sell any products related directly to golf.

Indeed, as the name would suggest, they sell golf training videos.

What Can You Sell?

Sweet Spot Shot Videos offers video tips and training videos created by Geoff Greig, who is a PGA professional and has experience teaching more than 15,000 lessons.

As an affiliate, you must sell these video courses as this is the only product offered by Sweet Spot Shot Videos.

Commission Rate – 75%

You can earn 75% from all course sales generated by you. Sweet Spot Shot also allows you to further boost your earnings by upselling, as you can get 50% to 75% commissions on upsell products.

Benefits of the Sweet Spot Shot affiliate program:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Quite high commissions when compared with other golf affiliate programs.
  • A well-run affiliate program that has been set up via JVZoo
  • Excellent marketing material, including email swipe files, video samples, video promos, banner ads, and testimonials.


  • Quite a limited selection of products which you can sell.

Who can use the Sweet Spot Shot Videos Affiliate Program?

All users are welcomed at the Sweet Spot Shot Videos affiliate program as they accept affiliates from all countries in the world.

NB: As a replacement, I would also recommend the Amazon affiliate program for golf-related products. If you’re not a fan of Amazon’s latest commission rates, you can see my best alternatives here 

How Big Is The Golf Industry (Online)?

As one confirmed golf fan will tell you, it’s YUGE!

It’s been one of those niches which have stood the test of time from the early 00s to today.

Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about here, here’s a screenshot from Statistica showing you how massive golf is, especially in the United States:

Golf - Statistics & Facts

Why Is Golf Affiliate Marketing So Lucrative?

golf industry statistics

It’s no mystery why golf is so popular. While I have never done golf affiliate marketing myself, I can tell you right now it’s the perfect recipe for a profitable niche:

✔️ One of the most popular sports (in the world):

Golf is big – maybe not everywhere in the world but in the US – which is where the bulk of affiliate commissions are made. This sport (or better yet hobby) is definitely a top-tier attraction for many.

✔️ Disposable income:

Generally speaking, people who are into golf tend to have higher disposable income than the average online shopper.

Those who love golf have no problem dropping big bucks on some sexy new golf clubs or even training guides to improve their swings.

✔️ An abundance of keywords:

There are plenty of ways you can go after the gold affiliate industry, with many low-competition keywords available to those who know how to find them.

Here are some golf-inspired keyword ideas I’ve found (from Ahrefs) to get your ideas bubbling:

golf keyword research ahrefs

NB: If you’re looking for a great (free) keyword research tool, check out AnswerThePublic and/or this Reddit keyword tool.

Who Can Use These Golf Affiliate Programs?

The golf industry is pretty much open to everyone who wants to promote it, but as always, it’s best to have a sizeable golf-loving audience that you can sell to.

If you have a golf blog, a golf following on social media, a YouTube golf channel, or even a simple golf-related email newsletter, I am sure you can make a lot of money promoting some of the above-listed 5 golf affiliate programs.

How To Promote Golf Products (As An Affiliate)

the best golf affiliate programs

If you have a golf-audience at your disposal already, you can look into adding a few offers to your websites.

One way I would suggest you do this is by creating how-to guides around gold and also have a few answer-posts (where, when, why, etc.) that will get you the ideal reader (a golfer) to your website.

Once you have them on your website, you can also look into creating reviews for certain golf products you will find on some of the golf affiliate programs you learned about today.

As you know already, golf items are damn expensive (see below) so even a small commission would be enough to get your earning money online with this niche.

make money promoting golf products as an affiliate

NB: If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing and you’re not sure about how to best get started in this business, check out the guide where I explain how I build my own simple-yet-money-making websites.

That’s all from my end today. Thank you for reading, and I hope my little golf affiliate program roundup post has at least given you some ideas on where to begin, what’s possible, and what’s available for you to profit from.

  • The commissions are pretty damn good.
  • There’s no sign of weakness in the golfing trend.
  • Golf players are ready to drop big $$$ on a shiny new golf club.

Good luck.